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***(9-0)*** on last 9 Top Play releases and (16-3-2) overall on last 21 selections. Grab one of The Louisville Slugger`s great plans. Available now are new 7 and 30 day and rest of season package deals_____The (9-0) Top Play mark on its last 9 Top Plays will be challenged tonight as Louisville Slugger posts a Top Play. DO NOT MISS IT!!!!
(14-2-1) last 17 releases___Lou Lacerda, ranked among nation`s Top 3 cappers, is smokin` in baseball. This pro gambler is always on the `rightside` of the action with fabulous odds and always a smart play. Become a Lou Lacerda fan by enrolling today and save on his 7 and 30 day programs NOW! (CLICK HERE)
(20-6 on the season)_____So far in 2022 THESWAMI.COM`S STAT OF THE WEEK PLAY from SWAMI XX is (20-6) plus 145 units entering today`s schedule in baseball...LOWEST OFFERING OF THE SEASON...SAVE $200 on this HIGH ROLLER MLB PLAN from Swami XX.
***8*** July MLB SPECIALS posted. CLICK HERE to view
STILL 4 MONTHS OF BASEBALL AHEAD____________Make your move today to enroll for these 4 months with one or more of your favorite baseball handicappers. Enroll for 7 days...30 days...or the rest of the season. All 3 are great opportunities.
(CLICK HERE TO VIEW AVAILABLE MLB PLAYS...Current updated records and unit positions are also visible on this site of each MLB capper posting a `live` play today...Keep checking back as plays are being posted.
TOP 5 MLB LEADERS w/ units won through July 5th: #1.) Stat Tracker Sports (45-21) +244.10 units...#2.) Lou Lacerda (49-31) +204.6 units...#3.) Five-In-One-Sports (72-42) +190.21 units...#4.) Louisville Slugger (64-44) +162.7 units...#5.) Wilson`s Winners (40-23) +151.0 units.
[FINAL] Top 5 NHL PLAYOFF LEADERS w/ units won: #1.) French Pastry (33-12) +211.4 units...#2.) 70% Computer Play (36-16) +208.4 units...#3.) The Ice Man (34-18) +169.85 units...#4.) Silky Sullivan (30-15) +141.72 units...#5.) The `R` Factor (27-13) +130.2 units.
((( TRANSPARENCY!!! )))...Why is it that when you visit most handicapping sites, they only emphasize`WHO`S HOT` but fail to show their complete season or historical records? Since 1999, TheSwami.com has posted all wins and losses for each handicapper for each sport in our archives. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT ARCHIVE OF RECORDS)

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