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  • +627 units MLB last 4 seasons
  • Post season results (46-22) + 223 units.
  • +240 units in 2018 MLB
  • -  61  units 2017 MLB
  • +141 units 2016 MLB
  • +307 units 2015 MLB
  • Consistent Winner


  • All winning seasons since joining TheSwami.com in 2014-15
  • 3 consecutive 100+ unit seasons including two 200+ unit seasons
  • +230 units in 2016-17
  • 122-64 (66%) on all Side plays


OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines


I’m very happy to be a part of TheSwami.com site.  I’ve been a player and handicapper for many years but it wasn’t until last season did I get the urge to take things to the next level.  So far, I’m very glad I did.   While having TheSwami.com monitor my plays a few seasons ago I proved my worth and now I am advantage of the opportunitymy to prove it to you.  I believe I have something different to offer as a service as I have been a successful player for many years. My style is different and the data set I use is quite unique but winners are winners and that is indeed the bottom line.


This 2014 rookie has definitely earned his place at TheSwami.com. He posted winning seasons in both NFL and NCAA football. Here are his 2014 highlights:


·         31-17 (65%) +104 unitsin combined NCAA Football

·         22-10 (69%) +100 unitsin NCAA BOWLS

·         11-4 (73%) +56 unitsin NCAA Bowl Totals


·         21-17 +26 unitsin combined NFL

·         9-4 (69%) +38 unitsin NFL Reg Season Totals




Old Stuff


I am Gary Powers. I am excited to be part of theswami.com. I believe I am presently a great choice to be your sports handicapper for several reasons. First and foremost I win at both baseball and hockey, but my very best sport has been football. I have never done this professionally before.
I earned my spot with theswami.com my being personally monitored by theswami.com in hockey and baseball last season. I also did football but did not start until last November. I had winning months in each of the sports I will be representing POWER PLAYS. Will also begin baseball after the All-Star break  and basketball in early November if football goes well the first week.
I would not be on this site if it was not for Mr. Wagner. He has encouraged me and has helped me a great deal in learning the do's and don'ts of gambling in general. Back in the 2002 I got buried by an outfit out of New York. I lost twice what I was making at the time.
I know you are probably saying to yourself, "Why in the world would I pay this loser for his picks?" Well I have worked extremely hard and have listened to people in the industry who have been and are successful. I know what not to do and how I am learning what to do. I hope you follow me and invest in me. I believe I have something different to offer. My style is different and the data I presently use to arrive at my selections is unique. But winners are winners and that is the bottom line.
I will begin hockey in October of 2014 and will begin football in Novemner 2014 if and only if my hockey is successful. If I am not up at leat 80 units in hockey by November 1st I will not do football for 2014.
Wagner has promised me I could start in November no matter what but I have set this standard for myself. 30% of my plays will be Top rated 10 units if I am winning. If not I will release only 5 unit plays until I get to a positive position.
If I attain 200 units I will stop. If I lose 100 units I will stop.I am being honest with you up front. I am a very responsible person and I look at this opportunity as a life changing event. Before I release anything to you, I have already played it as exactly as I will instruct you to do. I am 49 years old with a two daughters and a wife of 28 years. I am no rookie to life but I am a rookie looking to win for you. I hope you invest in me.

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