Why is Donn Wagner called `The Swami`?

The story is true gambling folklore. The truth is Donn has been called `The Swami` by his friends and family since the the Summer of 1966. The name was given to Mr. Wagner by a good friend and has stuck ever since. During the early 80s, a well known ESPN commentator began using `The Swami` name in reference to his own sporting predictions. While Mr. Wagner is flattered, he is not the `Swami` you see on ESPN.

What is a handicapper?

Handicappers make predictions(picks, plays, selections) on the outcome of events in relation to these events` gambling odds in an attempt to predict the outcome.

When I see the term `Hidden Game` on a play. What does that mean?

This is shown when a handicapper wishes to keep secret the details of a specific game. Once the selection is purchased, all of the details and the prediction is divulged.

Why does a play say it will be released at a later date/time?

Some plays are released at a later date/time in order to make sure everyone receives the play at the same moment. These selections can be emailed or texted to your cell phone. To set this up go to your `My Account` section and then go to `Change Account Info Alerts`. Here you will find an `Alerts` section where you can choose.

If I sign up for a daily/weekly/monthly or season package, how can I be notified when plays are available for viewing?

There are three ways to receive selections from your services.
1) You can log onto the site and view them in your `My Account` section under `Today`s Released Plays`. Here you will be able to see all plays currently viewable and those that will be viewable at a later time.
2) You can go to your `My Account` section and change your `Alert` so that your plays will either be sent to you via email or text message (SMS).

*** We can only guarantee the most accurate results of your purchased plays by logging in to this site and viewing them in your `View Toeday`s Purchased Plays`. Neither email nor texting is a guaranteed process.

How does one become a handicapper on your site?

A service should be monitored by thesportsmonitor.com for at least one season and show good results before being considered as an option.

Why do you have so many handicappers on your site?

The short answer is there are many reasons. Here are just the few of the major ones:
1. It has become increasingly difficult to get started in this industry. Our site allows a good capper the ability to run his business without any capital or overhead. This is a great opportunity for a talented handicapper who either does not have the time or wish to do anything but handicap.
2. By offering so many great options we believe we can give our clients the best chance at being successful. Not every handicapper is good at all sports. Some are great at college football but struggle with NFL and visa-versa. Our site gives the client the option to only get what they want. They can pick and choose from the best sports services in each sport without leaving our site. A one stop shopping operation for your sporting information!

Is it possible to redeem my `wallet credit` for cash?

No, the credit you have in your wallet must be used on theswami.com. No refunds for credit will be given.

Why do your MLB handicappers have so many `pushes` in their records?

Well, this one is easy. The way our site is set up, a game can be either a Win, a Loss or a Push/No Play. This means that if a handicapper has a selection on a game that was rained out, their selection on that game would be graded as a `Push/No Play` and would show up as a `push`.

If I purchase a play and find out it was released as a free play can I get reimbursed?

No. We are sorry but we do not give reimbursements for purchases made on selections which were also released as free selections. If you wish to avoid this situation from happening please first check the Free Pick section before making any purchases.

Why am I not receiving my plays via email?

First thing you need to do is check if you have your `Alerts` in your `My Account` section set to receive emails. If that is set properly, you should check your `Junk` or `Spam` box from your email provider. If you find our emails in the `Junk` or `Spam` box, you will need to make changes to allow for to your email account to allow emails from our site to go through to your `In-box`. If this fails please email support at support@theswami.com or call us during our office hours at (800)466-1682.

What are some of the benefits to signing up for a week, month or season package?

First benefit would be savings. The longer you sign up for a program the lower your per-day cost will be for that service. You usually end up saving quite a bit going with a seasonal program.
Secondly, if you sign up with a weekly, monthly or seasonal program you can take advantage of our text and email notification service. As soon as your handicapper makes a selection viewable you will have access to it without having to keep checking the site.

How can using my `wallet` make it faster for me to purchase selections?

The `wallet` is not only the place where your credit gets stored when guaranteed selections do not win, it can also be used as to expedite your gaming experience.

Time is of the essence and you can use your `wallet` to quicken your purchases. Simply click the `Add Money to your Wallet` button in your My Account section of this site. Using your credit card you can add whatever amount you wish to store in your `wallet`. This will be stored as credit for future purchases and can illuminate having to submit your credit card information for every purchase. This can be especially helpful on a busy Saturday or Sunday morning when time is especially tight.

Any questions please feel free to call our office at (800)553-3483 Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm EST.

How are the `units` for each handicapper derived?

Each selection a handicapper releases is given a rating from 1 to 10 units. The 10 unit rating is the highest and therefore considered a `Top Play`. So when you see a `Top Play` record you know that each of those games were rated as 10 units. All Games of the Week, Month and Years are also given this 10 unit designation.

