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Jimmy Rogers Moneymakers


Jimmy Rogers heads into 2018 as one of the Hottest handicappers at Coming off a 72-41 (64%) 2014 Jimmy had an UNBELIEVABLE 90-49 (65%) +284 units combined 2015. Jimmy went 47-25 +150 units in NCAA Football (including 30-10 +164 units on NCAA Sides) and 43-24 +134 units in NFL Football. That NFL record included a 5-1 record on specialty GOW/GOY. His 2015 NFL record gives him 2 year NFL record of 83-44 for a bookmaker destroying 65% over a 2 year span. Jimmy cooled off in 2016 with a 13 unit winning season in NCAA football and a losing season in NFL. But he came back stronger than ever in 2017. Jimmy's NCAA and NFL plays combined for an INCREDIBLE 106-51 (68%) +462 units. We are looking for Moneymakers to continue their historical winning ways in 2018. 


  • +462 units on Combined NCAA/NFL Football in 2017
  • +888 units on Combined NCAA/NFL last 5 years
  • 56-26 (68%) +264 units in 2017 NCAA Football
  • 206-142 +422 units last 5 years
  • 128-79 +351 units on all Sides last 5 years
  • 8-3 on all GOY plays last 2 years
  • +426 units last 3 years  NCAA Football


  • 50-25 (67%) +198 units in 2017 NFL
  • 194-125 (61%) + 467 units in NFL last 5 years
  • 42-16 (72%) +235 units in PREASEASON NFL last 5 years
  • 67-36 (65%) +230 units on all TOTAL plays last 5 years
  • Profitable in all categories Side/Total, Preseason, Reg Season, Postseason last 5 years



  • +988 units in last 5 NBA seasons
  • 2 consecutive 300+ unit winning seasons
  • 3 300+ unit winning seasons in last 4 years
  • 172-106 on NBA sides last 5 years
  • 368-244 overall NBA last 5 years


2015-16 (IN PROGRESS)

2014-15 Overall  NCAA/NFL Football Results: (46-33) **(72-41)** (((+138.50)))

2014-15   NFL: Pre (10-1) (11-3) +82.8 units...Regular (13-9) (24-16) +49.1 units...Playoffs (2-1) (5-1) +30.0 units...                                2014-15 NCAA  Reg; (18-18) (28-16) -10.90 units...Bowls (3-4) (4-5) -12.50 units.

What a three run its been for Jimmy Rogers Moneymakers. Since coming onboard at this veteran handicapper has posted three out of three winning basketball seasons on the court. His profits total over 450 units the past three seasons.  In 2012-13 and 2013-14 Rogers won in regular and postseasons in BOTH NCAA and NBA basketball. In 2014-15 he won overall again but this time it was based upon his strong regular college season where he went (58-41) with a (52-34) performance on his Top elite plays. The 134 units he won there over shadowed his sub par NBA mark of (55-54) where he dropped 55.30 units. In college post season he experience his first down turn with a (12-14) slate resulting in a minus 32.70 result. All that said his clients still emerged nearly 50 units on the positive and  now a lifetime plus mark of over 450 units since he began being documented and joined

Quoting Rogers: "I've developed my approach to basketball handicapping over many years and look for a few tried and true angles that have consistently yielded positive results. The great thing about the basketball board is that with the volume of games that are played, you can wait for the situations that you know are positive expectation scenarios. With 300+ college basketball teams in action, we typically don't have to wait long. Basketball season is one of our favorite times of the year and we cant wait for the 2015-16 season to start.

2014-15 Regular season (58-41) +134.00 units                         
2014-15 Post season (11-13) -32,70 units
2013-14 Regular season 70-42-3, +225.00 units
2013-14 Post season 16-8-1, +72.00 units
2012-13 Regular season 39-25-3, +101.60 units
2012-13 Post season 16-11-0, +39.00 units

Jimmy is equally consistent in NBA basketball with a 2-year return in NBA of over 380 units. His yearly breakdown looks like this:
2013-14 NBA Regular Season 68-46-3, +196.90 units
2013-14 NBA Post Season 20-9-0, +101.60 units
2012-13 NBA Regular Season 38-27-2, +80.00 units
2012-13 NBA Post Season 13-12-0, -2.00 units


Since 2006 Jimmy Rogers has shown the world of sports gaming he is a winner. Documented and monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma in baseball and basketball this capper has won individual handicapper awards every season since in business. Also has been with since 2006 in hockey where he has excelled.
Coming into the 2015 season Rogers has produced 8 out of 9 winning seasons. This popular handicapper has a strong following. His goal for 2015 is to win 150 units. In 2013 he finished in's Top 2 by winning a record 400 units. He had 7 winning months of baseball as he went wire to wire being ranked in The Top 3. In 06 and 08 he also was able to win over 400 units, but that was with a Top Play rating of 20 units. Since 2010 all selections are rated 1 thru 10 only. He now rates his plays 3 thru 10. If you are a full season client do not be surprised if he shuts down his MLB service if and when he attains that goal. Heading into 2015 he has indicated that he really wants to spend more time on footbal once October rolls around. If he handicaps post season for baseball after 2014 it will be more on a limited basis.  Rogers wants to devote more time to football and also prepare for basketball. In 2010, following his only losing season, he experimented with a very aggressive style of handicapping, which proved profittable but too demanding for his clients to engage in. Since then he has modified his style and found a consistent pattern he has operated in.(More frequent Top Plays but not an overwhelming amount as in 2010.
Regular Season Stats from 2006 thru 2014

2014 TOP (95-84) 187-178 +1.17 units  Post season (1-0) (12-3) +66.03 units

2013 TOP (44-29) 203-146 +400.19 units Post Season (4-4) (15-13) +5.06 units
2012 TOP (56-42) 115-96 +247.08 units
2011 TOP (25-24) 98-84 +60.11 units
2010 TOP(109-101) 197-167 +220.30 units**
2009 Top (2-3) 111-123 -115.70 units**
2008 TOP (5-1) 136-103 +444.90 units**
2007 TOP (4-1) 97-78 +149.00 units**
2006 TOP (12-6) 100-68 +404.50 units**
** Jimmy Rogers rated his plays before 2011 as Top Plays for 20 units and his regular plays 10 units. In 2011 Rogers adapted his ratings to conform to the new Sports Monitor Inc ratings ranging from 1 to 10 units. Top Plays were 10 units and lesser rated plays ranged from 3 to 7.


(21-7) Lifetime on Games of the Month thru September 2015





JImmy Rogers Moneymakers is, understandably, one of our most popular handicappers and has certainly proven his worth to our clients since his return to


Rogers returned to handicapping foorball in 2013-14 after an abence of several seasons. In 2013 Rogers maintained his previous history of consistency that we've come to expect from him over his long capping career.. Money Makers turned in profitable seasons in regular season NCAA (29-21-1 +17.1 units) and NFL (25-19-3 +28.8 units) for a combined 57% (54-40-3 +45.9 units). His NFL preseason/postseason and NCAA Bowl record was 11-8-1 guessed it.57%. I've worked extremely hard over the years to develop the discipline and sound handicapping principles necessary to be successful. Its extremely rewarding to see all the hours of watching tape and doing homework translate into profitability for my clients.

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