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Mark Reese will do NCAA basketball again this March 2024. He did it in 2023 and had great success waiting until the teams had played several games in the tournament before venturing in. In 2024 he has indicated he might alter his approach and actually begin the week of conference tournaments. He believes he has an approach that will be profitable also. After the completion of the tourney Conference games he will again wait until the Sweet 16 round begins  before commencing with his handicapping for the Sweet 16/Elite 8 and Final 4 contests. It will be interesting to follow him.

In 2023's March Madness tournament SPORTS DIMENSIONS went (10-3) with 9 of the plays being rated Top 10 unit ones. Out of those 5 were "SPECIALITY PLAYS" GOW/GOM/GOY that went (4-1). He finished #1 at for winning percentages. 

Last year Reese believed he had a sysytem that would produce 3 to 5 net winners in the NCAA tournament. THESWAMI.COM monitored his plays in 2022 and they went (5-2) hitting all 3 Top Plays. He proved to be correct as he went (10-3) comfortabily winning 6.7 net winners. Let's see if he can back that up with some more winners in 2024. He wants us to use one of his official daily plays as a FREE PICK in March. He releases his plays often an hour before tip off. In 2022 he had 7 qualifiers and went (5-2) hitting all 3 of his Top Plays. Let's see if he can back that up with some winners in 2024. One thing about Reese he is certainly an interesting guy. I do not think there is a subject you can bring up that he doesn't know something about. Well there is one. He actually admits to it too. WOMEN  hahahhaha..Mark has been divorced three times.


#1 in college football.  (51-22) plus 252 units.  Usually an excellent September college football handicapper. In 2019 went 14-2-2 on his first 18 selections in the NCAA.  Won money in the NFL also in both regular and post season play. No fluke this man is impressive in every way. Cliams he handicaps 12 to 14 hours when each season is beginning. Can not argue with his last performance.

 2017 Sports Dimensions opened its doors to football and basketball. We believe Mark Reese will prove to be an asset to our visitors. His trail selections have been profittable and selective. That is never a bad combination. Follow this Georgia Tech grad  and see if he is able to prove us right.

This California based operation is comprised of one man, Mark Reese. This one-time enigineer has taken his math skills and developed a data base with stats that are certainly unique to the industry. He handicaps college football using a yard per play formula based upon opponents strength of schedule and big play stats. He handicaps NFL football from a formula he created in 2014. He weighs much of his predictions upon a team's ability to score and defend the pass. Rushing stats are only applied when line is over 14 points. In his initial  venture into beating the odds he went (5-1) in Preseason with no Top Plays and in the regular season (36-22) overall and (3-2) on Top Plays in 2014 in the NFL.He  had only two plays in post season both losers.  In 2015 he applied his formula to college football and went only (27-27), but did hit (5 of his 6 Top Plays. He went (4-1) all Top Plays in the bowl games. In 2016 he was wait listed in football at and elected not to be monitored. His NFL record in 2016 was (4-2) in preseason with no Top Plays and during the regular season (33-22). His post season NFL mark was (2-1).  In 2016 he did baskets on a limited basis. In college Sports Dimensions went (24-16) with Top Plays (5-2). In NBA (32-22) with Top Plays (2-2).

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