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In 2020 Winston decided to venture into handicapping basketball professionally. He had bet on the game but never took it seriously. With COVID issues he found he had a lot more free time so he and his brother-in-law set up some basic dos and do nots and set out to see if they could win consistently. They were pleased with the results that were monitored and began officially adding baskets to their sports gaming options. Interesting note Winston's brother's son is an assistant coach presently with the Boston Celtics.


       .   NCAA BOWL SPECIALIST (39-21) lifetime on Top Plays and (46-24) on all post season college releases.


          Year         Top     Overall    units

         2019-2020 (5-7)     (6-8)      -24.7

        . 2018-19   (11-4)    (11-4)    + 66.0

          2017-18   (13-4)   (13-5 )     +79.4

          2016-17    (5-3)     (11-10)      +4.7

          2015-16   (5-3)       (11-5)      +42.0


       OVERALL  (39-21)  (52-32)     +164.4 units


  • 21-6 (78%) +200 units in Postseason NCAA Totals in 4 years at
  • 8-1 +69 units in 2017 NCAA Bowl Totals
  • +126 units in 4 NCAA Bowl Seasons
  • 7-3 on all GOY selections in NCAA Football
  • 24-13 +85 units in PRESEASON NFL Football
  • 14-4  +72 units on all PRESEASON NFL Totals


  • Member 100+ Unit Club -2015- 2017 and 2019 MLB
  • +246 units in 2019
  • +185 units in 2017
  • +240 units in 2015
  • +90 units in 2016
  • MLB Champ in 2015
  • +550 units on all Side plays last 5 years


Winston DeMonte has been around hockey since he was a boy. He played in Canada and Europe as a young man and in college. He knows the sport inside and out. He has been wagering on NHL action since the early 90's.
This well respected gentlemen is a real PROFESSIONAL. His loyal followers have been rewarded often through their years.
Join Winston this season and experience what many have....a successful and rewarding hockey season. He is selective and patient. He has won money for his backers each of the 6 seasons with us. His return after a number of years away fom is exciting and well deserved. Do not miss a play enroll for the full season or at least sign up for a month. You should be well rewarded.


OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines


In 2015 Winston shocked many by capturing The Sports Monitor's #1 spot on return on risk as he went wire to wire as the baseball champion.  As is his style in April he charts his pitchers and gathers data but does not release any selections to his clients. Once May comes he jumps in usually with an aggressive approach the opening day or too. In 2015 he went (14-5) on his Top Plays and overall went (90-60) winning 203 units finishing # 1 in all of the nation's  baseball documented rankings. He usually jumps got hard with a large card if he is confident in what he sees. He is  very sharp when it comes to avoiding sucker bets and keeping his backers on the plus side.
Look for him to also share his baseball selections with once again the MLB season rolls into May. He likes to gather data in the first 4 weeks of the season before releasing any plays. "Each season is different and by waiting and watching these early weeks I have found it to be rewarding and a successful strategy to apply to baseball.  Look for THE PROFESSIONAL to begin his baseball season for 2017 full tilt the 2nd half of the season following the All-Star game.  That said he will have spot plays during the weeks leading up to the All-Star break.

Historical Stats about The Professional:
Winston DeMonte is a winner and his "best" month to cap NHL play is definitely April and May. He has never lost money during the month of April or the month of May. Lifetime record in April with is (21-6) on Top Plays and (84-42) plus 312 units between November 2005 and the spring of 2011. For health reasons did not handicap hockey in 2011-2012. But returned in November 2012.
Lifetime side selection mark on NHL Games of the Month is now (19-5) thru the 2013-2014 season. Overall all GOM released at over the past 6 years are now (23-6) thru 2013-2014. The Pro is (41-15) lifetime since 1999 with a number of those GOM documented but not with us. Lifetime record on Games of the Year are (6-2-2) thru 2014. He is (4-0) on sides and (2-2-1) on Total GOY releases. His most recnt release was a nice winner on the NY Islanders on April 13th.
6 out of 6 winning hockey seasons with as he heads into 2013-2014.
Regular Post
2014-15 (IN PROGRESS)
2013-14 66-39 119-93 +258.26 12-13 25-21 +9.70
2012-13 7-2 57-39 +149.10 3-2 31-24 +25.85
2008-2011 Leave of abence
*2006-2007 34-20 92-53 +323.00 2-0 6-0 +41.00
*2005-2007 69-45 76-49 +250.00 2-3 3-2 -13.00
*2003-2004 51-35 51-35 +125.75 12-14 12-14 -36.00
* Indicates that ratings were 2 for Top and 1 for regular. We have converted the ratings into a scale that matches's current grading of plays 1 thru 10 units.

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