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ODDSBREAKERS qualified to become a handicapper at theswami.com during the summer of 2022. That summer 7 various handicappers submitted their daily plays to theswami.com and the only one that completed the task with positive results was Cecil Crawford. Side note the six other potential applicants stopped after losing before August 1st. Crawford, who had spells of 5 days where he passed and had no plays won consistently in each month with the exception of June. Crawford's overall record was (85-50) plus 157 units. He went (44-25) on sides winning 69 units and (41-25) winning 88 units. 

Cecil Crawford, even though he quaified to be a handicapper in the summer of 2022, opted not to begin as a handicapper at THESWAMI.COM until the Spring of 2024 because of personal "good" issues. He recently became a father for the first time.  

ODDSBREAKERS resume is very limited professionally. Cecil is not a professional gambler but he has access to a wide range of betting information. His brother-in-law is a sports book host at one of the major on line USA sites. The information that he is able to provide has shown the tendencies to be consiistently on the right side.  The only issue with this information tunnel to Crawford is that sometimes the info is not timely to release plays with a comfortable lead time. That is why ODDSBREAKERS encourages its members to enroll in weekly/monthly programs that allows them to disperse the late plays comfortably to their paid clients.

Going forward to the coming Fall, Crawford believes from what he saw this past football season ODDSBREAKERS will be one of the more successful betting info sites at THESWAMI.COM. He feels working this summer with THESWAMI.COM will enable him to be better prepared for football in the fall and hopefully start to deveop a following in baseball that will continue during the coming football season.

Rating of plays for baseball will be all 5 units. At this time no Top 10 unit plays will be released or actually no play rating any higher than 5 will be released.  Crawford said he realizes this is a very consverative approach and he understands that but that is fine. Rome was not built in a day and we are young and hopefully have a bright future in this world of sports gambling. 

THESWAMI.COM welcomes Oddsbreakers and wishes them well.

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