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  • 2021 proved to be an important baseball season for JB. After taking 2020 off due to COVID The PA Connection responded with a solid winning season in 2021. (116-83) plus 284 units. In post season (15-6) plus another 93 units. OVERALL + 377 units.
  • Quoting JB: " Handicapping baseball is a process. I believe I still can manage my bankroll and win consistently year to year. Taking 2020 off enabled me and my staff to evaluate our approach and refine a few things that I know will make it easier to avoid those low spots that hamper successful seasons. Our new relief pitching model created terrific value last season for us in a number of games and we believe that will hold true again in 2022.
  • Dispite several disappointing seasons (2019, 2017 and 2014 The PA Connection has over the past decade still managed to produce an overall plus 850 units for their loyal followers in baseball., 
  • 103-73 +341 units Reg Season MLB in 2018
  • +387 units overall MLB in 2016 
  • +1139 units in overall MLB last 8 years (2005-2013))
  • +952 units on MLB sides 2005-2013
  • +187 units on MLB totals 2005-2013
  • +1130 units on MLB Regular season combined plays 2005-2013




Look for longtime baseball specialist John Bollman to expand his forecasts into basketball for the 2018-2019. He will attack both NBA and College baskets. Joining  John is his son Kevin who will be  in charge of the technical side of the operations and most of the selections. In 2017-2018 on their trail performance to qualify the Bollmans went (57-37) on Top Plays (24-18) in NBA and (33-19) in college  and overall 86-64 for plus combined 209.7 units.. His college overall record was only (39-40) did not meet the qualifying standards but will still be included because his Top Plays did so well.




OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines


The Amazing Summer of 2016

JB's Pennsylvania (PA) Connection in 2016 ran off 22 out of 24 winning weeks in baseball.

Below is a week to week account of his 2016 baseball season. He ran off 16 straight winning weeks at one point in the season.

April 4-10    (7-1) +40.00 units

April 11-17  (5-3) +12.70 units

April 18-24  (6-5) + 8.24 units

April 25-1   (4-4)  + 1.40 units

May  2-8     (5-2)  + 11.25 units

May 9-15    (5-3)  +14.38 units

May 16-22  (9-5) +29.88 units

May 23-29  (8-5) +22.15 units

May 30- 5  (10-11) +4.40 units

June 6-12 (8-7)  +10.00 units

June 13-19 (7-5) +13.24 units

June 20-26 (11-7) +13.11 units

June 27-3  (7-9) +5.90 units

July 4-10  (10-3) +48.10 units

July 11-17 (4-1) +18.30 units

July 18-24  (9-7) +13.65 units

July 25-31  (8-7)  -5.51 units**

Aug 1-7   (11-2)  +53.30 units

Aug 8-14 (6-5)  +3.00 units

Aug 15-21  (8-9) +1.62 units

Aug 23-28 (4-6) -18.45 units

Sept 29-4 (4-4) +9.70 units

Sept 5-11 (8-5) +10.17 units

Sept 12-18 (5-3) +18.92 units

Updated Info below at the end

Now (27-11) lifetime on all MLB Game of the Year releases thru June 2017. JB's PA CONNECTION Is (8-1) on their famous July Game of the Year thru July 2017.
Now (49-29) lifetime on all MLB Game of the Month releases. Is (16-10) on his Dog Game of the Month plays plus 122 units. NL GOM plays are (8-4) and AL GOM plays are (10-7). Total GOM plays are (15-8) thru August  22 2016.
Now (82-51) lifetime on all MLB Game of the Week releases. Is (28-25) on Dog Game of the Weeks . NL GOW are (19-9) and AL GOW are (16-6) and all Totals GOW are now (19-11) thru August 22 2016.

JB despite his poor 2014 season JB still has an overall solid baseball tradition of picking winners. Dating back to the late 1980's John Bollman has produced 29 out of 34 winning seasons. Counting all his plus years and his 5 losing seasons his overall results average over 150 units plus per season.

Look for JB to return to his past winning ways in 2015. Why? He told me he has been drifting away from the basic fundamentals of handicapping baseball the past several seasons because of new computer data he added to his data base. He felt it would improve his numbers. He has sadly incorrect. So it is back to basics in 2015 and the years to follow.  He will do all his capping the old fashion way. (PAPER AND PENCIL). We wish you and JB well on his return to the winner's circle he so often frequented in the 80's and 90's.  

In 2015 JB did what he said he would. He won 225 units with an aggressive style that produced over 270 plays. In 2016 look for a little more conservative approach as JB looks to releases 175 plays and still hit the 150 units plus figure he has averaged over his long career.

He believes 2016 will be just as strong as 2015 and maybe with a little luck even better. He was (8-25) on extra inning games in 2015 .

JB has alerted us that next season ( 2017-18)  his son Kevin will attempt to qualify his handicapping skills in basketball. Kevin has had a longtime interest in baskets and has claimed he has won money betting on both college and the NBA the last four seasons while living in Reno, Nevada.

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