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Question #1 "In your opinion, if a handicapper has been "HOT" during the regular season, is it a good idea to keep following his college picks in the bowl games?  Paul NY, NY

Reply #1 Absolutely. It makes sense in so many ways. If you have been on the capper for the full season, or at least for most of their winning season and made a profit, keep the good times rolling. However I would not "just" select any handicapper because he had a good regular season. Review the archives and make note of past bowl seasons also before making your final choice.

Question 2:" I like to play only SIDE PLAYS in the bowl games. Who are some of the "BEST" handicappers for SIDE action only?"  Damon T. Ohio

Reply 2: I had to do some research myself to answer this question. I really do not usually pay attention to a handicapper's success rate on sides or totals. The bottom line to me is if they win. That said, Damon brings up a good point.  Here is what I found.

Looking only at SIDE PLAY results over the past 5 seasons in the bowls, these handicappers jumped out at me :____ The Winning Touch, took off two Bowl seasons but returns this year.  His return has many past clients excited. Pierro Masci is an impressive (16-6) on Top Plays and (22-11) on all Side action college bowl releases since 2011!  He was not part of in 2016 and 2015 but has returned for the bowls and will be back in 2017 with us.  Jimmy Rogers of MONEYMAKERS has a 5 season  (11-6) record on Top Plays and overall (17-7). Umpire's Call is (8-3) on Top Side Plays and overall (13-6) in their 3 year history with DR CALHOUN, a solid choice in almost everything, owns a solid (19-10) record on all of his Top selections in bowls. Total Sports Solutions, run by Ted Orr, is (10-3) on Top Plays the last 3 seasons and overall (13-7) over the past 5 years. He is also (17-6) the last 3 seasons on all of his bowl picks.  DOC HOLIDAY, an old timer, is still a good choice in the bowls. (20-11) is his marks for top Side plays since 2011. The Cardina,l Larry Norris, has had two solid seasons in 2014 and 2015 going (14-7) on his Side plays. Norris has a long history dating back to the 90's of being a very sharp bowl handicapper. Scoop Davis is an overall (29-17) on all of his SIDE releases.

Question 3: "My bookmaker on bowl games allows me to bet up to 2 dimes on sides, but limits me on totals to only a nickel, Why?"  James W NJ

Reply 3: Two reasons. First, out of every ten gamblers who bet on football, only about 5 will venture into totals. Because the action on totals is much less, your bookmaker must protect himself by limiting the amount of action he takes in on totals. The more the action the greater chances the bookmaker will have the advantage with the vig. Secondly, I believe totals are easier to beat. A number of handicappers on have made a constant diet of beating sports totals

Since I mentioned in question 2, the handicappers who  beat SIDE ACTION regularly, let me now share with you's Top bowl services on college football bowl totals. Total Pleasure has put together 4 out of 5 excellent bowl campaigns and holds a (38-25) record overall the past 5 seasons. The Wallace Report since 2011 is (7-3), Brad Diamond is (3-1) on Top plays and overall (12-6) on bowl totals since joining Michael Trapp owns an impressive (22-12) 5 year record, PayDay Sports has 5 out of 5 winning seasons and an overall win-loss mark of (18-9) on all total plays in bowls since 2011.  The Stat Report is (8-4) on Top Plays, Action Jackson is (12-6) on his bowl totals since handicapping them and The Professional Winston DeMonte was (3-0) on Top Plays totals and overall (6-1) last year on all his totals in his first  bowl season.

Question 4: "Who has been the BEST bowl handicapper at ?"  T Johnson,  FL 

Reply 4: BEST is a difficult word to accurately evaluate. I am hesitant to put any handicapper on that tower. I will say this, by far the handicapper who year in and year out draws the most attention and interest is Steve Yerk's The Trophy Club, formerly called The Heisman Trophy Club. Its ability to hit that ONE BIG GAME each year has caused an ever growing amount of interest. HIs "THE PLAY" as it is called has a documented lifetime record of *(18-1)*. It has hit its last 8 straight and owns a perfect (10-0)  record  when released during bowl games.

You can go to handicappers section at and click onto The Trophy Club. There, all 19 "THE PLAY" releases are shown with detailed results and scores dating back to the initial one in  1996-97.  It should be noted that several seasons NO selection qualified to be released.   Beside its success with "THE PLAY" The Trophy Club has demonstrated the ability to beat the odds on its other bowl selections also. It has enjoyed a number of very excellent overall bowl performances since the mid 90's. Recently since 2012 it is an impressive (18-6) on its last 24 bowl releases.

CLOSING NOTES: 40 bowl games create the possibilities of 80 plays over the next 3 weeks. That can be an unmanageable task unless you have a plan. When selecting a handicapper consider how many plays he historically releases during a bowl season. If 5 to 8 are too few maybe add an additional capper to your plan. But be careful, if you have one handicapper releasing 25 plays and another releasing only 8 plays you will have to figure out a way to balance their effect on your overall results and bankroll.   If you prefer to not select one handicapper but like to pick different handicappers throughout the bowl season, set limits and target certain handicappers to follow. That will take much of the stress out of who to go with each day. Try not to fall victim to the JOHNNY COME LATELY SHOW. I am referring to a player who waits until a handicapper goes (6-0) or (7-0) and then jumps on him. Also remember if your capper gets off to a slow start do not double up thinking he will get "HOT". Slow and steady is a motto that works when you have good solid people working for your cause. Enjoy the holidays and remember they play the star spangle banner 40 times during the bowl season but your children and family only may be with you for a few days so do not ruin your holiday by submersing yourself in these bowl games. Less is more as my son always tells me. Be well and may God Bless you and your loved ones this holiday.

Donn Wagner

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