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Wilson's Winners 3/18


  • 8 consecutive Winning MLB seasons
  • 6 100+ unit seasons and 3 200+ unit seasons last 8 years
  • +1368 units last 8 seasons in MLB
  • +273 units in 2011 MLB
  • +158 units in 2012 MLB
  • +62 units in 2013 MLB
  • +187 units in 2014 MLB
  • +151 units in 2015 MLB
  • +7 units in 2016 MLB
  • +250 units in 2017 MLB
  • +238 units in 2018 MLB

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines



Look for us to introduce college basketball into our mix this season. We will have 6 to 10 plays during the regular season. If we hit 60% or better we will continue into post season play. Follow us closely because we personally have done well with this strategy on our personal play and hope it continues to well as we introduce our professional clients to the sport.  


Look for us to also introduce NBA into our mix this season. We will have spot plays throughout the season. The number of releases will be probably more than 5 but not a dozen. These plays will all center around a system that generally hiys 60 to 65% but does not have a large number of qualifiers. We will only sell NBA plays individually because of the lack of volume. We will do the Playoffs only if we win at least 60% with our regular season spot plays.


Wilson's Winners in Baseball 9/17

10 out of 11 winning regular seasons in the MLB has put John Wilson into prime territory at theswami.com. His usually selective approach to handicapping has resulted in a consistent flow of sucess since hooking up with theswami.com in April of 2006.

Johnny Wilson has developed a computer program what evaluates 8 data levels for each match up. When the choice is identified and the line is with in the limits of his criteria it becomes a play. If you like action this service is not for you. In 2014 he went 41 days without a play quailifying to be released. Because of the uncertainy of the number of plays Wilson rarely has offered a seasonal package for his clients.

I will offer a NCAA package for my 2018 March Madness. If it goes well I will consider doing it for baseball. That said I will offer only monthly baseball programs if I do add a MLB program. The regular baseball season is extremely too long for me to make that large of a commitment if I am not winning.

Notes from Wilson: "Selling my plays individually gives me the freedom to pass and not feel I am shorting my guys who are investing in me. Also if someone is dissatified with my capping they just stop buying my plays."  

Also I can take a break if I am in a funk and not feel the pressure to keep putting out plays when I really do not want to. I tried the seasonal options back in 2006 and 2007 and did not like the way my season went. I like to be in control and during those seasons I did not feel I was. If I win I get paid and if I lose I make no money on a play. I believe each play I release should be quaranteed. In 2011 that concept was activitated at theswami.com. Obviously 2016 was disappointing as as 9 year winning streak ended. I look forward to starting a new one in 2017. I hope you join me again. Let's have a great spring and an outstanding summer together.


                                               SIDES                                        TOTALS                                           OVERALL

2017 Regular season (50-36)  +192.70  units                      (19-12)  +58.00 units          (69-48)  (69-48)     +  250.70 units

2016 Regular season   (28-37)  -67.30 units                         (20-13)  +57.00 units          (48-50)  (48-50)         - 10.30 units

2015 Regular season    (31-22) +82.50 units                         (22-15) +55.00 units           (53-37)   (53-37)      +137.50 units

2014 Regular season     (29-18) +114.90 units                       (24-17)  +58.50 units          ( 53-33)   (53-35)       +173.40 units

2013 Regular season    (27-27)  -14.30 units                           (15-8)   +62.00 units         ( 20-18)   (167-161)       +36.40 units

2012 Regular season    (24-17) +71.50 units                          (21-13)  +67.00 units          (45-30)     (45-30)        +138.50 units

2011 Regular season   (40-28)  +109.00 units                        (17-6)   +104.00 units          (57-34)      (57-34)      +213.00 units 

2010 Regular season   (41-44)  -23.00 units                            (10-3)  +36.35 units             (51-47)    (51-47)       +13.35 units

2009                          N/A

2008  Regular season  (49-38)  -10.10 units                          (10-2)  +33.35 units           (59-40)    (59-40)          +23.25 units 

2007 Regular season  (41-34)   +20.45 units                         (39-26) +43.15 units          (47-29)    (81-60)          +63.95 units 

2006 Regular season (64-54)    -22.10 units                          (40-23)  +65.60 units        (104-77)   (104-77)         +43.50 units

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