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Gamblin Gator Sports 7/19

RJ Weaver (THE GAMBLIN GATOR) returned to for football and basketball in 2016-2017. The once owner of Miami Advice and how partner with two ex-coaching assoicates and become part of Gamblin Gator Sports.

His return to football at was a huge success. If you compile all their regular season and post season football selections  GAMBLIN GATOR SPORTS hit 65% (68-36) and was #1 in "WINNING PERCENTAGE" and ranked in the Top 3 overall for units won with over 300. . 


  • 41-24 (63%) +146 units in 2018 NFL Football
  • +260 units last 3 years in NFL Football
  • 33-18 +128 units in 2016 Regular Season NFL
  • 11-6 + 44 units in 2016 NFL Reg Totals
  • 24-13 +92 units in 2016 NFL Reg Season sides


  • 85-56 +214 units in first 2 years at
  • 17-9 +68 units on all Bowl selections 2016 & 17
  • 44-21 (68%) +183 units on all 2016 NCAA selections
  • 28-13 +118 units on 2016 NCAA sides
  • 16-8 +65 units on 2016 NCAA totals
  • 2016 Bowl Selections (11-5)




  • +833 units in NBA Basketball last 6 years
  • +570 units on all NBA side plays last 6 years
  • +639 units on all NBA Reg Season plays last 6 years
  • 6 consecutive winning NBA seasons
  • 2016 - +92 units
  • 2015 - +80 units
  • 2014 - +205 units
  • 2013 - +311 units
  • 2012 - +12 units
  • 2011 - +132 units


Look for RJ to begin posting plays in football the last week of September and in October when the NBA begins. He will also do college baskets once November rolls around..

RJ will post about 3 plays a week in college with 90% of them involving teams from Florida. In the NFL he will post 3 to 5 plays a week. Only his Top Plays will invole  Jacksonville or Miami in the FL.

RJ is (45-20) on selections involving Florida teams lifetime with entering 2017-18. He is a perfect (10-1) entering 2017-18 when he has a play involving two Florida teams playing each other. (5-1) on side plays and (5-0) on totals. When he has a Top Play involving at least one Floridian squad he is (12-4).  In the NFL when releasing a play involving one of the Florida professional squads he is (34-18).  When a total (11-3). and when a Side Play (23-15).. If it is a Top Plays (10-5) on both sides and totals combined.

The domination Gamblin Gator has demonstrated in the NBA for the past 6+ seasons is incredible. This Florida-based sports service by RJ Weaver it has compiled a record of (369-236-4, 61%) or 133 net winners since its conception. This is not a one hit wonder. He has produced net winners in each of the last six seasons for a total of +964.8 units. The record below speaks for itself



2015-16 (63-47) +78 units

2014-15 (70-44)    +205.9 units
2013-14 (76-38-2) +311.80 units
2012-13 (54-48-1) +12.60 units
2011-12 (65-47-1) +132,0 units
2010-11 (50-36) (97-67) +84.4 units
2009-10 (42-16) (42-16) +264.0 units
2008-09 (35-20) (35-20) +160.0 units

Do not ignore his NCAA plays either The skills that make this basketball specialist so special in NBA action translate equally well to the college hardcourt. Last year, his NCAA plays were 84-50-3 for a combined +275.7 units between regular and postseason. His 2013-14 basketball program (NBA/NCAA) combined for a bankroll inflating +587.5 units. Dont miss out on the 2014-15 encore.

Historical Background on RJ Weaver.

Back in the 80's and 90"s this 59 year veteran handicapper ran Miami Advice with two partners. He went out on his own in football in the mid 2000's and released plays as RJ Weaver's Private Plays.

However, in basketball RJ continues his long term partnership with his two partners who also assist in the handicapping responsibilities. 

RJ (GAMBLIN GATOR) said back in June 2016 that he did not expected to be returning to handicapping basketball at He was going to decided to put all of his energies into football for 2017-18.  Are we glad he changed his mind. 

This Florida based sports service has dominated the NBA the past 3+ seasons like no other. Run by Rob Weaver it has compiled a record of (174-97) or 67 net winners since its conception. The Gamblin Gator has made all doubters believers in a very short span of time.
His Top Plays (127-72) are highlighted by his GOM (18-6) mark coming into 2011-2012 and his GOY (10-2) releases.
2010-11 (50-36) (97-67) +84.4 units
2009-10 (42-16) (42-16) +264.0 units
2008-09 (35-20) (35-20) +160.0 units

Do not ignore his NCAA plays either if you enroll with him as they also are excellent dispite a down year in 2010-11. Even with his 77-76 campaign last year his overall NCAA log of 306-212 59.7% refelcts his excellent handicapping skills in college ball.
He is definitely a sleeper and should be placed in your basketball mix for 2011-2012.

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