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Currently ***15*** MLB handicappers are plus at least 100 units for the season as we move into today`s action. While ***2*** handicappers have presently fallen below 100 units in the negative. Lock onto one of theswami.com`s veteran MLB cappers today and follow him to the ALL-STAR break. Odds are on your side that you will emerge a winner.
WINNER (20-4) WINNER_____PRO ELITE, added a nice win to list growing list of Top Side Play winners as it cashed in on its June Game of the Month on the New York Yankees (+120). PRO ELITE is now (20-4) on all of its Top Side Plays in 2024. Pro Elite has demonstrated great discipline thru the first 2 and one half months of the 2024 baseball season. Entering Wednesday`s MLB play it is an overall (31-13) on all Top Plays and plus over 206 units on its 100 plays to date.
TOP 5 NHL PLAYOFF LEADERS in units won through June 12th: #1.) Net Profits Sports (29-13) +154.8 units...#2.) Pay Day Sports (29-15) +148.6 units...#3.) French Pastry (29-15) +135.1 units...#4.) Firefox (28-16) +124.7 units...#5.) Firefox (28-16) +124.7 units.
TOP 5 NBA PLAYOFF LEADERS in units won through June 12th: #1.) RBI Sports and King of the Court (32-12) +188.0 units...#3.) Joe Dallao`s Sports Report (28-10) +170.0 units...#4.) Courtside Junky (30-13) +162.5 units...#5.) Side Action Sports (26-9) +161.0 units.
TOP 5 MLB LEADERS in units won thru June 12th: #1.) Power Plays (67-34) +248.78 units...#2.) Predictable Patters (47-23) +233.8 units...#3.) Pro Elite Sports (60-38) +214.07 units...#4.) The Analyzer (53-32) +192.6 units...#5.) The Ticket (57-37) +189.0 units.
******THE BEST PLAY IN THE SPORTS BETTING WORLD ? ___Now***((( *49-11* )))***(82%)...Now ***(49-11)*** lifetime at THESWAMI.COM in all sports, when two or more handicappers agree upon a GAME OF THE *YEAR* w/ no GOY`s opposing! On (May 17, 2024) GOLDRIM SPORTS and CHASE DIAMOND both had WINNERS on the Indiana Pacers as their NBA Playoff Game of the Years! Since 2008 these rare situations have proven to be remarkable. Keep your eye out for the next possible quailifer.
[FINAL REG SEASON] TOP 5 NBA LEADERS in units won: #1.) Joe Dallao`s Sports Report (94-41) +485.0 units...#2.) Blue Book Sports (105-56) +432.0 units...#3.) Action Jackson (101-53) +427.0 units...#4.) RBI Sports (99-52) +418.0 units...#5.) Garry Costley`s Coaching Trends (99-52) +408.0 units.
[FINAL] TOP 5 NHL LEADERS in units won through April 18th: #1.) Top Dog Sports (123-63) +585.61 units...#2.) Blue Book Sports (106-68) +334.47 units...#3.) Power Plays (105-72) +278.39 units...#4.) Net Profits Sports (98-58) +273.03 units...#5.) The Professional (71-42) +264.53 units.
((( TRANSPARENCY!!! )))...Why is it that most handicapping sites only emphasize `WHO`S HOT` but fail to show full season or historical records? Since 1999, TheSwami.com has posted all wins and losses for each handicapper in each sport in our archives. (Click HERE for Record Archives)

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