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QUESTION: Why only 4 releases in 2011-2012 when there were 21 last season? The answer is simply the information and line required to release the 2 MINUTE WARNING did not happen. Still all systems are "GO" nothing has been altered or changed for 2012-2013.
In 2011 our sources ability to next a huge jump on Vegas in Septemebr did not materialize. As the season progresses often the line tightens. Hopefully there will be a return to the 2010-2011 pattern but only time and information will tell.

(25-7)...THE 2 MINUTE WARNING OVERALL LIFE MARK IN FOOTBALL IS AN EYE POPPING (25-7). After monitoring The 2 Minute Warning releases in 2009-2010 , Donn Wagner decided last season to sell these late breaking information plays, on a pay after you win basis. In 2009-2010 they went (12-4) but were not sold or marketed. They also went (3-0) during the PRE SEASON of 2011.
However as of Sept 1 2010 they were SOLD and and marketed. In 2010 they excelled beyond all expectations and finished (19-2).
Because The 2 Minute Warning release is only received by us literally minutes before the start of the game , Wagner opted to alter his longtime (NO CALL POLICY) by calling all clients who agreed to the terms of receiving this play.

ATTENTION:2016 will be the year that this amazing football program will be in operation again. Keep an eye on scroller for details on its return. The key elemnts that made this work are close to being in place again.

The 2 MINUTE WARNING is for sophisticated/professional bettors only who have sufficient bankrolls to justify the cost of the service. Please make sure you have the necessary bankroll, money management skills, discipline, time, and betting outs to successfully utilize the 2 MINUTE WARNING. Past results are no guarantee of future results.

In 2010-2011 this program became one of our most popular and successful football programs ever offered. Despite the inconvenience of having only minutes to get down on the play the fact that it was guaranteed and hit such a high percentage of winners made it work. The fact it was released so late also resulted in little or no line movement.
Who determines The 2-MINUTE WARNING PLAY?

Once again this season (2012-2013) The 2 Minute Warning will be offered. The terms will be identical to 2010-2011. If you were involved last season your name is being held in reserve again for 2012-2013. All you will need to do is call and activate your situation and keep our payment requirements. If you did not participate last season but may be interested this season call us at 1-800-466-1682. Inquire to see if this program's structure and cost will fit your personal life style and needs.

In 2010-2011 this special program out performed all expectations in football by going (19-2). Many of these plays were released 2 to 5 minutes before the game actually kicked off. EDITOR'S NOTE: They were also (3-0) in Preseason 2010 but those 3 plays were not sold or marketed. They were released on the FREE PICK VICTORY LINE (714) 228-6200. They are not counted in record. NO FUTURE 2 MINUTE WARNING PLAYS will ever deal with games played during PRESEASON action.

Below are the official 22 releases that THE 2 MINUTE WARNING released last season ( 2010-2011) and this season (2011-2012) by

2011-2012 LOG
Nov 27....Indy (+3.5) 19-27 LOSER NFL
Oct 28....MISSOURI (+10) 38-31 WINNER NCAA
Sept 10...MICH STATE (under 51) 44-0 WINNER NCAA
Oct 1...KENTUCKY (+29.5) 7-35 WINNER NCAA

2010-2011 LOG
Sept 4... OREGON(-36.5) 72-0 WINNER NCAA
Sept 9...TEMPLE (under 47) 13-10 WINNER NCAA
Sept 11. USC (under) 53 17-14 WINNER NCAA
Sept 11. LSU (under) 46 27-3 WINNER NCAA
Sept 12. Seattle +3 31-6 WINNER NFL
Sept 18. VIT (over) 60 49-27 WINNER NCAA
Sept 19. Cleve (under) 38 16-14 WINNER NFL
Sept 19. Atlanta -7 41-7 WINNER NFL
Sept 24. BC (under) 46 19-0 WINNER NCAA
Oct 7..NEB (under) 47 48-13 LOSER NCAA
Oct 9..Wisconsin (o) 58.5 41-23 WINNER NCAA
Oct 10. AZ (over) 46 30-20 WINNER NFL
Oct 16. Missouri (o) 57 30-9 LOSER NCAA
Oct 17. Minnesota (o) 44 24-21 WINNER NFL
Oct 24. Carolina +2.5 23-20 WINNER NFL
Oct 31. San Diego -6 33-25 WINNER NFL
Nov 6. Texas A&M +5 33-19 WINNER NCAA
Dec 22. Boise St (u) 58 26-3 WINNER NCAA
Dec 26. Chicago -3 38-34 WINNER NFL
Jan 1 Florida -6.5 37-24 WINNER NCAA
Jan 2 Houston -5 34-17 WINNER NFL
***(THE GUARANTEED 2 MINUTE WARNING PROGRAM WILL BE RESUME WHEN NCAA/NFL FOOTBALL BEGINS IN EARLY SEPTEMBER. (NO NFL PRE-SEASON GAMES)..IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY $300 if it wins and are a 2 dime player or higher this program THE 2 MINUTE WARNING could be a perfect match.) Call 1-800-466-1682 and see if you qualify to get your name put on the official alert list.

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