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Update 3/18

MLB Recent HIghlights

  • 2016 - +183 units in overall MLB action
  • Last 6 years - +384 units MLB Reg Season 
  • Last 6 years - +427 units MLB Reg Season Side
  • Lifetime (75-26) lifetime on Game of The Week plays

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines

Donn Wagner (The Swami) has been the most consistent documented baseball handicapper since he began his monitored career in 1985. 2012 was his first return to the diamond since he last released a baseball selection back in 2006!!! While he enjoyed his hiatus, it's time for him to return and get back to the sport that made him more money than any other. It's back to baseball!!!
Donn Wagner since 1985 has produced 23 out of 25 winning seasons. His money management techniques and his excellent return of risk ratio over the years have earned him the handle "Smart Money" back in the 90's.
Between 1995 and 2006 Wagner's Grandslam Club won over 16,000 units. That unit production is based upon an adjusted 5 to 10 unit play per selection. Since 1995 his best season produced 265 units. Since 1985 he has averaged 150 net units per season. 2003 and 2013 were his only losing seasons. He lost 25.40 units in 2003 and . His selections historically are 50% sides and 50% totals. He rarely if ever releases a play over a 150 favorite.

IMPORTANT INFO: When Wagner releases a Grandslam Club play and also an Alleghenis Analysis selection on the same team or total they historically have performed extremely well. (45-15) entering 2017 since 1998 and lifetime (140-51) with an average lay price of just under 125.

In 2017 he is (1-0) as he had Atlanta on July 2 and nice dog. So he is now (46-15) since 1998 and (141-51) lifetime when this rare situation develps.

***Since 1985 Donn Wagner has released only now 56 Top rated GRANDSLAM releases during POST SEASON ACTION. He is an outstanding (15-4) on his Favorites now after Pittsburgh's win on Sunday October 6th...(10-5) on his dogs and (17-5) on his totals for an overall mark of (42-14).
THE FINAL RUN.....The last 7 DAYS OF THE REGULAR SEASON Wagner has never lost money for this stretch of time. He has won money the last week of the regular season in baseball 24 straight winning seasons. Entering 2015 Sept 28 thru Oct 4 he is a lifetime (145-46). This is always a nice entry point for new clients looking to be involved with the MLB Playoffs.
Grandslam Rating System:
Donn Wagner is documented by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City (69-32) lifetime on Grandslams rated 8 units or higher thru Oct 1 2015. He is now  (9-1) on Game of the Year releases on totals and overall (16-2) on all 10 unit Game of the Year selections posted since establishing his high roller baseball service back in the mid 80's. His last GS Game of the Year was on August 30th 2015 and over that ended up having 26 runs scored with a total of 7. It was the Atlanta-NY Yankee contest,
Since 1985 Wagner rated his Grandslams 5-10-20. 5 was a 1/2 Grandslam 10 was a Full and 20 was a Double GrandSlam. Starting in 2012 Wagner decided his regular GS would range from 3 to 9 units a play. His 10 units will be his Top Plays. All 10 unit plays have and should be played as (Double) any other play released by Wagner. Less than 3% of his plays will be a Top Play. On and The Sports Monitor Inc. no longer allows a rating higher than 10 so Wagner has choosen to comform with the modern monitoring systems. (Reluctantly hahahahha)
SUPER HUGE for Donn`s FINAL RUN... He has never lost money the last week of the regular season in baseball. 25 straight winning seasons: (140-47) lifetime entering 2015.

Donn Wagner's Historical Documented Unit production based upon the new rating format 1 thru 10 units. (1995-2006). Monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City between 1985 thru 2006.
***Since 1985 Wagner is a documented (41-14) on all Top GRANDSLAM CLUB releases during post season. When the PLAYOFFS are here do not miss one single one of his Top rated GS if he has one. They are "RARE". (1985-2013)...55
2012 (Resumed active baseball handicapping.
2007-2011 Donn Wagner retired from baseball handicapping.
Regular Season Units Post Season Units

2016(++)... +201.82/-18.40

2015(--)      -90.13/-47.62

2014(++)... +187.31/+35.40

2013(--)      -39.81/ +16.35

2012(++) ...123.92/ -26.72
2006++)... +72.0/ +10.5
2005(++)... +145.4/ -31.0
2004(++)... +70.4/ +27.3
2003(--)... -34.4/ + 9.0
2002 (++)...+145.5 /+36.5
2001(++)... +150.2/ +26.0
2000 (++)...+73.1/ +35.7
1999(++)... +148.0/ +29.5
1998 (++)...+197.0/ +56.0
1997(++)... +132.0/ -32.8
1996(++)... +339.2/ -73.2
1995(++)... +126.0/ +21.7
***95% of all plays released between 1995 and 2006 and again in 2012 were 5 units a play.
Above records do not include (1985 thru 1994). In this 10 year span Wagner won each season. Data is being processed to match new 1 to 10 format for earnings.

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