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TOTAL PLEASURE has excelled in both NFL and NCAA Totals over the past decade.
11 out of its 14 seasons with have provided its backers with winning seasons. College football has produced 11 winning campaigns and the NFL has only fallen short 4 times over the past 14 years. Since 2002, TOTAL PLEASURE has had NCAA totals on complete LOCKDOWN. The stats below speak for themselves. Over the past 7 seasons alone, TOTAL PLEASURE has won 845 units for combined NCAA/NFL clients. If you are looking for consistency and winning Total Pleasure is an excellent choice for 2018.


·         +845 units in combined NCAA/NFL Football last 7 years

          11 of 14 Winning Seasons in NCAA Football

          290-217 +511 units last 7 years in NCAA Football

          97-73 +165 units last 2 seasons of NCAA Football

          7-1 on all GOY/GOM/GOW in 2017 NCAA Football



·         36-20 (64%) + 144 units in 2017 NFL

          43-30 +100 units in 2016 NFL

          122-77 +380 units last 3 years in NFL Football

          PRESEASON DOMINATION – 9 of 13 winning seasons

·         10-5 (67%) +45 units PRESEASON 2015

·         97-53 (65%) in all PRESEASON NFL last 12 years

·         37-25 (60%) +97 units last 5 years of PRESEASON NFL 

          12-3 (80%) +87 units last 2 seasons in POSTSEASON NFL



  • +1020 units past 7 years on MLB totals
  • 7 consecutive winning MLB seasons
  • +184 units in 2017
  • +189 units in 2016
  • +98 units in 2015
  • +155 units in 2014
  • +83 units in 2013
  • +139 units in 2012
  • +172 units in 2011


  • +769 units in NBA last 6 years
  • +226 units in 2016-17 NBA Hoops
  • +647 units in NBA last 3 years

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines


TOTAL PLEASURE... 8-25-2014
TOTAL PLEASURE has excelled in both NFL and NCAA Totals over the past decade.
Look for a new NFL program to be introduce this Fall.It was scheduled to be introduced last season but a few variables were still not operational. This new technology could change sports handicapping in the fall of 2014. This is an attempt to improve the accuracy of their forecasts even another level higher. The model they have developed could be a very exciting improvement to an already solid forecasting operation.
9 out of its 11 seasons with have provided its backers with winning seasons. Only 2012 and 2005 are blemishes on their slate. College football has prodoced 9 winning campaigns and the NFL has only fallen short 3 times over the past deacde. If you are looking for consistency and winning Total Pleasure is an excellent choice for 2014.
NFL PRE SEASON: Total Pleasure has dominated the NFL's PRESEASON TOTALS. Winning 6 out of 9 seasons....compiling an impressive (71-34) log. . Look for more winners in 2014.
Total Pleasure has been successful 7 out of the last 10 seasons. Between 2007 and 2011 they ran off 21 out of 24 winning months. Their 5 year numbers are (143-77) 65% with each of these 5 years a winning one for their followers.
6 out of 10 successful runs here, but the last two years have been in the negative going (2-4) and (1-5). Before the past two down seasons Total Pleasure had post season performances of: (4-1)/(6-5)/(7-3)/(6-3)/(1-0)/(4-3).
Look for them to return to their winning ways again in 2014.
8 out of 11 winning regular seasons and 9 out of 11 winning bowl seasons sets 2014 up as an exciting adventure for Total Pleasure's handicapping team.
Fresh off excellent 2013, 2012 and 2011 years where it went (33-19),(25-15) and (44-26) respectively Total Pleasure is anxious to begin its 2014 campaign.
September historically has always been one of its finest months were it has hit 60% or higher 7 out of its last 8 seasons.
NCAA BOWL GAMES thru 2013:
Total Pleasure has dominated also college football's bowl games. Since 2002 they are (66-33) 67%.

At THESWAMI.COM their are "only" two handicapping services that specialize soley in totals: TOTAL PLEASURE and TOTALS UNLIMITED. When these two sources agree with each other the results are impressive. (41-15) entering 2014's season. Both release 99% all totals. On a very rare occasion they might have a side play but rarely. Their side plays have been solid when this happens.
When they match up with Totals Unlimited on the same football total selection they are now (60-20) dating back to 2004.

Total Pleasure since 2006-2007 has produced 6 out of 7 winning seasons in both NBA and NCAA action. Since they only do totals they are able to focus and specialize on one area which they believe and we would have to agree with them makes them extra dangerous to the bookmakers.
Over the summer (2013) they have invested in very extensive new technology that will actually process data on a daily basis and make forecasts. They are going to apply this process to their 2013 sports prdictions starting in the fall in football and extending it into basketball. They are especially excited about basketball because the early results on their model showed the most significant advances in both NBA and NCAA baskets. Time will see, but I would follow them closely in 2013-2014 on the court.

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