's Stat of the Week Play from SWAMI XX
About's Stat of the Week Play from SWAMI XX

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SWAMI XX, the computer program that is used for this elite sports program, has data that covers over 4 decades. It needs 5 or more independent variables from each sport's data to create  a possible play that might be considered to be an official release for THESWAMI.COM'S STAT OF THE WEEK PLAY FROM SWAMI XX. Depending on the number of positive variables the selection is rated 5, 7, Top 10 unit or Top 10 unit GOW/GOM/GOY release. Each sport has 9 independent variables that pertains to it specifically. The higher number of matches the higher the rating. Below are the results of the past 365 days of action produced by SWAMIXX. 

EDITORS NOTES: Our 2023-24 SWAMIXX program begins Sept 7 2023 and will run through Sept 6 2024. Out of the 365 day program historically it has averaged approximately 1.3 to 1.5 plays a day. This year just completed 583 plays were released to our members. Based upon a rating of $100 a unit their success produced a net profit of 250 units. Below stats will show how those winning results were broken down.


NFL ...Regular season Top Plays (10-3) Overall (21-19) plus 34 units. 

NFL...Playoffs Top Plays (5-2) Overall (5-2) plus 28 units

NFL FOOTBALL OVERALL RESULTS: TOP PLAYS (15-5) and Overall (26-21) plus 62 units. 

NCAA...Regular season Top Plays (19-8) Overall (33-15) plus 133.5 units

NCAA...Bowl Games Top Play (2-1) Overall (5-7) minus 9 units.

NCAA FOOTBALL OVERALL RESULTS: TOP PLAYS (21-9) Overall (38-22) plus 124.5 units

USFL...Regular season Top Plays (6-4)  Overall (6-4) plus 16 units

USFL...Post season Top Plays  (0-1) Overall (1-2) minus 11.5 units

USFL FOOTBALL OVERALL RESULTS TOP PLAYS ( 6-5) Overall (7-6) plus 4.5 units.



NBA...Regular season Top Plays (48-36) Overall (73-58) plus 87.7 units 

NBA...Playoffs Top Plays (11-6) Overall (17-14) plus 25.6 units

NBA OVERALL RESULTS TOP PLAYS (59-42) Overall (90-72) plus 113.3 units

NCAA...Regular season Top Plays ( 37-19) Overall (57-53) plus 19 units

NCAA...Post season Top Plays (14-17)  Overall (17-18) minus 37.5 units

NCAA OVERALL RESULTS TOP PLAYS (51-36) Overall (74-71)  minus 18.5 units 


NHL... Regular season Top Plays (2-2) Overall (15-9) plus 21.3 units

NHL...Playoffs Top Plays (2-3) Overall (2-5) minus 31.4

NHL OVERALL RESULTS TOP PLAYS (4-5) Overall (17-14) minus 10.1 units


MLB...Regular season Top Plays ( 19-19) Overall (75-69) plus 1.0 unit

MLB...Post season Top Plays (0-0) Overall (3-4) minus 8.95

MLB OVERALL RESULTS TOP PLAYS (19-19) Overall (78-73) minus 7.95







The's Stat of the Week Play  began in March  2019....This new concept in sports handicapping  uses sports data and systems compiled since 1998-99 seasons by Donn Wagner, Steve Z and Shawn Kealsey. The new computer program nicknamed SWAMI XX  releases weekly plays in all active sports that website covers. 

NOTE:  SWAMI XX's projections over the past 4 1/2 years have earned  a net profit of over 620 units. Nearly 90% of all the inital investors in this new concept have continued to enrolled in at least one sport's season and nearly 70% two or more sports seasons since 2019.  Currently MLB has been the most successful program in net profits. NHL /NBA/NCAA FB and NCAA BB  all follow suit with at least 113 units earned or a lot more.The only sport SWAMI XX that has been below par has been Pro football where it has lost units in its first 3 seasons, however a "SHARP" (15-5) on Top NFL plays in 2023 has everyone optimistic that the NFL is on track to catch up to all the other successful sports analyzed by SWAMI XX. 


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