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The Top 8 (Winning Percentage) leaders for the "BIG DANCE of 2016" March Madness


Many of the listed handicappers below are currently offering {SPECIALS} over the next few days. Check out the pricing by visting each handicapper's site at Click onto NCAA BKB  and then click on selections. There you will see if any plays are posted and also what packages the handicappers are being offered.  Packages can be an excellent option because they are the most cost effective. That said many clients enjoy the freedom to follow a wide range of handicappers during the tournament. The bottom line is being on the winning side when the games are completed. THESWAMI.COM with its experienced and well documented successful stable of handicappers offers a promising opportunity for the player to have a positive experience during this exciting period.  Explore all of your options by review last season's Top Preformers below. You may also wish to examine our archives and regular season records for these and other talented handicappers who did not make the list below. Have a great tournament and always emember to play responsibily.    

1.) Philadelphia Joe  90 % (9-1)..Selective and powerful player last year in tourney. This past regular season just completed (44-21) in college baskets and a plus 209 unit production.

2.) TOP DOG SPORTS 86% (18-4)...Is the type of handicapper that increases the volume of plays as he wins. Can run off long winning runs. (23-9) on all plays last season during THE BIG DANCE. Rookie of the Year winner last year, look for more of the same from this confident team.

3.) FIREFOX  76% (16-5)....Talented basketball mind that has proven to be a solid winner in all sports. This past 2016-17 regular season went (36-16) plus 156 units.

4.) WALLACE REPORT 75% (6-2)...Super consverative handicapper who is extremely selective and usually hits high percentages that keep his backers lining up for more. In the regular season just completed in college hoops (18-10) for a solid 64%.

5.) WILD KAT MARSH 69%  (9-4)...Solid handicapper who follows certain teams and relys on inside information to confirm his positions. (52-31) is what this outfit accomplished during the 2016-17 regular NCAA season just completed. This is not (1 hit wonder) folks. This past 2016-17 regular season went (40-24) winning 136 units.

6.) HARDBALL TECHNOLOGY. 69% (9-4) ...Long tournament history of success on its Top Plays. Since 2010 Steve Tarabell and his staff have produced an impressive (25-13) record 65% on their Top Big Dance Plays. They have always made money for their backers on their Top Plays over this stretch. Sides (12-8) and Totals (13-5). Selective and often on the money.  Steve rarely plays unless he has an edge. Definitely worth a look.

7.) The Human Factor 67% (20-10)...Dr Craighead uses a different approach but certainly has the numbers to back up his success.

8.) T D's POWER CALL 65% (17-9)...Cost efficient option that is very sharp in baskets. Last two Big Dance Performances TD has posted a combined (30-15) mark on his Top Plays during tournament action. Great value for big or small players.


THE TOP 8 (UNIT WINNERS) for the actual "REAL" March Madness Tournament Games of 2016


1.)  TOP DOG SPORTS    (PLUS 143 UNITS).....(18-4)

2.) FULL COURT PRESS (PLUS 113 UNITS).....(35-24)     Solid documented winning history with TSM in tournament play.

3.) FIREFOX                      (PLUS 105 UNITS).....(16-5)  (went (36-16) this season in college hoops during regular season play.

4.) HUMAN FACTOR         (PLUS  90 UNITS).....((20-10)

5.) PHILADELPHIA JOE    (PLUS  79 UNITS)......  (9-1)     Ex college Div 1 player who knows his hoops.

6.) TOTAL PLEASURE      (PLUS  78 UNITS)......(21-12)    Value and experience on playing totals makes this outfit a threat to bookmakers

This past 2016-17 college regular season another solid performance (63-38) plus #1 on units won with 212.

7.) THE STAT REPORT     (PLUS 78 UNITS)......(22-12)   Longtime solid handicapper who has earned his stripes in the industry. A winner

8.)  THE CALL                    (PLUS  62  UNITS).....(15-8)    Selective and accurate capper, who often is a leader on return on risk agendas.  


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