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BASKETBALL use to be the only sport Swiss handicaps for  This coming 2023-24 football season J T GROVE will be releasing a few high powered college and NFL plays. So do not be surpried at the end of October or the beginning of November if you see NCAA football plays coming out of this operation.

Last bowl season (2022-23) Swiss Chocolate tried its skills at selecting a few college football winners and it did just fine. (4 winners and only 2 losses). (2-0) on its Top Plays: GOM winner on LSU and GOM total winner on Iowa (under). 

FOOTBALL plays will be posted during the college season after about 6 or 7 games have been played. J T Grove last season ran his college football plays by staff and the results were surprising solid. Only 11 plays were created but 7 winners and a push came out of the mix in college and in the NFL 5 out of 7 hit pay dirt. So when it gets close to Halloween do not be surprised to see a few plays from Swiss Chocolate in both college and the NFL. If you are considering being a client always check back in after  2:00 om EST and 6:30 pm EST as they will often have a later card. If you can afford it definitely grab a weekly or monthly package that way you will not miss any late plays that result in injuries reports or steam that they follow.



        .  10  out  of  12 winning NBA seasons (thru 2022)

  •  7  200+ unit winning seasons from 2008--2017
  • 300+ unit winning season in 2015
  • 2008-2022 +1790 net units won in NBA Basketball

2015-16 was SWISS CHOCOLATE'S "FINEST SEASON EVER". It might also be's BEST BASKETBALL SEASON ever by any handicapper. NBA Regular season: Top (42-23) overall (56-30)  NBA Post season TOP (15-5) overall (21-9)  NCAA Regular season: TOP (21-9) overall (26-14)   NCAA Post season Top (19-10) overall (24-10). That folks is plus 541 units overall (127-63) overall. Top Plays were a combined (127-63) 67%...simply remarkable,

SWISS CHOCOLATE has historically specializes in NBA basketball. It has been with for now 10 seasons and has been a popular and successful handicapper in NBA.. Entering 2018-19 Swiss has produced 9 out of 10 winning NBA regular seasons on the court. 2015-16 was one of its finest ever. Regular season results were Top Plays (27-11) and overall (32-14) on Totals and overall (42-23) on Top Plays and (56-30) plus 214 units. Post season results were similar as overall Top Plays went (15-5) and overall (21-9) for plus 104 units. Look for them to have another solid winning year in the NBA in 2016-17. Also look for 2018-19 again to be a year that Swiss Chocolate breaks out into college baskets. It may start in November or wait until after early February depending on how the NBA has started.. In 2015-16 College regular season results were: Top (21-9) Overall (2-14) +107 units and POST SEASON NCAA results were: (19-10) on Top Plays and overall (24-10) +116 units.

HistoricallySwiss Chocolate has been solid the latter part of the college hoops regular season. He will only do the post season tournaments if he can either hit 60% in college or win over 75 units during the regular season. 
    Recently Swiss has focused on NBA totals especially. Coming into 2018-2019 his Top Play mark on NBA totals between 2008 and 2015 was:(223-130). 8 straight winning seasons that look like this when broken down year by year: (27-11) (25-22)..(43-30)..(29-12)..(/32-24)..(12-5)..(24-12)..(31-14).

On his GOW and GOM and GOY plays in both College and NBA historically he has been very solid.
He has a strong group of royal followers who play his Speciality releases; (Games of the Month, Games of the Year) Look for them to continue their success in 2018-2019. All this said it is important to know that 2016-17 was a disaster on and off the cour for Swiss Chocolate. He lost his wife at the young age of 52 and he lost 309 units. He was (64-76) in the regular season and (15-27) in the playoffs. He won in 2017 but only slightly with a plus 27 units. He looks to regain his old form in 2018-19. We have no reason not to believe he will.


(11-1) in post season play between (20014-2020)

  (5-0) on Game of the Year Plays (2014-2020)



GOW (64-38) thru June 2020

GOM (50-26) thru June 2020

GOY ( 33-12) thru June 2020


GOW (39-22) thru June 2020

GOM (44-25) thru June 2020

GOY (38-22) thru June 2020


2017-2018   49-43

2016-2017   39-43

2015-2016     57-28

2014-2015... 56-36

2013-2014... 84-62
2012-2013    57-48
2011-2012    51-27
2010-2011    25-20
2009-2010    56-32
2008-2009    52-28

  YR        TOP      ALL      UNITS           

2017-18  (49-43)  (81-72)     +6.30

2016-17  (39-43)  (64-76) - 162.30

2015-16  (42-23)  (56-30)  +214.00

2014-15 (56-36)  (67-43)  +188.50

2013-14 (84-62)  (94-66)  +196.30

2012-13 (57-48)  (57-48)  +  42.00

2011-12 (51-27)  (51-27)  +213.00

2010-11 (25-20)  (25-20)  +   30.00

2009-10 (56-32)  (56-32)  + 218.00

2008-09 (43-20)  (52-28)  +211.00

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