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Owned an operated by Donn Wagner Alleghenies Analysis' one claim to fame is its ability to hit its Top Plays in football. Entering the 2019-2020 season Wagner owns an impressive (79-34) lifetime mark on his highest rated college and NFL plays. Because he has many qualifying variables that must be meant to generate a Top football play he often will have only one or two of these plays the entire football season. As a matter of fact more than not he will not release a Top Play the entire season. When asked about his Wagner defended this situation.

"It has taken me a lifetime to create this record in football. I do not want to release a Top Play just to make money. Many services who release Top Plays and advertise them weeks in advance have no idea who they are going to release. I know this for a fact. You would be shocked to know who some of these services are. That is not how I operate. My Top Play may lose, because there are no locks or sure things, but I am always confident and never second guess my decision when I go with a Top Play. My long time loyal clients understand this. Another reason I have not had a Top Play during certain football seasons is because I was not having a winning season. I have never released A Top Play in football over my documented 40 years when I have behind experencing a losing season. I do not want my backers to chase no matter how much I may like a play.  I am also not accustomed to putting myself into a very high pressure situation. I believe that stress only clouds the waters when you are trying to think straight. When I step out with a Top Play I want to be relaxed and calm. I want the least amount of pressure possible. This pattern of behavior has worked well for me and I would recommend it to everyone who is trying to make a living at handicapping."

(135-63) "68%" on Top Plays documented between (1985-  August 2019) with the most recent Top 10 unit winner being WASH/WASH ST under 50.5 on Nov 23 2018 in college handicapper documented over 20 years can touch that percentages or consistency. Also Alleghenies Analysis between 2011-2014 was the #1 documented college football service for winning percentages on its SIDE PLAYS.. (79-43) 65.6%, (25-12) in 2014, (19-13) in 2013, (18-11) in 2012 and (17-7) in 2011,

Donn 'The Swami' Wagner - Resides in State College, PA, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. He made his first wager at the early age of 12 and has not looked back since. Donn's resume is of the elite. Has owned and operated his sports service since the early 1970s.He has been documented for over 37 years in all sports. He began being monitored and documented by Mike McCusker in 1976. His documentation continued as The AADDS was established in 1980. In 1985 he added both The Sports Monitor Inc of Oklahoma City and Sports Watch. He has, and will continue to be an innovator in the industry, observing what everyone else is looking at but seeing what no one else is seeing. That is how Donn has always stayed one step ahead of the bookmakers and competitors.
He has proven his versatility by winning for his clients in football, basketball, baseball, hockey and horse racing. No other monitored handicapper in the history of sports has been able to match his diverse handicapping style and ability in so many sports desciplines.
(47-17)...On June 11 2014 Donn `THE SWAMI` Wagner extended his impressive Alleghenies Analysis all-sports 10 unit Game of the Month lifetime marks as AZ STATE won  giving Wagner another GOM winner. He is now (31-9) in all sports on these high powered 10 units releases thru July 2017 since 1995 and is (47-17) since 1985 when labeling a play as a 10-star Game of the Month or Year. All Top 10-stars in all sports are documented and monitored at (134-63) thru the completion of all sports action on August 1 2017.
Alleghenies Analysis owned and operated by Donn Wagner's Top Plays are a documented lifetime (79-34)...(12-1) on his College Game of the Year and (12-3) on his Bowl Game of the Year. (7-0) on his NFL GOY releases during the regular season and (4-2) in Playoffs. (Spanning between 1985-86 and 2013-14).***This was the finest Top Play Documented record of any handicapper in football. It  is not uncommon for him to span the entire football season and "not" have a Top Play.
In NFL football since 1994 Wagner is (4-2) on Top rated 10 units NFL PRESEASON selections, (19-4) on NFL regular season selections and (3-2) in post season.
***(EARLY BIRD HISTORY)****Since 1995 on his NCAA EARLY BIRD releases he is documented by The Sports Monitor Inc. at (32-14) thru 2016-2017. In NFL he is (7-3) since 1995 on his EARLY BIRD calls. These plays are not rated as Top Plays but are considered a very strong selections. Top Plays being 5-stars or 10 unit plays, his Early Birds are 4-star 9 unit plays on his website.




Documented and monitored at 67% (181-89) on Games of the Week since 1985 as he enters the 2017 baseball season.

GOM are (90-42) lifetime with an average lay of 110 and Games of the Year are (32-11) with an average laY PRICE 125.

When Wagner has an official Alleghenies baseball play and it is also a quakifier for his Donn Wagner Grandslam Club plays this double punch selection is a powerful  (141-51) thru July 2 2017. It is (46-15) since 1998. The last qualifer was Atlanta a winner on 7/2/2017.


