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        .  NBA PLAYOFFS last 37 releases (29-8) heading into April 18th 2019 play.

  • +576 units over past 6 years in Reg Season NBA
  • +161 units in 2016-17
  • +329 units in NBA totals last 6 years
  • +259 units in NBA sides last 6 years

Historically since 2001 (Bill and Stu Dance) have been providing their backers with solid basketball information.. That said the past two seasons have been disappointing and in 2016-17 the Dance brothers need to regain their winning ways. 2014-15 they lost in both NBA and college to experience their wore handicapping season. Last year (2015-16) they had a solid NBA regular season going (62-41) +170 units but again fell short in the college ranks losing 74 units during the regular season and 61 more in post season play. In 2013-14 they had an excellent campaign. In college basketball during the regular season. (76-52) +175 units and during March Madness (21-10) +97 for an overall mark of (97-62) +272.
Their "February Dominators" won again in 2015 and have been profittable 14 out of 15 seasons.

Notes from Bill and Stu Dance
In NBA we have killed our Games of the Weeks with a lifetime record of [163-85 ATS]! 
On Speciality Basketball releases that are promoted by for us we have been a consistent winner for all our backers:
NCAA Basketball Games of the Month are [38-17 ATS] and [16-6 ATS] on NCAA Basketball Games of the YEAR w/ a perfect [9-0 ATS] on 'THE' College Basketball Game of the YEAR and 'THE' College Basketball Total of the YEAR.
Historical Review of all releases during the month of February
............ "THE" FEBRUARY DOMINATORS" in NCAA play:

2016 (5-2)

2015 (4-8)
2014 (19-13) 
2012 (23-9)
2011 (19-9)
2010 (17-8)
2009 (15-5)
2008 (20-4)
2007 (22-12)
2006 (14-7)
2005 (20-11)
2004 (16-3)
2003 (15-8)
2002 (17-7)

2016 (3-1)

2015  (8-12)
2014 (21-10)
2013 (19-20)
2012 (29-18)
2011 (24-12)
2010 (21-11)
2009 (17-9)
2008 (18-8)
2007 (19-11)
2006 (23-7)
2005 (14-8)
2004 (13-6)
2003 (16-10)
2002 (16-7)
Blue Ribbon had ranked #2 at for NBA unit productivity between (2011 and 2012 and 2013) with 461 units earned for all our followers. In 2013-14 we were (72-52) in 2012-13 (79-54) and in 2011-12 (48-30). That folks is consistency at its "BEST" (199-136)..59% and 49.4 net winners. In 2014 Blue Ribbon bombed with a -206 log, but did bounce back in 2015-16 to go (61-42) +170 unit in reg play, but lost 95 of those units in pos seaon play.
Their NBA Speciality plays have been just as strong in the NBA as college.
In NBA over the past several seasons Bill and Stu Dance have not released many SPECIALITY PLAYS. Coming into 2016-7 the past six seasons have seen only a few released. Piror to 2010 season BLUE RIBBON released 48 SPECIALITY plays.(Speciality Plays are games that carrying the tag of Game of the Year/Month or week. Blue Ribbon's lifetime record on SPECIALITY PLAYS in NBA is an impressive (37-14) 72%. LIFETIME their marks are: GAME OF THE YEAR PLAYS: (11-3) BREAKDOWN: "THE" GAME OF THE YEAR IN NBA (3-1)...GAME OF THE YEAR TOTALS (4-1) DOG PLAY OF THE YEAR (4-1). GAMES OF THE MONTH (17-7) and GAMES OF THE WEEK (8-4).
If you understand gaming and have difficult it is to win in the NBA you have to at least give us a look in 2016-17 when it comes to basketball. Remember that is all we do. "BASKETBALL". In September when everyone is evaluating football teams we are hard at hard preparing for our basketball season. Yes 2014-15 was a disaster and 2015-16 was not our norm but do not count us out in 2016-17. History has sown we still have it.

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