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NEW POSTINGS...(((LOOK FOR 2ND HALF OF THE SEASON BASEBALL SPECIALS and FOOTBALL EARLY BIRD OFFERS at this site over the next 4 days of the ALL-STAR BREAK...July 16-20.)))...New Specials each day as they appear we will post...NOTE: The Professional (Winston DeMonte) and Gary Power`s POWER PLAYS will again begin handicapping baseball during the second half of the season. Both like to wait until they have 3 months of data to work with before attacking the game.
2018 MLB UNIT LEADERS through July 15 (All Star Break): #1.) THE DIFFERENCE (97-60) +324.92 units...#2.) The Strike Zone (104-67) +323.55 units...#3.) The Analyzer (86-54) +294.31 units...#4.) JB`s PA Connection (93-74) +231.37 units...#5.) Michael Trapp (46-22) +226.78 units.
(THE PROFESSIONAL)...The wait is over. Winston DeMonte has demonstrated in the past how successful his 2ND HALF OF BASEBALL skills are by producing back to back to back outstanding 2nd half seasons. He begins his 2018 MLB on July 20th 2018. Be there with him all the way thru the World Series. (ENROLL TODAY SAVE and BE ready to win!)
(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)-(12)______Total Sports Solutions has led the nation now 12 straight weeks in the very important RETURN ON RISK area of baseball selections and ratings. Since April it has managed to hit over 50% winners with 90% of its selections being underdogs or totals. Enroll in its final 40 days of baseball before the football season begins. TSS MLB season ends 8-31-18.
(WINNER)___+350 HIT ON TIGERS_____WOW Teddy Orr concluded the 1st half of the 2018 baseball season with another powerful (DOGGIE)____This time on DETROIT, a huge underdog. Total Sports Solutions continues for the 12th straight week to lead the nation on (RETURN ON RISK INVESTMENT) for baseball. This area of evaluation is in believed to be the most critical when evaluating a sports service in baseball.
(MLB 2ND HALF SPECIAL)...Louisville Slugger, who has earned over 200 units in the 1st half of the 2018 MLB season, has produced 3 out of 3 winning months so far in 2018. Grab his season remainder (Now thru World Series action) offer today and save $240 plus.
**IMPRESSIVE AND WHY THESWAMI.COM IS THE NATION`S #1 BASEBALL SOURCE FOR WINNING INFORMATION: Currently (((16))) MEMBERS ARE IN THE MLB 100 UNIT PLUS GOLD MLB CLUB____as we head into July 20th baseball action. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT MEMBERS WHO ARE HAVING AN EXCELLENT MLB SEASON).....Join one today if you are not with one currently or add one more to your stable if you have at least member already working for you this summer.
JULY DOMINATORS....Last season these five baseball cappers had excellent July performances: The Difference (15-4) on Top Plays and won 120 units...The Analyzer (26-16) plus 104 units...The Stat Report (18-9) plus 72 units...Rocketman Sports (8-2) on Top Plays and Rod Stickler (THE STICK) (25-10) plus 89 units.
((( TRANSPARENCY!!! )))...Why when you visit most handicapping sites do they emphasize only `WHO`S HOT` but fail to show their complete season records. Also rarely have detailed archived records that reach back 5-10 years like theswami.com? Since 1999, theswami.com has reported the wins and losses of each handicapper it hosts. We know we have done our very BEST to assist our followers in their search for success. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT BASEBALL RECORDS thru yesterday`s action.
Do you think you have what it takes to be a professional handicapper? Give us a call to find out how you can prove yourself worthy enough to become an elite member of TheSwami.com. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST (800)553-3483

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