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Garry Costley's Coaching Trends


Gary Costley's Coaching Trends has an outstanding history in handicapping football. Costley is the type of handicapper we love. Consistent results regardless of season. In the last 8 years, Garry is +1068 units in combined college and pro football. He has been profitable in both the NCAA and NFL, in preseason, regular season, post season and bowl games. Talk about consistency…..take a look at his NCAAF and NFL records over the past 8 years – NCAA 369-273 +607 unitsNFL 350-266 +461 units. Doesn’t get much more consistent than that. Here are just some of Costley’s Football Highlights:

NCAA Football

·         11 out of 11 Winning Seasons with

·         His 8 year overall record is 369-273 for an eye popping +607 units

·         His five year bowl record is 69-43 +179  units

·         Games of the month/week are 9-5  last 8 years

·         Lifetime NCAA Football Game of Year record of 35-18 entering 2019 season

·         Averages 70-80 plays/season

·         He has long term profitability in EVERY single college football category over the past 8 years.



·         +461 units in all NFL last 8 years

          Excellent in PRESEASON NFL – 48-22 (69%) +187 units on side plays last 8 years

          Excellent in POSTSEASON NFL - 36-20 (64%) +109 units last 8 years

·         2015 PRESEASON – 12-3 (80%) +75 units

·         2014 PRESEASON – 11-4 (73%) +42 units

·         2014-15 NFL Regular Season – 39-20 (66%) +153 units

·         Overall 2014-15 NFL Record 54-27 (67%) +198.5 units

·         Lifetime NFL Game of Year record of 23-10 entering 2019 season 5-1 last 4 years




  • +902 units in NBA Hoops last 5 years
  • 5 consecutive winning NBA seasons
  • Three 100+ unit seasons in last 4 seasons including two 200+ unit seasons
  • +617 units on NBA totals last 6 years
  • Has won over 1600 units in combined NBA/NCAAF/NFL last 6 years



College...... 8-25-14
Gary Costley's Coach Trends has an outstanding history in handicapping college football. He has produced 6 out of 6 winning seasons as he enters the 2014-15 campaign. He has won every season he has handicapped college football. His regular season record since he began is an impressive (217-146) a solid 60% for over 350 selections. His Top Play record in college is even more impressive (118-68) 64%. In college bowl games he excels also as he has had 5 out of 6 successful campaigns. Despite a rare losing bowl year in 2013-14 Costley still owns an overall mark of ( 31-18) for 63%.
In the NFL Costley has also had an impact with his PRESEASON selections. His preseason numbers are solid entering the 2014 season with a record of (47-28) for 63%.
Costley however has struggled off and on during the regular and post season in the NFL, winning money 3 of his 6 seasons. 2012 was my far his "BEST" year in the NFL. He went a combined (56-25) for 69% and won over 185 units.

Costley's documented lifetime mark on Games of the Year in college is (28-12) and the NFL (18-9) as 2014 approaches.
Gary Costley's Coaching Trends are 6 out of 6 for winning performances in college football heading into the 2014-15 season. In 2012 Costley went (38-19) in college football. He owns a productive (118-68) 64% plus Top Play mark since 2007. Out of all the documented handicappers who have released 180 or more Top Plays this mark is the "BEST" of any college capper documented between 2007 and present or earlier with over 180 plays. by both TSM and TS.
In 2008 Costely was #1 at The Sports Monitor in college football and #1 overall combining both college and NFL together.

Gary Costley's outstanding 2010-2011 NCAA basketball season of (107-67) that saw him produce $24,250 in profits and a sparkling (35-18) mark on Top Plays.
If you combine last season's performance with his two previous excellent 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons you are looking at a 3 YEAR TALLY of: (291-208) with Top Plays (55-25) and documented profits of $60,130. Games of the Year at (20-6) now also hru January 2013. Gary in having another solid NCAA year in 2013. Please check his current record from the home page.
Look for a complete new approach for this hardworking scribe. He has taken the last 15 years of NBA results and put them into a Formula 6 format that will generate only high level probability situations based upon 5 daily tracked stats that Gary believes will take his NBA Handicapping to a new level. NBA is more of a bean counting sport. Emotion is too difficult to project so he is not going to try to figure it out. I believe taking the emotion out of my NBA handicapping will allow my system and nummber values to produce the profits I have not been able to do with my old methodology.

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