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Intro to 2016 NHL Season

The 2016-2017 NHL season begins October 12th.  15 handicappers will be striving for winning seasons on the ice here at Frequently called by many as one of the "BEST" hockey sites for winning information, is proud to again to offer NHL to our clients.
Until November a majority of our NHL handicappers will only be selling their NHL selections individually.  Once the season settles in and handicappers establish a more consistent flow of plays, monthly and full season packages will be offered by most handicappers beginning in November. Several cappers have expressed to us that they enjoy the freedom of not having a monthly or seasonal program. Quoting one handicapper, "If things are not going well, people do not want my picks and I do not want to be obligated to continue if I need  to stop. Hockey is a long season (8 months). I love handicapping and have done extremely well in the past, but I need to be in control and definitely do not need the pressure to release plays if I am not comfortable."
 Visit  our archives to review past results of the handicappers and view their individual selections and results of the past. Observe who have aggressive styles and who are the ones with more of a conservative approach. Both styles can work well, you just need to be prepared for what you might experience. The NHL season is 8 months induration so because of that, often a slow and steady approach is best if one is not a veteran player..
We welcome,  ( TOP DOG SPORTS) (PREDICTABLE PATERNS) and (70% COMPUTER PLAYS) to our list of NHL handicappers for 2016-17. Both (Top DOG and PP)  qualified with solid winning seasons in 2015-16.  70% Computer PLay is returning after taking a season off. Three handicappers from our  2015-16 members are not returning for various reasons in 2016-17.: (Alleghenies Analysis) ( BLUELINE) (MICHEAL TRAPP) .
In reviewing the past 5 regular season results for hockey, it is important to observe that 8 NHL handicappers have stood up to the test of time. Here is a list of these 8 NHL handicappers.
In alphabetical order
Dave Cokin...Smart hockey guy who releases a limited number of plays with impressive return on risk results. Less is more with this long time veteran. Cokin is coming off one of his best campaigns in 2015-16 where he went (31-22) and won +80 units.
FIREFOX...Reggie R is our defending champion from last season. He went (68-37) winning +150 units. Over the past 5 seasons he has won consistently +100 units in 4 of his 5 seasons.
INSIDE THE PUCKLINE...Is one of our most popular sources for winning hockey information. This outfit only handicaps hockey and they do it very well.  (5 out of 5 victorious seasons coming into 2016). Last season they won over +100 units which happened to be their lowest unit production since joining in 2011.
THE KILLER MOVE...Is a popular hockey handicapper who, year in and year out has been a consistent source of winning. Historically an excellent Top Play performer, last season it was below par on its Top Calls but still managed to win over +70 units with solid underdog value plays.
THE PROFESSIONAL...Winston DeMonte, winner of over +500 units in hockey since joining is a professional gambler who rarely makes a bad move on the ice. Totals are where he really excels, as he has had 19 out of the last 20 months of winning handicapping on his totals during regular season play.     
ROCKETMAN...Rocky is a handicapper who is extremely selective. Releasing a limited number of plays, he often yields handsome returns for his backers.
THE TERRIER...The "GOD FATHER" of hockey. He has been around the sport for decades. Probably our most respected NHL capper. Winner of over +900 units since 2011, he simply makes money on the ice. He may pass for 7 days or he may have a play every night for 10 days straight. Been with for over a decade doing hockey and hocckey only. He loves to follows his hometown Bruins closely and has an excellent track record when involved in their contests.
MICHAEL TRAPP...His style is unique. He marches to a different drummer. Over the last five seasons he stands plus +700 units. If you like action he is your man. Over the last 3 seasons he has released over 750 selections!

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