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Total Sports Solutions 8/18


·         97-46 (68%) over past 12 preseasons

          18-5 last 2 seasons of Preseason NFL Football

          34-11 (76%) +155 units on Preseason Side plays last 7 years

·         11 of 12 preseasons have produced winning records

·         Last 7 year preseason record of 46-19 (71%) +134 units 

·         Top plays over that span are 23-8


·         40-23 +122 units in 2017 NFL Football

          43-19 +188 units in 2016 NFL Football

          26-11 +119 units on 2016 NFL side plays

          +373 units in NFL Football since 2014

          9-4 on NFL GOY plays last 7 years

           In 2014 TSS posted 27-12 (69%) +120 unit Regular Season

·         2014 overall 38-18 (68%) +156 units

·         Top plays in 2014 NFL went 23-9-1 (72%)


NCAA Football

·         184-111 + 518 units last 4 years NCAA Football

          41-31 +60 units in 2017 NCAA Football

          53-30 (64%) +177 units in 2016 NCAA Football

          56-29 (66%) + 205 units in 2015 NCAA

Combined NCAA/NFL

·         Combined NFL/NCAA Games of Year are 34-16 over last 12 years (7-2 in 2016)

·         Totals Games of Year are combined 16-4 over last 12 years



Total Sports Solution experienced another winning April in 2018. Look for Ted Orr to have spot plays throughout the MLB season in 2018.  If his new data base starts clicking in 2018 he could emerge again as a major force in the baseball handicapping world. Also look for more Top Plays.  . Though it was not an overwhelming success Orr did win money on his early March/April plays for the 11th out of 13 seasons on early action.

ALERT****_________Total Sports Solutions will conclude its 2018 MLB season on August 31 as Orr looks to focus on football soley in September. 

Total Sports Solutions is an excellent early season (March-April) baseball service. Since 2005 TSS has the "BEST" April record of all documented sports services 11 out of 13 successful campaigns in April.  (15-6) in April lifetime on April GOM and GOY plays thru 2017. 2018 look for Orr to return to a full regular season baseball schedule. In recent years Orr has only handicapped baseball professionally in April and the post season.  Orr's winning percentage in baseball will not be impressive however the value and strength of his plays enables him to average now for over a decade in April over 40 plus units every April. That stat includes his two losing Aprils in the 13 year stretch. Look for that strategy to also work for him in 2018 when he returns to handicapping the opening 5 months of baseball.
BASKETBALL...Orr rules from NBA and NCAA in basketball......
What handicapper has won every regular season he has handicapped the NBA? What handicapper in both 2013-14 and 2012-2013 finished either #1 or #2 during the regular season in "Winning Percentage" in NBA? What basketball handicapper captured the #1 winning percentage title in NBA and NCAA combined in 2012-13? Who is this handicapper, who owns 8 straight documented winning seasons in the NBA during the regular season?. He was the 2012-2013 NBA Champion. He and his team have the best combined winning percentage in the NBA regular season play since 2005. His 9 straight winning regular seasons in the NBA is the longest current consecutive streak alive in any sport by any active handicapper monitored and documented. He has been monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc of Oklahoma City and since day one. ANSWER: Ted Orr of Total Sports Solutions
Approaching 2014-2015 Ted Orr is confidently anticipating the beginning of the NBA and NCAA seasons.
Orr has crafted an impressive 8 straight winning regular seasons in the NBA.
That is no small feat my friends. In 2012-13 he was ranked #1 for 12 straight weeks as he produced an impressive (51-29) mark with Top Plays going (5-1). His unit production over the 8 NBA seasons has amassed these figures: From 2013-2014 back to 2005-2006: (121) (157),(101), (42), (22), (111), (118) and (230), (123). All releases since 2005 when Orr began handicapping NBA have been documented and monitored by both The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City and Top Plays in the NBA are (114-69) 60% and Speciality Plays GOW, GOM and GOY are (44-19) 70%.

"THE HOTTEST NCAA CAPPER IN THE LAND... #3 since 2009 and #3 overall since 2006..all documented and monitored in NCAA hoops also.
In 2012-13 Orr had another outstanding season, which saw Orr go (17-8) on Top Plays and produce an overall mark of (86-55) +177 units. In 2013-14 Orr suffered a rare losing college season, but doubled his winnings in NBA to offset his college performance to finish with another overall successful basketball season for his backers.

Ted Orr has steadily developed into one of the's most popular basketball handicapper. He has done this because his rates are affordable and he picks winners. He has produced 5 out of 6 winning seasons in college and 8 straight in NBA since he started handicapping hoops.2011-2010-2009-2008-2007-2006 all victorious campaigns. His overall resume in college hoops is an impressive one.
Regular action Post season action Overall
2013-2014 (19-16) (93-94) (6-3) (16-19) (25-19)(109-113) -87.00 units
2012-2013 (17-8) (86-55) (1-2) (14-23) (18-10)(100-78) +108.80 units
2011-2012 (3-3) (40-24) (2-1) (20-6) (5-4) (60-30) +155.40 units
2010-2011 (10-1) (75-56) (3-1) (18-16) (13-2) (93-72) +123.00 units

Since 2006 (91-62) (637-472) (20-12) (144-132) (114-69) (782-604) +1,141.90 units= +100,141 if wagers are 100 per unit. (3 to 10) units are his ratings...definitely an impressive history in hoops.

Ted Orr's 2013 preseason football history continued its winning ways this past season as he went (5-2). Documented and monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City since 2006, he is now (70-40) mark and 7 of 8 winning seasons. Orr's Top Play record is now a documented (14-7) in preseason action. His 14 winners have beaten the spread by an average of 13 points over the spread. His 7 losers have all been within 6 points or less of being another winner.
NCAA/NFL football Games of the Year: (23-7) overall. Now an amazing (11-1) on their GOY Totals following an easy winner in last season's SUPER BOWL..Baltimore over 48 a laugher.
TSS's lifetime football stats entering 2013 have them at (115-88) on Top Plays and overall (536-458) as documented by TSM of Okla City. TSS's in 2013 had another solid season in college going (32-18) and hitting his Top plays at a (11-6) clip.

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