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Pierro Masci the man with The Winning Touch.

Since 2011 THE WINNING TOUCH in the NFL is an outstanding (8-3) on its NFL Games of the Year. Out of the 11 he is (7-1) regular the regular season. Winning Points is a solid (14-7) on their Games of the Month in the NFL since 2011 also. It is (8-8) on its Games of the Week. All sold at

MOST RECENT GAME OF THE YEAR IN THE NFL was GREEN BAY -3 (40-14) winner vs Tennessee on Dec 27 2020.

(((WHAT A HISTORIC RETURN)))....(9-0) ON September 12th 2020..His old and new clients certainly are saying it was well worth the wait. 

Pierro will return in 2020 for both NFL AND NCAA FOOTBALL. He has a "GREAT" monthly package available now. He historically always dominates September. He ofen is extremely aggressive in both college and NFL if he believes he has an advantage.

His last full time football membership with was in 2014 which saw him go (39-24) plus 125 units in college football. In the NFL he strauggled going (29-32) losing 54 units.

Pierro Masci again stepped aside  from college football regular season play after a solid 2014 campaign. In 2015-16 and , 2016-17 and , 2017-2018, Masci only had spot bowl selections in December 2016. His rationale for not handicapping football during this span of time centers again around the changes and adjustments in starting a new life. His new wife and family. do not afford him the time he once had to be a successful analysis. Quoting Masci, "If I am going to do something I am darn sure I am going to do it right." I analyze sports not for the monitary gains but because I simply enjoy the process. One positive note he shared with us is he has enjoyed watching his son play at a high junior level  hockey in Canada..  He hinted in our last conversation that he would return for the 2020 foottball season. The virus had been terrible but it has afforded him time to reflect and get his life in order. He did have a few spot  plays the last several years.. He has never has stopped watching the game so we believe he will be back sooner than later. There is not a month that goes by in the office that one of his old clients does not call and ask a question about his return..   
Mr Masci  also stopped  doing football in 2009 and 2010 for a different reason The Winning Touch returned to the football fields in 2011 with outstanding results. His 2011 campaign was highlighted by his brilliant NCAA year. He went (26-13) during the regular season and (9-4-1) in the bowls for an overall log of (35-17) 68%.He in NFL he won a small profit going overall (28-25).
He had stopped in 09 and 10 because of the tremendous interest from his client base in hockey. To quote Masci..."My hockey clients were so many and so special that I kind of felt that I was cheating them by not spending 24-7 on the NHL

Piero Masci in 2007 and 2008 had two outstanding seasons handicapping football.
He grabbed an NFL totle and an a NCAA title in his brief two seasons being documented and monitored.

In 2012-2013 he again produced winning results for his loyal followers winning in both NFL and NCAA during the regular seasons. 
 Some past stats:

In 2008-2009 NFL NCAA
Top Overall Top Overall
PRE 4-0 6-0 Reg 5-6 39-40
Regular 38-19 38-19 Bowls 5-6 5-6
Post 6-2 6-2

In 2007-2008 NFL NCAA
Top Overall Top Overall
PRE 3-0 7-2 Reg 30-18 30-18
REGULAR 30-18 30-18 Bowls 1-0 5-3
Post 3-1 3-1

In 2008-2009 EARLY BIRD COLLEGE PLAYS were (3-1)
In 2008-2009 EARLY BIRD NFL PLAYS were (3-2)
In 2007-2008 EARLY BIRD COLLEGE PLAYS were (2-0)
In 2007-2008 EARLY BIRD NFL PLAYS were (3-0)

In 2009-2010 N/A
In 2010-2011 N/A
In 2011-2012 IN PROGRESS


NBA..In our only season recently with in 2010-2011 we went (32-18) for 64%. If you like winning and do not demand a great deal of volume our NBA plays are a perfect fit.

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