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The Z Play - Updated 3/22


(THE QUIET  ASSASSIN)....THE Z PLAY the past 6 seasons in baseball has been solid. Rarely has a play but when he does it more than not is an income producer. Back him in 2022 and your odds are high on making a profit.


2021 SIDES 23-24 minus and TOTALS (11-9) plus overall minus 3.55

2020 SIDES (7-4) plus  and TOTALS (14-6)  plus 50.10 plus

2019 SIDES (4-5) minus 7.45 units and TOTALS (10-4) +20.80 units

2018 SIDES (6-3) plus 19.25 units TOTALS (9-4) plus 23 units

2017 SIDES (8-5) plus 9.90 units  TOTALS (10-4) plus 28 units

2016 SIDES (12-4) plus 41.60 units TOTALS (8-9) minus 9,50 units


        .   #1 NBA PLAYOFFS since 2011 Overall: (86-50) 2020: (10-7) 2019: (8-10)  2018: (7-2) 2017: (8-3) 2016: (9-3) 2015: (10-5) 2014: (7-6) 2013: (8-2) 2012:(10-8) 2011 (7-5).

  •  in 18 of last 20 overall NBProfitableA segments. If you consider the regular NBA season 1 season and the NBA Playoffs a second season. The Z Play has had 18 out of 20 winning NBA seasons over the past 10 years. No handicapper can come close to that amazing 8 year string of winning. 
  • All NBA regular and post season selections a solid (61%)  
  • Incredible Consistency - Selective and on the money

Steve has been in the handicapping business since the early 1990s. He has been working in the business under his father, Donn Wagner, since he was a child. His tutelage and degree from Penn State University in Sports Psychology have given him a leg up on the bookmakers. Steve holds many #1 titles in Basketball, Baseball and Football from and prides himself on his ability to be selective and successful.
**He wants to hit 67% in preseason play (Look for only 3 to 8 releases). In NCAA play his goal is 60% (projection 24 to 30 plays) and in the NFL 60% (15 to 20) plays. Bowls 65% (6 to 10) plays and NFL Playoffs 60% (3 to 5).
**2012 Preseason Goal attained as Z Play went (6-1).**
...The Z Play hit his 2012-2013 Total GOY on UL-LAF/East Carolina over to extend his NCAA BOWL GAME OF THE YEAR TOTAL record to a perfect (5-0) lifetime. The Z Play is now (17-5) on all NCAA football GOY lifetime. (IMPRESSIVE). Also an excellent NFL is (12-5) lifetime with his last GOY a loss in 2013-14.
The Z Play in NBA for 2013-14 and thru 2/6/15 is an impressive (22-8) in NBA and (2-0) on his Top Plays.
The Z Play has an excellent lifetime mark of (33-16) on Top Play releases in the NBA regular season action. His best NBA season was in 2007 when he was #1 everywhere with a brillant (74-41) record. NBA regular season GOY (5-2) and regular season GOM (14-7) lifetime thru 2013.
In NBA Playoffs he stands (11-3) on Top Plays when rated a GOM. He is (2-0) on GOY Post season releases coming into the 2012-2013 post season.
The Z Play however is probably best in NCAA baskets. His lifetime overall mark of (61-31) on Top Plays spans 13 productive seasons that have seen him a mass over $60,000 in profits. The Z Play is a veteran capper who never plays unless he has a solid play. This selectivity and patience has enabled him to remain in the industry and retain many, many of his inital clients from the late 90's. Noy many handicappers can say they have been documented for over a decade and still are showing a handsome profit in both NCAA and NBA hoops. Stevie can lay claim to that fact very easily with over $100,000 net still in his pockets.

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