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SELECTIONS POSTED AS FREE OFFICIAL PLAYS INVOLVING FOOTBALL BETWEEN JAN 1  2016 and Dec 31 2016 were overall (42-34) +$510.00...below all football related plays will be posted that are FREE SELECTIONS FROM THESWAMI.COM for 2017.

STARTING Jan 1 2017 again this season we will post every week on the FREE PICK PLAY of THE DAY  1 to 3  football plays a week. Most football selections will be on Saturdays and Sundays. Each play will be an official play from one our handicappers for college or NFL football. We will keep a running chart of the exact plays and dates and results throughout the season here. We will also list the handicapper who released the play. This could prove to be a nice supplement to the selections you purchase. THESWAMI.COM appreciates your interest and support. Releasing a FREE OFFICIAL PLAY each day is our way of trying to say thank you. Have a great sports season. 


           Overall      Units Conversion $ Amount

            W  L

2017         __________ IN  PROGRESS_____________________

2016  ( 42-34)       + 5.10      =     plus  $510

2015  ( 48-32 )     +18.80     =     plus  $1880

2014  ( 52-35)      +18.60     =     plus  $1860

2013   (45-42)       - 4.50      =    minus  $450

2012  ( 38-45)      -10.40      =    minus  $1040

2011   (45-30)      +28.20      =    plus   $2820

2010  ( 47-29)      +32.40     =     plus   $3240

2009   (50-40)      +15.50     =     plus  $1550

2008   ( 37-37)        -2.80     =    minus  $280

2007   (47-31)       +27.90   =     plus  $ 2790

2006   (51-37)       +23.30   =    plus    $2330

2005   (39-36)       +11.70    =   plus   $1170

2004  ( 40-30)       +12.70   =    plus  $1270

2003   ( 34-29)      + 5.70    =   plus    $570

2002    (35-25)      +17.00   =   plus    $1700

2001    (41-34)      +9.90   =    plus     $990

2000    (48-36)     +13.50   =     plus   $1350

1999   ( 50-40)     +13.90    =    plus   $ 1390


Overall (789-624)  +214.50  =   plus $21,450




Currently for 2017-18 Football: (0-4) -$660...

FOOTBALL 2017-2018

IMPORTANT____Ratings (1 to 9) units equals: $100 play...Rating of 10 units equals $200 play.

PLay Number___Date________Play__________Handicappers_____Results  Record   Rating  Overall Football Results

Play #1    Jan 1      LA Rams +7      UNDERDOG       LOST   (0-1)    2     -$220

Play #2    Jan 2      FL (OVER)         BOSTOB BOB    LOST   (0-2)    1     -$330

Play #3   Jan 2       Wis (OVER)       STAT REPORT   LOST  (0-3)    2      -$550

Play #4   Jan 8       NY Giants +5.5   CENTAUR          LOST  (0-4)    1       -$660


(((((THE BELMONT)))))




Payouts: 12.60/6.50/5.00

Exacta 45.20...Trifecta 312.00

Javier had (30-30-30) on Tapwrit

/$10 Exacta and $2 Trifecta




PP   _______ HORSE   ______________________  The Swami's Analysis

1.      Twisted Tom...Improving with each race. Trainer Chad Brown says he ready to run the race of his young life.   Surprised stable has not had him out for at least one go since April.  Are they keeping the BEST for today? Do not ignore in Tri and super.  (20-1) worth the chance for something.   

2.      Tapwrit... Insiders playing him down. Numbers not on my charts. Pletcher always dangerous.      

3.      Gormley...Workout fractions have some hidden values that the average capper would ignore. ( 8 to 1) points to a surprise finish. Like the 4 out of 7 wins.     This stud is an all or nothing guy. If he is feeling it many will be surprised.  

 4.    J Boys Echo...Gotham effort indicates he deserves a shot here.  A very respected trainer told me he believes Mr JB Echo will be heard from today.  I personally do not see much here, but respect the info enough to keep him in several tris.

5.       Hollywood Handsome...Would look great in the movies with Roy Rogers riding him, but on paper  not so good.    

6.      Lookin  At Lee...Like the ad (KEEPS ON TICKING)....this horse keeps on RUNNING. It has shown a lot of heart and guts in its first two biggies. (DERBY and PREAKNESS).   The mile and a half should favor this grinder. Was 33 to 1 in Derby and 10 to 1 in Preakness. Today listed at 5 to 1. At post time it will be at least 10 to 1. Obviously a horse that will be in almost everyones exotics, but not mind. Believe distance and breeding are the key reasons why this fighter is not in my game plan.  I will be on him  later this summer to finish in top 3 or 4 in distances more to his breeding.      

7.      Irish War Cry...Dangerous competitor. Throw out last race. He is primed and ready. His 4 wins overshadow his two off performances. He did not like the track at Churchill  but has shown the signs he is a New Yorker.  The BEST CHOICE if you are planning on betting a bundle.

8.       Senior Investment....All signs point towards this horse will like the distance. In each race he has appeared to be fresh and ready to continue.  Has passed 14 horses in stretch last 3 races so do not be disappointed if he is not  among the front runners until late. That said if he is among the top 6i into the stretch you have an excellent chance to cash a win-place-show ticket.  

