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FIVE-IN-WON-SPORTS  is a concept that has been created by taking 5 of the nation's most successful documented handicappers of any one professional sport and combining  their professional sports selections in the targeted professional sport into one impacting set of plays that will be released under the name of (FIVE-IN-WON-SPORTS).

The selections' ratings have been revised as of Sept 1 2016. The new ratings reflect a higher unit base rating to be more competitive with other handicappers rating and to attract more participation. Top 10 rating will be 4 or more with no opposition.  Next will be a 5 rating that will result from 4 to 1 or 3 to 0 slit or 2-0. A rating of 3 will be a 3-1 split. No other situations will be tagged as ratings or plays.. (See chart below for all possible situations and ratings.).

College Football

NCAA college football will be released in 2018 on a limited basis. If successful it will continue through the season. Keep an eye on how we do.

NFL Football


  • 96-61 +126 units in 3 years at
  • 47-20 (70%) +115 units on all Totals selections
  • All 3 seasons at have been profitable


  • (2-0) on NBA Games of the Year. Average margin of victory nearly 20 points.
  • 2 NBA seasons at
  • 102-56 (65%) overall record +133 units
  • 47-22 (68%) on all NBA side plays


Rating 10  5-0 Game of the Year

Rating  10  4-0 Top Play

Rating 5    4-1, 3-0 or  2-0

Rating  3   3-1

No  Plays: Any other combination

When (FIVE ON WON SPORTS) is evaluating the handicapper's it will not give any consideration to how each handicapper individually has rated his or her play personally. This methodolgy is being applied based upon the thinking a play is a play. It also eliminates the possibly that a handicapper could skew the overall performance of the concept by rating their plays much higher than other members of the performance team.



PLAYOFF HISTORY :  2018 (1-0) (12-6) +38 units...2017 (1-0) (11-2) +59 units...2016 (0-0) (7-4) +13 units

OVERALL: (2-0) on Top Plays and overall (30-12) + 110 units as we enter the 2018-19 NHL PLAYOFFS..

NHL was intergrated into FIVE-IN-WON-PRO-SPORTS during the (2015-2016) this season. It joined its already existing NFL, NBA and MLB programs. It has had two winning seasons both in regular season play and also post season action. In 2016-17 it went (6-2) on Top Plays and overall (44-17) for +159 units for the regular season. In post season 2016-2017 it was (1-0) on Top Plays and overall (11-2) for plus 59 units. Its opening hockey season in 2015-2016 it went (95-71) winning 49 units with just 2 unit plays basically and (7-4) in the playoffs winning 12 more units.

It is their goal to be ready to be open for each sports opening day. However that is not guaranteed to happen. That said within the start of any professional sport season FIVE ON WON SPORTS will be up an running within the start of the season within 30 days. That is a given..


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