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RON JUSTICE IS OFF TO A FABULOUS START ON BOTH HIS HOCKEY AND BASKETBALL SEASONS IN 2023....be sure to enroll today for a week/month or full season of action with RINK/COURT JUSTICE!!!










2020's #1 Documented NCAA Basketball Champion_______Ron Justice (RJ) in 2020 laid claim to being #1 at The Sports Monitor Inc of Oklahoma City for net winners and overall profits. He was also ranked #5 in winning percentage and #5 on return on risk. In 2019 COURT JUSTICE finished #4 at TSM in net winners and money won and 4th best in winning percentage. Between 2017-2020 won more money than any documented NCAA capper. 

In 2021-22 COURT JUSTICE suffered a rare down BB season in college.

COURT JUSTICE was MR FEBRUARY in 2021...(54-15) combined in college and NBA on its basketball releases. Broke all past monthly records for any sport over a month's range od days. scattered all past records.

Lifetime (54-25) on their Speciality Plays(GOY)(GOM)(GOW) in NCAA Baskets..

OUTSTANDING COLLEGE BASKET BEST BET EXPERT... (69-33) last 102 Top NCAA Top Plays on the court entering 2021..

Ronald Justice, nicknamed RJ, is a 56 year old basketball junkie who knows basketball. He has played, coached and officiated college basketball at the Div 1 and 2 level for 30 years.

Justice in NBA has  produced 4 out of 6 NBA winning regular seasons and 6 out of 6 NBA winning post seasons thru 2022-23..Last year 2022-23 he struggled in the NBA overall. Look for him to bounce back as he has in the past off a below par NBA or College season. Those who continue to back him year after year have prospered nicely.

In 2016-17 I had an excellent NBA season.  My Top Plays hit 70% as I went (27-12). (11-4) on Side Plays and (16-8) on Top totals. Overall I was a solid (40-20) for 67% which got me a #2 winning percentage finish among the nation's best. Documented by TSM he finished 1st.

  Since I handicap no other sports when everyone is tied up with football in the fall my attention is all on college and NBA.


  • +525 units in 4 seasons at TheSwami.com
  • +185 units in 2016-17
  • 4 consecutive winning seasons entering 2020-2021
  • +320 units on NBA totals last 4 years

EDITOR'S NOTE: THESWAMI.COM is excited again to have COURT JUSTICE with theswami.com. RJ will be documented by theswami.com and The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City again in 2018-19.
One thing for sure Justice knows basketball inside and out. If his performance can match what he knows about the game we will all be very pleased. It might be a good idea to enroll for a month right out of the gate once college hoops start. His opening two month stats  for November and December are impressive.


POSSIBLE NHL influence. Ron's brother Bobbie, who played college hockey Div 3, in the New England qualified to be an analyst at theswami.com last season in the NHL but passed on the opportunity. He is still elligible to handicap in 2021 and may start in January or early February 2021. Look for his selections to be released under RINK/ COURT Justice umbrella if he decides to pursue his hockey handicapping at a professional level.  If he decides you can bet on him being a force in the industry. It will just be a matter if he has the time to develop to both sports and still have time for his young growing family.

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