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SIDE ACTION SPORTS since 2013 has had winning NBA and College seasons in hoops and winning football seasons in the NFL and NCAA. In pre-regular-post seasons. If you count pre-reg-post segments as 3 seasons in a sport. SIDE ACTION SPORTS has had 14 out of 15 winning sports seasons. They are again winning in both NBA and NCAA play as they move into the meat of this season`s basketball slate.
(24-5-1)___HUGE PLAY COMING SUNDAY IN THE NFL from `RED HOT` Doc Holiday:_______(24-5-1) in the NFL on his last 30 releases. Doc Holiday looks to add to his numbers this coming Sunday as the NFL Championship Games enfold. Doc Holiday has identified his strongest NFL release in a number of seasons. Do not miss it. COMING SUNDAY after 11:45 am EST.
2018-19 Top 5 College Basketball Handicappers (by Winning %) through Jan 18th. **(Minimum of 14 selection) #1.) Wise Guy (17-5) 77.3%...#2.) Hardball Technology (14-5) 73.7%...#3.) One on One Sports (10-4) 71.4%...#4.) Top Dog Sports (28-12) 70.0%...#5.) The Insiders (18-8) 69.2%. CLICK HERE to view all current College Basketball records thru yesterday`s results.
2018-19 Top 5 NBA Handicappers by Winning Percentage through Jan 18th: **(Minimum of 15 selections) #1.) The Wright Side (13-4) 76.5%...#2.) Mastermind Sports (43-18) 70.5%...#3.) Firefox (47-21) 69.1%...#4.) Wise Guy (20-9) 69.0%...#5.) TW Herri (17-8) 68.0%. (Click here to view all the current NBA records of theswami.com NBA handicappers thru yesterday`s action.)
2018 Top 5 NHL unit leaders through Jan 18, 2019: #1.) Sports Formula Plus (73-35) +292.81 units...#2.) The Professional(Winston DeMonte) (70-37) + 241.47 units...#3.) Brad Diamond (106-69) +74.55 units...#4.) Michael Trapp (57-50) +68.23 units...#5.) The Terrier (45-31) +60.9 units. Click here to view all NHL records thru yesterday`s activity.
FINAL STANDINGS FOR REGULAR SEASON 2018 Top 5 NFL Football Handicappers (by Winning %): #1.) Tom Franklin`s Sportsmasters (13-4) 76.5%...#2.) Predictable Patterns (29-14) 67.4%...#3.) T.W. Herri (15-8) 65.2%...#4.)THE ANALYZER (16-9) 64.0%...#5.) DOC HOLIDAY (37-21) 63.5%...(Handicappers must have 17 or more selections to qualify) (Click here to view all final regular season win/loss records for theswami.com handicappers for NFL 2018.)
FINAL STANDINGS FOR REGULAR SEASON 2018 Top 5 NFL Football Handicappers (UNITS WON) : #1.) 70% Computer Play (47-27) +173.00 units...#2.) DOC HOLIDAY (37-21) +139.00...#3.) #3.) Predictable Patterns (29-14) + 136.00 units...#4.) Advantage Sports (41-25) +135.00 units...#5.) The Grid Zone ( 37-23) + 106.00 units. (To view all Final NFL unit outcome records by theswami.com handicappers for the 2018 NFL season (CLICK HERE).
COLLEGE BASKETBALL continues to be an excellent area to explore if you are looking for winners at theswami.com. (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW CURRENT RECORDS OF THESWAMI.COM HANDICAPPERS as they approach today`s NCAA contests.)
Do you think you have what it takes to be a professional handicapper? We will have 3 to 5 openings for baseball handicappers in 2019. We will be dropping 3 current cappers for lack of performance and two more will be on probation. Give us a call to find out how you too can become an elite member of TheSwami.com. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST (800)553-3483. Ask to speak to Stevie.
((( TRANSPARENCY!!! )))...Why is it that when you visit most handicapping sites, they only emphasize`WHO`S HOT` but fail to show their complete season or historical records? Since 1999, TheSwami.com has posted all wins and losses for each handicapper for each sport in our archives. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT ARCHIVE OF RECORDS)

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