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Look for I. M. Wright to introduce hockey into his sports plan around the end of January. Last year he qualified to be a NHL capper by going (45-30) plus 75 units on his trial submitted selections to

Combined NFL/NCAA

·         468-322 (59%) on all Top Plays last 9 years

          +779 units in combined NCAA/NFL Football last 7 years

·         9 of 10 seasons has had winning Top Play record


·         227-161 (59%) +492 units in combined NCAA football past 6 years

·         36-14 (72%) + 206 units in 2015 NCAA Football

·         Profitable in all categories Regular/Postseason Side/Total/Overall past 6 years

·         6 of 7 Winning NCAA Football seasons


·         6 of 7 Winning seasons in NFL Football

          16-4 +117 units last 2 years Preseason NFL Football

·         30-13 (70%) +158 units in PRESEASON NFL Football last 4 years


·         +288 units in NFL Football last 7 years


  • 5 consecutive winning MLB Seasons
  • +795 units last 5 years in MLB action
  • 5 consecutive 100+ unit winning seasons (+187, +133, +178, +156, +140)
  • +468 units on all MLB sides last 5 years
  • +328 units on all MLB totals last 5 years


  • 174-119 (59%) +420 units in NBA last 6 years
  • +151 units in 2016-17 NBA
  • 77-49 (61%) +222 units on all NBA totals last 6 years
  • 25-12 (68%) +108 units on all Postseason NBA totals last 6 years


OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines


Ian Wright is an ex-Ivy Leaguer who has class and great blood lines for handicapping. His father was an ex-bookmaker and a talented capper in his own right.
“Football is my favorite sport. This is the sport I have always loved and it is the sport that I believe defines who I am. From early August until the final whistle in the Super Bowl all I think about is football. Nobody will out work me." 


"College basketball is probably my clients' favorite sport because of my consistent winning results. Entering 2016-17 I have had 8 out 10 solid winning BB seasons in college hoops. Since 2007 I have had two seasons where I hit only 50% (2015-16 and 2011-12). All others have been very successful.  Entering 2016-17  I have released 728 plays in regular season college hoops and own a solid 60% success rate (441-287).

NBA has also been a steady money producer for us with 9 winning seasons out of 10 during regular season play. In our 10 years in the NBA we have hit a solid 58% (361-160).  Below is our decade of handicapping both college and NBA over the decade we have been with the  Last season was disappointing as we failed to make a profit for the first time in a decade with our NBA plays and overall  it is a tough business so we are not changing anything in 2016-17  Nobody wins every year in this industry   We are confident we will bounce back with our typical positive results in2016-17   Our motto again will be "One game at a time____One week at a time____One month at a time___One season at a time.   I M Wright 


College Hoops History              NBA     History

2016-17.    In progress          2016-17.    In progress

2015-16.    23-23                    2015-16.     24-32

2014-15.    35-18                    2014-15.    32-20  

2013-14     36-23                    2013-14.    15-8 

2012-13     36-25                    2012-13.    26-14    

2011-12     33-32                     2011-12      8-6

2010-11     48-20                     2010-11    38-27

2009-10     58-46                     2009-10.   69-40 

2008-09     60-32                     2008-09    36-32

2007-08     76-43                     2007-08     77-44




In 2012 I.M. WRIGHT has another solid winning season in football. His Top Plays completed his 5th straight lifetime winning season going (67-50) combined in both NFL and NCAA play. He is a solid (212-134) on all Top Plays.
He has had 4 out of 5 years of winning Top Play results in the pros and 5 out of 5 in college ball. He is (127-75) lifetime in NCAA action for over 62%.

NCAA BOWL GAMES: (37-19) the past 4 seasons heading into 2013-2014.

Excellent Game of the Year mark: (5-0) on his BLOW-OUT GAME OF THE YEAR now following Pittsburgh's 10-5 victory as a +110 dog on August 22 2013. Previously in 2012 he had Texas a 4-0 winner on July 15th 2012. These 5 winners have produced a winning margin of 36 runs to 13...WOW!!!!!
(11-1) lifetime on all labeled games of the Year heading into the 2014 MLB season.
In 2012 Ian Wright experimented with a very aggressive model he created in MLB. He used the model in 2011 between August and September and it produced 45 net winners. If believed his plan could revolutionize MLB handicapping. The "GREAT EXPERIMENT" did not work. It failed badly. In 2012 he released nearly 800 plays. His 361-408 mark lost 508 units. A terrible end to what looked to be a promising future in baseball. He discontinue his MLB capping completely. Many wish he could still find those outstanding GOY plays. But for now he has put the bat and pencil down.
"If it works it will be my retirement strategy...if not I will devote all my energies back to football and basketball where I know I can win but it takes so much more time and effort to reach the needed goals.
Personal Note: During the winter of 2011 I.M. WRIGHT expereinced some personal problems. WE hope his 2012 will be a healthier and more satisifying one.
***(12-0) on all NBA game of the Year released on in the NBA.
(5-0) on The NBA GOY and (7-0) on all NBA GOY as he heads into 2013-2014 playoffs.
"THE" NBA GOY releases:
2013: LA Clips -9 (107-94) vs Utah.
2012: Toronto +5.5 (96-79) vs NY
2010: Atla -5 (110-85) vs Milwaukee.
2009 Utah -3.5 (113-87) vs Toronto
2008 Chicago +2 (97-79)

2011-2012 8-6** Stopped due to personal reasons.
2010-2011 38-27
2009-2010 69-40
2008-2009 36-32

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