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Look for us the begin releasing football plays starting October 1. We will be building our data base upon September stats for both college football and the NFL. Our plays are sold on an individual basis for both football and basketball. All releases are guaranteed. Because of the small volume of plays that qualify to be an official play we will never offer a weekly/monthly or seasonal package. That way we will never be forced to create a play because we have clients who have pre-paid for services.  In baseball we do offer weekly and monthly packages because we know based upon our extensive stats that we will always have plays that will qualify each week. As always we appreciate our backers support and will again try to meet our high standards. 




2023     NBA       reg            62-28     83-48    +312 units   

2023     NBA       post           33-12    33-12    +198 units 

2023     NCAA BB  reg         63-51    77-66    + 57 units

2023    NCAA BB  post        19-12    20-13   +57 units

2023      MLB                        131-81    160-100    + 405 units  (((Will concluded season on Oct 1 2023. No MLB playoff participation in 2023.)))

2023      NFL  (REG)              Begins in early October 2023

2023      NCAA FB (REG)      Begins in late September 2023

2022      MLB (REG)             69-44   69-44          +244 units

2022      MLB (POST)             8-4       8-4             +35 units

2022      NCAA BB (REG)      10-7      24-20         +22 units... (IN PROGRESS)

2022      NBA  (REG)              5-4        26-24          +7 units...(IN PROGRESS)

2022      NCAA FB (REG)      11-1      15-5            + 97 units

2022      NCAA FB (POST)     0-1        0-1             - 11.0 units  (IN PROGRESS)

2022     NHL                           0-0        1-0              +17 units

2022    NFL  (PRE)                 4-1        4-1              +5.8 units

2022     NFL  (REG)              12-5      18-11             +52 units

Our sophisticated software coupled with our own Viny LaRosa's numbers creates a force that will be heard from in thesports gaming world. We want to show we can perform at a high level even when we are asked to release plays hours before they begin. THat has never been our style but we will conform to THESWAMI.COM's format in 2022 and 2023. We are late bloomers. 75% of our plays will be created after half the season in all sports are completed in football and baseball.  Basketball will follow more of a normal pattern. Our stats are based upon performance not trends that reach back decades. Basketball is more information early on and stats as season unfolds.

Follow our progress. Our unit management is our key to long term success. Having to limit our ratings 1 to 10 is again not our style but we believe we still will impress our followers. If we ever have a losing season in any sport we will discontinue handicapping that sport. We do not expect to lose. That said you the gambler can never assume we are going to win. No locks we are grinders. Information if valid and accurate can be a deadly assasin to any sports book if they are slow on the trigger for line moves. 

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