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DOC WESTWOOD will handicap college football this season if the Pac 12 returns to the field.  He will also follow western NFL teams in LA and Vegas and Seattle areas where his best contacts are. Keep an eye on's scroller for this announcement. He will offer a full PAC 12 PACKAGE and individual plays. He has never officially capped college football for however he has personally bet on college football frequently in Vegas. He is coming off of an outstanding NBA post season and he is anxious to begin. I will also have spot plays in other conferences as he moves into November and bowl games.

Update:Looks like the Pac 12 is returning the week of November 2-7th. 



NCAA HOOPS......13 out of 14 winning performances involving March Madness games played from THE SWEET 16 brackets through the championship game of the FINAL 4. 13 out of 14....If you are going to be involved in college baskets between March 22nd thru April 5th 2021 be sure to consult with Doc Westwood before you make a move. Doc owns an impressive (37-14) RECORD IN Elite 8 contests. His Game of the Year record in Elite 8 contests is (7-1) following his 2021 winner entering March 2022 action.

In 2018-2019 Doc Westwood suffered his first negative outcome overall for the action starting at the Sweet 16 brackets thru Championship game. Despite winning his Elite 8 Game of the Year he finished 2-4 overall for the Sweet 16 thru NCAA FINAL. The previous year 2017-18 he had another excellent basketball season for his long list of loyal clients. He won money in both regular season play in both NBA and College again. In college he went (64-32) plus 273 units during thr regular season and (23-12) plus 71 units in post season college action. In the NBA Westwood dazzled his clients with a solid (56-28) campaign winning 246 units. In the NBA Playoffs he continued his mastery with a (23-10) mark adding 119 units to his bankroll. Adding all the profits Westwood won a cool 709 units to claim one of the all time BEST complete basketball seasons ever.  

Doc opened his office for College Hoops the week of Thanksgiving in 2017. He has an agressive style if he gets off to his usual quick start. If he faulters early he will back off. He usually waits until The Sweet 16 to really get going, but 2017-2018 has been so powerful for him and his clients he has continued to produce winners week after week after week.


  • Returned to NBA handicapping in 2015-16
  • 2 consecutive winning seasons since returning
  • +177 units in last 2 seasons
  • +118 units in postseason NBA

Doc Westwood one of the most popular and successful basketball handicappers of the 90's returned in 2015-16 for March Madness and had another positive tournament. He went an excellent (10-4) on his BEST BETS and overall (18-11).  THE BIG DANCE. the actual true March Madness is historically where he has shined the most in college hoops.. He has put together 11 out of 13 winning March Madness efforts. If you only follow him from his Sweet 16 selections thru the Championship game you would be looking at a perfect 13 straight winning programs. Entering the 2016-17 season he is a combined (69-38) overall and (52-24) on Top Plays  and (8-1) on his NCAA Game of the Years and (5-3) on his Game of the Month. 
Doc.. He previously  had not been active with since 2010-11. . .
He owns a lifetime mark of 15-6) on his actual NCAA tournament Games of the Year and  (14-3) mark on his NBA Game of the Year. He usually does extremely well handicapping the NBA after the NCAA Final 4 is complete.  
His NBA Game of the Year  (11-2) has always been in April usually after March Madness. .
Proir to the actual March Madness tournament Doc has excelled in Conference Tournament play. Especially in the Big Ten and Acc and SEC Conference. He currently owns an impressive (36-12) mark on all Games of the Year in  Conference Tournaments....WESTWOOD owns one of the finest records documented on all College Conference Game of The Year releases (36-12) and his overall NBA mark is (14-3) and including totals is (17-6).
 Prior  to 2015-16 the last time Doc Westwood posted plays in basketball at theswamicom was the spring of 2007. You may recall Westwood discontinued handicapping for personal health issues. His good health has once again returned and many us of us are looking forward to winning basketball seasons in the future from this very passionate handicapper..

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