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Editor's Note: The R Factor is being documented by The Sports Monitor Inc. in basketball, baseball and hockey*. Because it had already released 15 plays before beginning hockey at for 2019-2020 The R Factor Plays record will not be consistent with TSM due to the early plays it released that were not yet available for sale at All records at THESWAMI.COM are selections that are posted and available to all. Statrting in January 2020 The R Factor will have plays available for purchase on a daily and monthly bases. Betwen early November and Dec 31 2019 The R Factor NHL plays will be available for "NO CHARGE". Just enroll and plays will be sent to you FREE each day The R Factor posts a NHL selection.. That said you can enroll in their monthly program for $500. The plays will be sent to you by e-mail upon release each day for hockey only. Basketball are available thru the site. Beginning in 2020 all sports will be available on site.


Rowan Rosenstein's R FACTOR plays had been making money for his private clients for the past four seasons. In 2018-19 his friends and clients encouraged him to get documented to expand his explosure. He decided to have his selections monitored by TSM of Okla City. It did not take long to get a number of sharp player's attention.  Defying the odds Rowan captured #1 titles in NCAA basketball regular season and post season play, NFL football regular season and NCAA football bowls and in the  MLB.  Since 1985 only two other handicappers had dominated any documented monitor's 365 day calender the way THE R FACTOR did.

In the NFL regular season he went (51-31) with Top Plays going (45-25) producing an overall posotive result of 170.70 units.In post season play is was medicore going (8-8) losing 6 units. In college football during the 2018-2019 campaign THE R FACTOR blistered the bowls by hitting 90% (9-1) and plus 76.30 units. However during the regular season in college Rosenstein was only 65-65 losing 47.89 units.



in WINNING PERCENTAGE  with a record of (33-12) 73.1%. Also finished # 2 in eARNINGS with plus 227 units at The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City.

Basketball proved to be his strongest suit in 2018-2019 as both his NCAA selections and NBA releases were spot on almost for the entire season. In college THE R FACTOR captured the thrid best all-time winning percentage crown by going (63-30) winning 299.94 units in regular season contests. In post season play it only got better as their (33-12) mark establised a new all-time BEST BET winning percentage for the entire college season from November thru April. Also the overall unit production of 490 broke set an all-time new 35 year  record by the monitors.  NBA went (35-19) plus 136.55 units during the regular season and (8-7) in playoffs with a plus .6.4 units. 


NBA Games of the Year: (2-0)  NCAA Games of the Year: (6-1)...NBA Games of the Month: (3-1)  NCAA Games of the Month (4-1)...NBA Games of the Week: (4-2)  NCAA Games of the Week: (5-1). To view each individual play visit The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City's website's archives . 



In hockey their (26-11) Top Play performance lead the way to a #1 Return on Risk finish and a solid winning NHL season. Overall (65-44) plus 174.84 units. (41-25 on sides and (24-19) on Totals. Hockey plays are available to be e-mailed to you directly but not from site directly since The R Factor submitted a number of plays to TSM but did not post to sale them at our site initally. In 2020-2021 they will be on theswami site for direct purchasing.


In baseball an impressive (101-77) captured the #1 spot on return on risk as his average lay price was +128. Resulting in an eye opening final season profit margin of 358.93 units. Top Plays were only (20-22) but 75% were underdogs sometime as high as +225.

Rosenstein will begin officially releasing plays at in late October for both NBA and College baskets. He will also do hockey and baseball. Despite an excellent NFL season in 2018-19 he will not be releasing plays in football at our site for 2019-20. He will begin in 2020-21 at our site.


Quoting Rowan: Sports gambling is not for sissies. I am definitely a streaky handicappers. When I am hot nobody and I mean nobody can touch me. It sometimes is accurately scarey. I been on both sides of the fence. Booked for over twenty years in the Miami area and been a sports gambler in New York for ten. I learned more about handicapping being a bookmaker than I ever acquired in handicapping. I try to stay away from the obvious and look to find those hidden gems that the linesmaker sets up to steal the publics money. I bet against the losers and follow the smart money. I try to limit my risk and extend my up side to the limit. I am not as good as my 2018-19 numbers reflect but I am a hell of a lot better than 90% of the jokers out there who call themselves professional handicappers. I hope I can prove to followers I am a winner and I offer a service that will be profittable  for anyone who puts faith in me.


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