9.       Meantime....Lighty raced colt that is kind of a mystery to many.  All efforts in the money (4 of 4) . Best race of its young career right here on this track, which is huge on my numbers sheet. Only horse to have a competitve outing on this track and only one with a victory on this track. Odds are 15 to 1 so keep an eye on the board. If they drop below 10 to 1 the mystery might have been solved by the wise guys.     

10.    Multipler... Preakness was not to his liking for many reasons. If you had him do not get disappointed he has better races ahead of him.  All races 1 1/16 or less I am all in on this lad, however at 1 1/2 miles I believe we can find better choices today.     

SCRATCHED.:::::::::::11.    Epicharis ... Speaking of Mystery horses we have one here.  Like a blind date that your buddy's girl friend  fixed you up with Epicharis has all the press clippings. Pretty, well built and comes from money.  Anyone who has to come this far for a date I have to question. Hahahahah....seriously I am not a fan of these types on USA soil. Give me  3, 4, 7 or 12 and I will be happy.

12.    Patch... Love this horse at 12 to 1. Great breeding and believe he has worked up to today's race in fine style. 

Interesting Side Ba:Velazquez gave Patch by far his best ride ever. Insiders said several weeks ago the horse that Velazquez rides in the Belmont will be the winner. 

....Heading into the AUGUST 26TH travers let's examine how THESWAMi.COM's five official horse handicappers have done.


(+4998).....WISE GUY (JAVIER) is one of only two handicappers to finish on the plus side after all 3 Triple Crown races were completed. (DERBY-PREAKNESS-BELMONT). Javier  hit it "BIG" in both The Peakness and BELMONT. In the PREAKNESS he hit on (13 to 1) Cloud Computing,  he also hit the exacta for $98.40 and the tri fecta for $1097.30. His race strategy produced a plus 4557 units result. He risked only 250 units for that 4557 return for a plus 4307 day. In the BELMONT he had TAPWRIT (30-30-30) and a 10 unit exacta that paid 45.20 for each 2 unit bet and had the trifecta that paid 312 units. He also had the super tri horses but did not bet that. It paid 2,243 for a 1 unit bet, All in all he cleared 809 units in profits and risked only 174 units to do it. In the Derby he lost 158 units so overall plus (+4998)..... Javier (THE WISE GUY) has now hit 7 straight races involving these races:  (PREAKNESS/BELMONT/TRAVERS) when releasing a horse that has odds of (4 to 1) or greater. We are not including The Derby in those stats because 20 horses go to the post in that race. That said he is still on the plus side in Derby races hitting only 1 longshot  out of 7 tries, but it was a dandy in 2012 (I'll Have Another) 15 to 1 shot winner. 

Predictable Patterns  also finished  up (a modest  + 95 units) on the strength of his hit on Always Dreaming in the Derby to clear 300 units for the race. It hit the exacta in the Belmont despite having its Top Choice (EPICHARIS)  scratched the day of the race. In the  Preakness he drooped 230  units.... The Z Play finished down overall 247 units for the 3 races. He lost 255 in the Derby and had  longshot Senior Investment (33 to 1) across the borad  who placed second to win back 220 units of the 255 he was down from The Derby and in the Belmont Gormley and Lookin at Lee....Doc Westwood finished down 190 units . He  lost 115 units in The Derby and lost 45 more units in The Preakness and 30 in the Belmont as he had Patch. Silky Sullivan, historically the Top THESWAMI.COM horse tout the last decade had a disappointing 3 races. She lost 170 units. She managed to have a 2nd place finish with Irish War Cry in the Belmont (100-100-100) but failed in her exacta and tri combos just by 1 horse. The Derby did her in as she lost 98% of her total losses in that one race. She lost 3 i units in Preakness. .....If you were backing all 5 of THESWAMI.COM handicappers in the three races (THE DERBY and THE PREAKNESS) AND THE BELMONT  you would have cleared in profits over 4400 units.

Swami Notes: When you are playing the horses value like in everything is so important. Horse racing is so much fun because the odds on payouts reward you when you are able to find value and are a good handicapper. You can play and lose 3 or 4 times at the track and still end up with your pockets full if you play smart, look for value and are lucky. Yes luck is still a major player in in all sports wagering. If you are unlucky time and time again no matter how smart you are it will be difficult to beat the game. Think positive, expect to win, but be prepared to lose. That way you will enjoy your day and appreciate the opportunity of being at the track and experiencing the rewards and challenges that this sport beings.  I am  glad that I retired from doing this professionally but my love to gamble and analyze will always be in me.  A number of clients who have had success with FIVE-IN-WON-PRO-SPORT's horse selections, the past 3 seasons ( 3 winners and two exactas)  why it has not had a selection. The answer is a simple one. There has not been any agreements by the handicappers it uses to qualify a horse for a release. If the situation is right FIVE-IN-WON-PRO-SPORTS would have a horse selection for us. 

  Call the office 1-800-553-3483 to sign up for THE TRAVERS today. (SILKY-THE Z PLAY-PREDICTABLE PATTERNS-WISE GUY(JAVIER) and DOC WESTWOOD all will have strategies available for THE TRAVERS  on or before the the Friday (August 25th) before the Saturday event. (FIVE-IN-WON-PRO-SPORTS) would be announced the day of the race if it would actually have a play. Check with THESWAMi.COM scroller on our home page for that information after 10am EST on race day.

Be well  Donn

( THE SWAMI ) Wagner

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