LIFETIME:  (1985-2017)    Top 10 unit Plays: (50-22)   SIDE PLAYS (29-8)

                                                                                   TOTAL PLAYS (21-14)

______________________________                          OVERALL     (50-22) thru 2017______________________

Entering 2017-18 Alleghenies Analysis is a documented (10-4) since 2013 on its Top 10 unit regular season NCAA Top 10 unit plays. It is (19-5) on its Top 10 unit SIDE plays in college basketball dating back to 2003. If you go back to their inital season that was documented in 1985 you will discover that Donn Wagner has had only 37 Top 10 units plays on SIDE plays and he is an exceellent (29-8). If you include his totals that were rated as 10 unit plays he is (50-22). The most recent Top 10 unit  SIDE PLAY release was on Feb winner was on Feb 25 2017 on Miami (FL) +1 an 55-50 upset winner over Duke. His last Top rated 10 unit Total was on March 5th 2017 on Northwestern (under) another.

Wagner quote:

"If I had only 6 weeks to bet all year I would start Feb 15 thru the end of March"
Since 1985 I have won 60% of all the money I have won during this time frame. In 29 previous 6 week spans (Feb 15-March 31) I have won 26 out of 29 times...many sufficient in profits. Save you money and sign up on or before February ends and cheer us both in for another successful campaign.
Wagner is an impressive (11-2) on his Top 10-unit plays lifetime when he has an Alleghenies Analysis play involving Penn State. He is also a lifetime (24-7) on his 10-unit plays when identified as a Game of the Year or Month in college hoops (SIDE or TOTAL) entering the 2017-2018 basketball season. Wagner was (5-2) in 2016-17 on his Top 10 unit college releases in both regular and post season.


Since 1985 Alleghenies Analysis is (267-161) in NCAA action involving The Sweet 16/Elite 8 and Final 4 games. On SIDE PLAY (163-94) and Totals (104-67). That is 133 net winners alone just during this stretch of games.  He is a lifetime 224 winners on the plus in college entering the 2016 regular season, excluding post season play.

Regular Season: 1985-86, 1990-1991, 1993-1994,2001-2002 and. 2015-16
Playoffs 1995-1996, 2001-2002 and 2007-2008.
Top Plays have always been a strong suit for Wagner in all sports and basketball is no exception. Off of his most recent (3-1) performance in 2013-14 Wagner is a documented (29-9) on his last 38 Top rated NBA plays in regular season action. Coupled with his playoffs stats, nobody in the NBA handicapping circles can match these stats.
In the NBA Playoffs Wagner is a lifetime (20-2). That is correct since 1985 his Top rated 10 unit plays are (20-2). His most recent winner was on SA on May 4 2014. That is only 22 Top plays over a documented 29 seasons. Another awesome stat is the 22 winners now average a whopping +14.7 points over and above the Vegas line when they win, while the only two losses have come by 2 and 4 points to the spread.
Donn Wagner is documented (55-27) lifetime on his Super Bowl releases coming into his 2014-2015 prediction.
(28-16) on his side plays
(27-11) on his total plays
(9-2) lifetime on his 'Top' Super-Bowl Plays

In the NBA PLAYOFFS over this same span of time (2003-2014) his Top Plays are a documented (9-0). That is what seperates him from his competitors over the past decade.
Alleghenies Analysis under the direction of Donn Wagner will return to the ice for 2014-15 after a very successful inital full season of handicapping hockey in 2013-14..
Wagner has shown a talent for picking NHL games. Check his record out.
2013-14 2-1 62-34 +130.68

2013-2014 1-1 21-15 -36.85
2012-2013 1-0 40-20 +101.0
2008-2009 1-0 14-6 + 8.6
2007-2008 0-0 15-5 +11.8
2006-2007 0-0 8-3 +5.6
2005-2006 0-0 3-1 +2.7
_*** units based upon 1 unit per regular play and 2 units for a Top Play.____________________________________________
OVERALL 5-2 163-84 +226.80

Donn Wagner  owns the most incredible record in all of horse racing circles. He and his many, many followers made money on his Travers Wagering Strategy program for The Travers 26 meets in a row. It sounds impossible and we all know that but folks it is a dream that continues year to year now. In 2014 he hit his 26th STRAIGHT IN THE TRAVERS at Saratoga as he had V E DAY at 20 to 1 LONGSHOT. He had V E DAY on the nose. $41 for every $2 he recommended. The Travers is run the last Saturday in August at Saratoga NY Wagner has a JOCKEY CLUB where he will analyze the Triple Crown (Derby-Preakness-Belmont) and The Travers. He like so few decided in 2016 to retire from officially analyzing horse races for his clients. Quoting "THE SWAMI".....I personally do not feel I can top what just happened in 2015. I am content to pass the torch on to other handicappers. When I coached in high school back in 1976 I retired after winning the PIAA state championship and I have the same feeling now. It has been an amazing run and I want to keep this feeling for a long time. I want to personally thank all my backers and followers and I wish them well going forth. Handicapping horse racing is a very time consuming task but it can be so rewarding. I hope in the coming years to train my son Steve Z to analyze the races similar to the way I have over the years. But knowing my boy he will have his own style and will look at what I have in the past but will do his own thing. That is what life is all about. Being yourself ad finding your own stride in life on whatevr path you take.  Donn Wagner.

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