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Still posted. Big Game of the Month. From The Killer Move.
***BASEBALL (HOT) ALERT***(UPDATED JUNE 23rd at 8:30 AM EST________Note worthy performances in baseball as we head into today`s action...THE SOURCE is (16-3) since May 30th...THE KILLER MOVE is (20-8) since June 1st on SIDE PLAYS...TOP DOG SPORTS is (25-14) since May 2nd on its Top Plays and (42-29) in all MLB action...Game Day Pulse is (33-13) on its last 46 releases...DR CRAIGHEAD`s THE HUMAN FACTOR is (19-4) on Top Side Plays...Bo`s Diamond Line is (19-10) on its last 29 MLB releases (All Dog
`BASEBALL DOGS ARE THEY WORTH THE BITE AND FIGHT?` This is the title of Bo`s (OF BO`S DIAMOND LINE) recent MLB article relating to wagering on UNDERDOGS in baseball. Click on article to access it now. BO is (18-8) his last 26 MLB SIDE DOG releases. (RECENTLY POSTED)...Have a winning day everyone.
MLB 2017 Top Unit producers at TheSwami.com through June 22nd: #2.)THE HUMAN FACTOR (67-40) +242.50 units...#1.) THE KILLER MOVE (87-61) +247.75 units...#3.) TOTAL PLEASURE (40-22) +158.0 units...#4.) PREDICTABLE PATTERNS (74-49) +151.88 units...#5.) BO`S DIAMOND LINE (39-30) +144.40 units.
FINAL NBA PLAYOFF STANDINGS 2017 Top 5 Winning Percentage Leaders at THESWAMI.COM thru June 12th: #1.) FIVE-IN-ONE SPORTS (6-1) 85.7%....#2.) ONE ON ONE SPORTS (10-3) 76.9%...#3.) THE CALL (23-7) 76.7%...#4.) KING OF THE COURT (24-8) 75.0%...#5.) THE Z PLAY (9-3) 75.0%.
FINAL NBA PLAYOFF 2017 Top 5 Unit Winners at TheSwami.com thru June 12th: #1.) MONEY MAKERS (26-10) +148.3 units...#2.)KING OF THE COURT (24-8) +144.3 units...#3.) THE CALL (23-7) +142.0 units...#4.) CENTAUR SPORTS (28-14) +125.4 units...#5.) SILKY SULLIVAN (26-13) +122.50 units.
SIDE BAR COMMENT:....CONGRATS TO (FIVE-IN-WON-PRO-SPORTS) for its impressive NHL season. (11-2) post season and (55-19) regular season and a combined overall Top Plays (7-2) and overall plus 218 units won. LESS CAN BE MORE WHEN HANDICAPPING.
FINAL 2017 NHL PLAYOFF STANDINGS for Net Units Won at THESWAMI.COM thru June 11th: #1.) 70% CPU PLAYS (31-12) +190.50 units..#2.) POWER PLAYS (27-11) +163.50 units...#3.)Michael Trapp (38-21) +156.60 units...#4.) FIREFOX (34-17) +149.94 units...#5.) TOP DOG SPORTS (26-12) +140.60 units.
(+595 UNITS)********9 STRAIGHT in the NHL: 70% Computer Play as it concludes the 2017 campaign with a Top Play winner on the 2 time champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Finishing (31-12)in post season play in 2017 plus 190 units. Editor`s Note: Now (126-64) 66% and plus 595 units for the 2016-17 campaign. What a wonderful endorsement for a reliable source of winning information in hockey.

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