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SPORTS FORMULA PLUS    LAST 4 POST SEASONS (26-17) on NCAA side plays and (33-13) on NCAA totals: Overall (59-30) 66% 


2023-24   March Madness  Begins March 21 2024

2022-23   March Madness    (11-5)   Sides (11-5)   Totals     +115 units

2021-22   March Madness     (7-5)    Sides  (13-3)  Totals     +112 units

2020-21   March Madness     (7-7)    Sides  (8-5)    Totals      +18  units

2019-20   March Madness     (1-0)    Sides  (1-0)    Totals      +20  units

2018-19   March Madness     (7-8)    Sides  (4-11)   Totals     -99 units  

2017-18   March Madness   (19-14)  Sides (19-15)  Totals    +28 units 

2016-17   March Madness     (4-0)    Sides   (7-5)    Totals    +55 units




Alex Simi is fast becoming MR BASKETBALL. The past two regular seasons in both NBA and College baskets he has destroyed bookmakers from coast to coast. In 2018-19 and 2017-18 he won over 500 units going (70-43) and (87-50) in NBA. In college baskets he also performed to a high standard by going (59-42) and (45-26) winning an additional 288 units. His 535 in NBA and 288 in the NCAA puts him at PLUS 823 units during the past two regular seasons. DO NOT MISS A BASKET IN 2019-2020.



Alex Simi of Sports Formula Plus has accomplished a number of outstanding handicapping awards in a various number of sports. Alex Simi is an excellent football handicapper in both college and the NFL. He also has several outstanding records in colege basketball. Starting in 2018-19 he will officially begin his career in the   also. His qualifying 2017-18  e tire went 114-74 + 179 unit’s. Let’s hope his performance in 2018 is as successful. PCheck out below some of his current records and past performances in both football and basketball.  His success in college baskets is growing and now his NBA success is catching lots of attentiion.

He owns an outstanding lifetime NCAA football Top Play mark of (91-42)  in college football during regular season play. In 2017 he expanded his horizions and number of plays and the results were amazing. He released 64 Top Plays in college football and went (45-19) to blow all competitors away. He finished the regular season overall (46-24) plus 206 units.

In the NFL entering the second week of December 2017 he is also killing it with a (21-9) Top Play mark and overall results of (28-13) plus 130 units.

Alex Simi of Formula Plus as he heads into 2017-18 college basketball action is he is (15-2) on all of his Speciality Top Plays. (7-1) on Games of the Year (6-1) on Games of the Month and (2-0) on his Games of the Week.  The 12 of his winners have beaten the odds by an average of over 20 points per selection. (SEE BREAKDOWN BELOW)

In 2017-18 he will begin professionally handicapping the NBA also. He beileves the first 6 to 8 weeks of NBA baskets in the sweet spot. Look for a large number of his plays to be released between mid October and mid December 2017. If he experiences the success he epects between Oct-Dec he will apply his second methodology of capping the NBA thru the regular season. He expects to win 200 units in his first season. At this time is has not decided if he will do the NBA Playoffs. He would like to begin charting his football season out and begin the long procress needed to prepare for both college and the NFL in 2018-2019.

Alex has been  involved with college football for 7 seasons 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-16 and 2014-15 and 2005-6 and 2007-8 and 2008-9. This season 2018-19 will mark his 8th season. In basketball 2017-18 will mark his 4th season. He did have one play in 2014-15 .

Alex Simi gained national recognition  in 2008 went wire to wire to finish #1 in money won and in the Top 6 for winning percentage at The Sports Monitor Inc. of Okla City for college football. 
Alex Simi during 2006, 2007 and 2008 was one of the most successful and most popular handicappers at The main reason for his popularity in college football was he was able to accomplish a feat that has never been attained before or after.  Alex Simi in back to back to back football seasons (COLLEGE FOOTBALL) hit 65% or better 3 straight seasons in the same sport. After taking off nearly 5 years from professionally due to family health issues Alex returned to handicapping  and in 2014. 


·     (91-42).........(68%) on all regular season NCAA Football Top Plays thru Dec 4 2017.

·                 (6-1) lifetime on his "THE" NCAA Games of Year

·                 Combined (18-7) on all regular season NCAA Football Games of the Year

                  Documented NCAA Football Lifetime record at is (240-145) 62% entering the 2017-18 bowl season.


    (29-18)..........(62%) on all bowl releases in NCAA Football  entering the 2017-18 bowl season.

                (5-1) lifetime on his BOWL GAME OF THE YEAR           



·         PRESEASON LIFETIME RECORD:  (20-5)  80%....

·         *****In 2014 was   #1 in PRESEASON NFL Football 2014 at of Oklahoma City

          LIFETIME TOP PLAY NFL MARK is (12-3) 80%.



          In early season play in November thru the first weekend in December Alex Simi went (16-8). He was (14-8) on his Top Plays. He will now discontinue handicapping until late in February when he will resume. He believe the BEST value in college baskets is in the first month and during the final month of the season. You can not agrue with his success. So look for him to begin posting plays around the 20th of February 2018.  Simi has developed a new strategy based handicapping sysytem that will be based upon teams playing at least 20 games or more. He plans on doing post season play as well. He will only release Top rated plays in the regular and post seasons using his new data base strategy.  

    NCAA BASKETBALL RECORDS (thru Dec 4 2017)

The remarkable thing about SPORTS FORMULA PLUS  and Alex Simi in college basketball is their outstanding ability to hit their SPECIALITY PLAYS (GOY/GOM/GOW). Entering the 2017-18 college season they are overall  (15-2) . (3-0) on regular season GOYs and  (4-1) on their post season GOYs. Overall (7-1) on all Game of the Year releases in college baskets. They are (6-1) on Games of the Month and (2-0) on Games of the week.

                                      Top Plays      Overall        units        

2017-18 (REG)                (14-8)          (16-8)            +67      

2017-18 (POST)                  *                  *                  *

2016-17 (REG)                 (4-1)            (4-1)             +29

2016-17 (POST)              (7-10)          (7-10)             -40

2015-16  (REG)               (5-0)             (13-12)          +49

2015-16 (POST)             (11-5)            (11-5)            +55

2014-15 (REG)                (1-0)               (1-0)             +10


                                       (42-24)         (52-36)           +170


In his first season (2017) thru Dec 3rd he is an remarkable  (33-13) +184 units. He is (24-7) on his Top Plays. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain a winning advantage as the season unfolds. Look for spot plays throughout the regular season from him.

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