Is it possible to purchase a pick after the game has started?

NO. The way the site is set up, it will remove a play a few minutes before the scheduled starting time. So there is no reason to worry about purchasing an old play. If the play is available to purchase that means that there is still time before the game begins.

How do I find the pricing for a specific handicapper?

To find pricing for any specific handicapper go directly to their section of our site. To do so, simply click onto the word `HANDICAPPERS` on the home page and then click directly onto the handicapper you are searching for. One you are at their Bio section, decide which sport you are inquiring about and click onto that sport. Any packages and pricing should be listed there. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to call our office at (800)466-1682 or email us at support@theswami.com

How do I see the records for the Free Plays?

To see the Free Play records you will need to click onto the Free Play section. Once you wait the 10 seconds you will see an option at the bottom of the page that asks you to Click HERE to view past records.

How do I know if I am set up to receive my plays via email and/or text?

Once you login with your username and password click the `My Account` prompt at the top of the page. This will take you to your personal section of the site. In this section you will see three rectangular buttons. Choose the bottom button marked `Change Account and Info Alerts`. Once in there you will see Alerts section at the bottom. Here you can add your cell number and provider to start receiving texts.

When a Guaranteed play is optioned, what does that mean?

If you purchase a selection with a Guaranteed option and that selection is not graded a winner, the full amount paid for that selection will then be credited into your Wallet for you to use for future purchases at TheSwami.com.

What if I purchae a play on a game that was postponed?

The amount you paid for the selection will be credited into your Wallet the following day. If you do not see the credit after 4pm EST the following day please call our office at (800)553-3483. Thank you!

How do I set myself up to start receiving my selection by text and email?

First, establish a Login and Password.
Next, login and click on the blue tab at the top of the home page labeled `My Account`.
Once you get into your `My Account` section, click on the button labeled `Change Account Info Alerts`.
This is where you can change your password, email and how you receive your plays.
There is an `Alert` section at the bottom under the Disclaimer. The fist box has you choose between receiving your alerts via email, text, both or none. If you chose to receive `texts` you must fill out the bottom two boxes asking for your cell provider and cell number. Once you are complete don`t forget to save your changes.
Now that you are done you can click on the test buttons at the bottom to see if the system is indeed operable.

What does `ATS` mean?

ATS= Against The Spread

Where are the `OLD` archives that I used to be able to see on the old site?

Are `Old Archives (going back to 2000) are now located here on our site.
Simply click the `RECORDS` section at the top of the grey bar on the home page.
Then you will see a list of options. Choose a sport in the last option named `Archives and Custom Searches`. Here you will find the current and old archives for each sport.
To find the old Archives (before July 15th 2011) you will see a button that says `Click here for `sport` archives previous to July 15, 2011`
Simply click that button and the rest should be self explanatory. If you have any trouble with this please feel free to email us at support@theswami.com or call us during office hours at (800)466-1682.

Why do your handicappers have so many pushes (ties) in NCAA basketball?

The past year or two Vegas and the off shore books have eliminated about 2/3 of all their college totals from the gaming board. Many of theswami.com cappers key in on college totals as part of their gaming program. Often a capper will post a play on a total early in the day before the actual betting lines are all posted. Sometimes the odds makers will not post a total on a game. When that happens the play is recorded as a push. Look for this to be less of an issue starting in 2013-2014. We are requiring all NCAA cappers in basketball to be sure there is a line on a game before posting a play. This will decrease the number of pushes greatly.

Why does your article section of the site have so few articles?

Our article section is basically very new. Look for more articles to appear in the coming months. If you are a handicapper on our site and wish to write an article please contact our main office. We will be happy to assist you in posting the article. Topics must be pre-approved before posting.

If a capper has a losing season, why do you continue to have him on your site?

Unfortunately losing is part of the game. We would not call it gambling if winning was the only result. There is no set policy at theswami.com on determining the status of a handicapper who has suffered a losing season. We will rarely automatically discontinue a handicapper because of one bad season.
Great care is taken in assigning a capper to our site in the first place. Once they have proven to us they can select winning information we certainly want to give them a fair chance to win and remain with us. However if a capper fails to produce a winning advantage and their results continue to be negative the handicapper will be asked to step aside.
The bottom line in this business is winning. Because there is such a demand to attain a handicapping position on our site it is becoming more and more competitive.
We evaluate what handicappers will be returning at the beginning of each season. It is possible that a handicapper may be evaluated and eliminated in one sport but remain in another. EXAMPLE: A handicapper may be allowed to remain in baseball because of his past success but may be asked to step down in football because of negative performances over several seasons.
Each situation is evaluated independently and the final decision rests always with theswami.com management.
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