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SPORTS SCOOP ...known for his notorious winning streaks in gaming. When he is "HOT" he is unbeatable.

Scoop has  completed his doctorate work. In 2019-20  he asked to be placed on  leave until the 2023-24.(((He is back)))

He is scheduled to begin again in late February 2023 with college baskets only Then in the Fall with football season We wish him well on completing  his studies. Also Congrats to Scoop and Mia on their new addition Carley Addison .

Robert "Scoop" Davis is one of the youngest handicapper on site.  Do not be fooled by his tender age. He was just a junior in college when he contacted us and began e-mailing us plays to prove his abilities at picking winners.

In someways he is too innocent to realize what he is up against. He has had 5 winning streaks in different sports that have eclipsed 10 games. He also has had several others in the 6 to 7 game range. His longest is 12 games in baseball.

Folks that is pure skill and luck in a marriage that can make any gambler or handicapper envious.  

He  credits his success to listening and watching. He always knows who is out and who is on this game and that. The nickname "Scoop" fits like a glove. Since joining in 2011, Scoop Davis has compiled an impressive combined Football record of +1044 total units, including +422 units in 2017. I can tell you that this man lives, eats, and breathes football. He is tuned in and that focus has led to success for our clients. Pay special attention to his Regular Season NCAA and NFL plays. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: To be honest and add perspective to this mini bio Scoop has also had a few bad runs in his time with also. He has had 3 losing streaks of 7, 6 and 9 games also. One 2 week stretch he went 3-17. It happens but we felt we needed to include this information also. As we all know it is still gambling.

Combined NFL/NCAA

  • +1044 units in Combined NFL/NCAA action last 7 years
  • +422 units in Combined NFL/NCAA in 2017
  • +375 units in Combined NFL/NCAA in 2015



  • 56-23 (71%) +279 units in 2017 NFL
  • 61-24 (72%) on combined NFL in 2015
  • 71-39 (65%) +235 units on PRESEASON NFL last 7 years
  • 46-22 (68%) +195 units on PRESEASON NFL sides last 7 years
  • 20-5 +118 units on all NFL POSTSEASON Side Plays last 7 years (7-0 last 2 years)
  • 32-15 on all NFL POSTSEASON selections


  • 276-212 +367 units in NCAA Football last 7 years
  • +231 units in NCAA Regular Season Football last 7  years
  • 41-24 +143 units in 2017 NCAA
  • Profitable in all NCAA Categories last 7 yrs Side/Total/Reg/Bowl
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