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THE ANALYZER (Sonny Alterio) 3/19


  • +520 units in July alone where he has gone 7 out of 7 winning Julys at (2012-2018) 
  • +1159 units combined MLB last 6 seasons
  • +1080 units combined MLB last 4 seasons
  • +340 units 2018 MLB sides/totals
  • +307 units 2017 MLB sides/totals
  • +251 units 2016 MLB sides/totals
  • +181 units 2015 MLB sides/totals
  • +867 units on all Reg Season MLB plays past 6 seasons
  • 4 consecutive seasons winning over 180 units (+340, +307, +251, +181)

BASKETS BEGIN NOVEMBER 15TH 2018....Finally found a contact that gets great basketball projections. This program should produce a solid 58 to 62% in both NBA and College baskets. In 2017-18 qualifiers for went (45-30) in NBA and (60-35) in college. Top Plays hit (48-24) combined. Did not do post season in either NBA or NCAA. Plan on stopping after regular seasons are completed. Baseball is too important not to conflict our capping time in April.

Sonny will step up his involvement in baskets after February 7th 2019. Quoting Alterio:  "I always wait until this period of time to really get going on my selections. My data only works with conference games so I need a little more time to expand my numbers. I am working on a unique approach for other games but have not implemented it yet. I might introduce it in 2020 if this season goes well. Less or more in the world of gambling for sure."



OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines

THE ANALYZER (Sonny Alterio) 7/17
After a brief return in the fall of 2011 for PRESEASON FOOTBALL,THE ANALYZER resumed full participation with in May of 2012. He has had a long and successful past history of handicapping. Documented by both Sports Watch and The Sports Monitor Inc. back into the 80's and 90's.

Throughout my life I have made my livelihood by analyzing data. I believe with my varied background I will be able to provide and approach to handicapping that will not only produce positive results but also make my clients and followers better sports gamblers. I plan to share unique aspects of the gambling world from time to time with my followers. Two things I can promise you. 1.) Nobody will out work me. 2.) I will not give you a play that I have not already backed up with my own money. Do not perceive me as being "cocky" but just confident in what I do and how I do it. The only way to really be successful at sports handicapping is doing it 24-7. I had to step away from sports for a period of time because I learned the hard way you cannot do sports handicapping without devoting full attention to it. That is exactly what I have committed to since returning to handicapping full time.

The Analyzer made a brief appearance in 2016 football and after passing the pre/reg season he went 3-1 on NFL Postseason for +18 units. 


·         117-86 (58%) +184 units since joining in 2012

·         84-61 (58%) +83 units in Regular Season NFL

·         13-8 (62%) +34 units on PRESEASON NFL sides

·         5-0 on all NFL Games of Month/Week at

·         Has made money for clients in every NFL segment Pre-Reg-Post except 2013 Post since joining

·         His proprietary DATA ANALYTICS have made him one of the most consistent NFL handicappers on our site


·         3 of 4 winning seasons since coming on board

·         8-2 (80%) on NCAA Games of Month/Week last 3 years

·         6-0 on combined NCAA/NFL Games of Month

·         42-30 (58%) +93 units in 2014 NCAA Football


BASEBALL(2013): 80% of all plays involve games where you will be playing dogs or laying 150 or less on a favorite. MLB is all about value-value-value. If a favorite should be a 2 to 1 choice and Vegas has it only 7 to 5 that is value. If Vegas has a team a 135 dog and it should be even money that is value you can not ignore if you understand the game.
The Analyzer returned to full time in May of 2012. The Analyzer has been an outstanding handicapper and award winning capper that has been monitored by both The Sports Monitor Inc and SPORTS WATCH in the past.
MLB:Lifetime Stats: Game of the Year Plays(5-2)...with "THE GAME OF YEAR a perfect (3-0) following the 2013 easy winner on Aug 11 on Atlanta (over).Game of the Month Plays (9-2)
NFL:Lifetime Stats: Game of the Year Plays (8-2)/GOM (4-3)...PRESEASON GOY: (2-0)/ NCAA: GOY (12-4)..GOM (10-5)
NBA:Lifetime Stats: Game of the Year Plays (2-2)/GOM (4-2) NCAA GOY (8-2-1)/ GOM (8-5).
Overall "LIFETIME" Marks: ALL SPORTS STATS: GOY: (36-10-1) 75% GOM: (34-17) with most recent play a loser on KC (MLB) on September 14 2012. Games of the Year (BASEBALL ONLY) "THE GOY (3-0) with most recent on Aug 11 2013 Atlanta over 7 (9 to 4).
Games of the Year (FOOTBALL ONLY): (20-6) with most recent winner on Aug 15 2012 on GB (PRESEASON GOY). 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Historically he never starts his baseball capping until at least 30 days into the season. In 2012 he needed to establish a live data base to project futures from. However in 2013 because of his intense participation in the 2013 exhibition season. (He watched 25 games and in the winter and established a 10 year log of all stat correlations between exhibition performances and April stats; he will attempt to handicap April baseball. He will again rate his selections 2 unit to 10 units. 
He plans to also resume handicapping in

THE ANALZYER has never stopped following the game. Let him prove to you that he still has the touch that will makes the difference in your sports gaming. THE ANALZYER

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