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Tom Law is back..not since 2015 has LONGBALL SPORTS had a losing regular season in baseball. That folks is consisitent MLB capping. 90% of his lifetime seasonal programs have won money for his extremely loyal backers. What brings them back year after year? For one he wins but more importantly he is a grinder. Releases a lot of plays and he manages to "HIT" his GOW/GOM/GOY with amazing consistency year after year.

After a long run (19 seasons) as's "BEST" baseball handicapper Tom Law of LONGBALL SPORTS suffered through a 3 to 4 year span where he fell short of his normal winning performances. He haulted all baseball operations with and reevaluated his past methodlogy of handicapping. He refreshed his data base with about 10 added variables and did several other things to improve the data he uses to predict MLB outcomes.

. Quoting Law as we had breakfast with him in Naples in February of 2019, The game is not the same as it was. No handicapper can continue to analyze data without adjusting and revamping. I have had a number of wonderful baseball seasons. I am proud of my past accomplishments, but said I am not pleased or satisified with my past 3 or 4 seasons. I can not expect my clients to pay me for losers. That is why I am stepping aside until I believe I can win consistently again for my loyal longtime clients. 

Law returned offically to again 2020  for his 23rd season with us. Tom Law is still currently the lifetime #1 money winner documented by TSM despite a disastrous few seasons 2017-18-19. . In  2016 Law took off to recover from an illness he contracted in 2015. Over his 22 year history of handicapping baseball he has been able to produce 20 out of 22 winning seasons on his Top Plays and has had winning campaigns in 18 out of his 22 seasons with all selections.

Tom Law of LONGBALL SPORTS  owns a remarkable (155-62) + $65,200 or +652 units on his Featured Lifetime "Speciality" Selections (Game of the Week-Month-Year ENTERING September 15 2023 as Law just hit on Milwaukee as his September GOM on the 14th.....LAW IS (55-19) lifetime on his baseball Game of the Year releases. His most recent GOY play was a winner on Milwaukee 7/24/23.


Tom Law's MLB Playoff records are only average however when he steps up with a Game of the Year he is (6-0) lifetime and on all "SPECIALITY PLAYOFF PLAYS" GOY/GOM/GOW he is a lifetime outstanding (18-3) since 2001 when Law began his handicapping career in baseball at

TOM LAW ON HIS FAMOUS (((FIRECRACKER)))...July 3-4 Weekend play is now (16-5) lifetime...Look for #22 to be launched in 2024 campaign over the July 4th extended weekend again. 9 have been underdog plays going (7-2).

Tom Law's lifetime baseball profits exceed over $350,000. That figure is well documented by and The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City and is based upon an average wager of just over $675 for those 22 seasons. His greatest winning season resulted in profits of $93,515 in 2009. That handicapping performance is still regarded to this day as the most successful documented single sports season in the history of handicapping by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City.

Law has earned 35 #1 titles in baseball since being documented by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City. 

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