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***20/30 -UNIT “THE PLAY” now 19-1-1 lifetime*** (documented at One of our most treasured accomplishments in the world of football handicapping is our (19-1-1) record on our Top rated 20/30-STAR college football plays. Since 1996 we have only released 20 of these extremely strong selections and we are proud to announce that 18 have resulted in victories against the spread. All 20 have been documented and monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City. Our 20/30-STAR "THE PLAY" is now a perfect (15-0) when it has been released in a bowl game! These have covered the spread by an average of over +12 points per winner. The most recent release captured the roses on Jan 1 2019 in the Rose Bowl. Steve Yerk's staff had the (UNDER) 55 in the Ohio State/Washington clash.

2019 Steve Yerks will return to his old style of handicapping. He will once again release his strongest weekly plays as  Top 10 unit plays. He 1projects that he will have between 5 to10 on these. His return to his old format (1998-2008) will be a welcome change for his old timers and newer clients.  He will  have also selections rated as Games of the Week and Games of the Month along with his famous 30 unit Game of the Year during the regular season and one in the bowl games. It will be interesting to see how Yerks' return to his once more aggressive style pans out. We all wish him well.

Quoting (Steve) :  " Over my 20 years of documented handicapping I have slowly become more and conservative.". I am excited and actually feel refreshed entering into the coming (2019-2020) football season. Going back to old ways will actually be less stressful.  I have a hunch this is going to work out very nicely. Who knows maybe I will capture my 5th College Handicapping Championship in 2019-20. 

THE TROPHY CLUB WON 2010 COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP ...Formerly known as The Heisman Trophy Club, The Trophy Club(Steve Yerks), 2010's documented football champion at both The Sports Monitor Inc of Okla City and Sports Watch in Las Vegas, is the only documented handicapper ever to capture 4 independent college football championships. (2010) (2007) (2004) (2002).·         

(**ALERT**Look for a return of (GAMES OF THE MONTH/GAMES OF THE WEEK ) to my card starting in the Fall of 2018.


Documented History by TSM of Oklahoma City:

Game of the Year "THE PLAY" in college football  (18-1-1)*** lifetime (1998-2018).

Games of the Month in college football (16-4) lifetime (1998-2018).

Games of the Week in college football (33-17) lifetime (1998-2018).

***  The Individual Breakdown of each of The Trophy Club's "THE PLAY" are listed below


Games of the Month in NFL (17-10) since 1998....(10-3) last 13.

Games of the Week in NFL (27-17) since 1998

Games of the Year in NFL  (0-0).


PRESEASON NFL LIFETIME Top rated 10 unit plays (24-12).....last 23 are (18-5) since 1998.

No Preseason Games of the Week/Month/Year.·    


****Listed below is the historical breakdown for "THE PLAY" 


 LIFETIME MARK (19-1-1)...each of the 21 plays documented and monitored by TSM and all of the annual clients since 1985.

 **(19-1-1)    2018-19  "THE PLAY"  WINNER (UNDER 55)  Rose Bowl Game OHIO STATE/WASHINGTON (28-23).

 2017-2018)  No Play qualified to be released

 2016-17   "THE PLAY"   PUSHED  WISCONSIN (-8) vs Western Michigan..................

PASSED...2015-2016....No play  qualified to be released.

**(18-1).... 2014-15 "THE PLAY" WINNER OHIO STATE (+7.5) vs Alabama (42-35).

**(17-1)... 2013-2014 "THE PLAY" WINNER AUBURN(+10.5) vs Florida State (31-34). 

**(16-1)... 2012-2013 "THE PLAY" WINNER NW/MISS ST under 58 (57 PTS). 

PASSED... 2011-2012.....No play qualified to be released.

**(15-1)... 2010-2011."THE PLAY" Winner Nevada/BC under 54 (33 PTS) (20-13).

**(14-1)... 2009-2010 "THE PLAY" Winner Boise State +7 (17-10) vs TCU.

**(13-1)... 2007-2008 "THE PLAY" Winner Fresno St. +5 (40-28) vs Georgia Tech.

(12-1)... 2007-2008 "THE PLAY" Winner VA and GA TECH OVER 40.5 (51 PTS) (28-23). 

**(11-1)... 2006-2007 "THE PLAY" Winner Penn State +4.5 (20-10) vs FL State. 

(10-1)... 2006-2007 "THE PLAY" Loser Arkansas +3 (28-38) vs Florida.

**(10-0)... 2005-2006 "THE PLAY" Winner Tulsa +7 (31-24) over Fresno St. 

(9-0)... 2005-2006 "THE PLAY" Winner Kansas State -2.5 (36-28) over Missouri 

**(8-0)... 2004-2005: "THE PLAY" Winner Arizona State +8 (27-23) over Purdue. 

(7-0)... 2004-2005 "THE PLAY" Winner Arizona State -1 (44-7) over Iowa. 

**(6-0)... 2003-2004: "THE PLAY" Winner Michigan -27 (50-3) over Houston. 

**(5-0)...2001-2002: "THE PLAY" Winner Utah +3.5, 10-6 over USC. 

**(4-0)... 2000-2001: "THE PLAY" Winner Oklahoma + 10, 13-2 over Florida State. 

**(3-0)... 1999-2000: "THE PLAY" Winner Colorado -7.5, 62-28 over Boston College 

**(2-0)... 1998-1999: "THE PLAY" Winner TCU +4.5, 28-14 over East Carolina.

1997-1998: No release. 

**(1-0)... 1996-1997: "THE PLAY" Winner Wisconsin -8, 38-10 over Utah. 


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