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James "SLICK"  Skyler, out of 11 candidates over the 2020-2021 basketball season was the only one to qualify to become an official NBA and College handicapper for Skyler attained this status by hitting a solid (74-54) in the NBA and (85-63) in College baskets. Rating all his plays the same he completed his inital trial campaign with an impressive plus 30.3 net winners. If you were a $300 player you would have won a little over $9000.

Quoting Skyler: " I have followed and watched a ton of cappers over the years and it seems to me the most important thing in gambling is picking winners. (Consistent winners). Too often because of all the hype and BS Games of the Year/Decade and so on get in the way of the simple basic search for winners. We at NET PROFITS SPORTS look for qualified selections that meet our criteria and go with them. No hype no promotions. 3 winners and 2 losers for the week you know you have won 0.8 units. If you play all plays for 5 units (5.5 to win 5) you would have won 15 units and lost 11 for a 4.0 unit positive return.10 units double that to 8.0 net units. Our clients have shared with us many times how this is the most comfortable way they like to operate. Sure it may be more exciting to play two or three three your norm play on a game now and then but if the outcomes do not warrant the increase, why risk two or three winners and all  the stress. "

Skyler will begin when the NBA 2021-2022 season begins in mid October 2021. He also intends to be part of's 2022 MLB program  in April of 2022.

Ratings: All BB plays will be rated 10 units in NBA and College.  In baseball all plays will be graded as 5 units. 5 units either to win the bonus or to juoice to win 5 units. NPS will never lay more than 2 to 1 on any MLB game.

NHL: Look for "SLICK" to begin selling his NHL plays in 2022. In 2021 he qualified by going (44-27) on his Top Plays and overall (71-51) for a net profit of 67 units. He lays huge numbers and takes huge dogs too. He plays totals also. Half of his trail plays in 2021 were totals going (36-28). Sides were (35-23). GOM were (4-1) and his Game of the Years were (2-0). March 21 he had Nashville a (6-3) victor and on May 4 he had Tampa Bay/Toronto (over) 6-3 final a winner over 6.5.

FOOTBALL: In 2022-23 Net Winners will be handicapping NCAA football during the bowl games at  They qualified to do the entire college season opted to only do the bowl games. They did not qualify for the NFL. On their bowl games they only had 7 releases but were able to correctly identify 5 ATS winners. All were rated Top Plays. They did not have a bowl game rated any higher than a 10 unit Top Play. No GOW/GOM/GOY plays.

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