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NBA...2021 was our first losing NBA saeson out of 5 . We won during the Playoffs but struggled throughout  the regular season 2021-22.

In 2017 we captured the winning percentage title with a very select approach and in 2018 we finished #1 on net winners and units earned. In 2020 we finished #2 in both areas also.

Past records below are outdated but will be upgraded soon.

MLB - Centaur Sports 1st year of Baseball at TheSwami.com was exactly what we have come to expect from this successful outfit. They stormed on to the scene in their first year with a 200+ unit winning Baseball season. Here are some highlights:

  • +88 units on all Side Plays
  • 49-32 (61%) +113 units on all Total Plays
  • 13-5 (72%) +85 units on all Postseason Plays
  • 9-5 on all Game of Week plays

CENTAUR SPORTS in its initial  football and basketball seasons (2016-2017) with theswami.com received  the attention of many serious players. Starting out in football with just a hand full of followers Ray Mathews has now in just one year put CENTAUR SPORTS in the Top 10 for  hits on the web and in the Top 5 in winning percentages for both sports for the year. Once strictly a football sports service Mathews since January 24th 2017. has branched out into the world of basketball with a powerful thrust, He won over 200 units in football and over 200 units in basketball in 2016-17. Over those 2 seasons he has won a total of 315 units in NCAAF and 70 units in NFL for a combined total of +385 units. A feat many competitors are envious of for sure. 

CENTAUR SPORTS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF RAY MATHEWS  WILL AGAIN DO BASKETBALL FOR THE 2018-19  SEASON . It will open its doors in November for 6 weeks.If it does well will  reopen on January 24 2019 as it done the past several seasons. CENTAUR looks forward to another successful season with its ever growing client base. 


SPECIAL NOTE: CENTAUR SPORTS will offer a limited 90 day MLB program beginning the weekend of April 14-15.


NCAA Football

         Past two seasons in NCAA Football (98-59) 62% +315 units and (15-8) on Top Plays.

.        51-29 +179 units in 2017 NCAA Football

         45-21 +213 units on all Reg Season totals last 2 years

         47-30 +135 uits in 2016 NCAA Football

         40-25 +114 units in 2016 Reg Season NCAA

         3-0 in NCAA GOW in 2016

NFL Football


              2017   Top: 4-1   Overall   10-2   plus  67 units

              2016   Top: 8-2   Overall    8-3    plus  49 units 


  • 31-18 +95 units on all Totals last 2 years
  • 3-0 on all NFL GOY selections in 2016
  • Combined NCAA/NFL Totals record of 78-43 (64%) +290 units


  • Only on site for Postseason NBA in 2016-17
  • 28-14 +125 units


Centaur's  qualifying basketball program between Nov and Jan 23 was successful enough that theswami.com gave them the green light to officially post college basketball releases on January 24th. It Released 29 plays and went (20-9) all Top Plays between Nov 30th and Jan.22. In NBA it will not start until mid April with the NBA Playoffs.

THESWAMI.COM was pleased to announce that in late August 2016 Centaur Sports became an officiall member of theswami.com. It had a very solid opening season of football winning in both college and the NFL. See its breakdown of performance for FOOTBALL 2016-2017 below.

Centaur Sports main handicapper is  Ray Mathews. Ray has a coaching back ground and has been affliated with sports in some manner for most of his life. Ray has two sons (Paul and Jamie) who are currently also involved with the business. Centaur Sports currently   handicaps professionally NFL, Canadian football, NCAA College football and college basketball..  

Listed below are Centaur Sport"s  for inital 2016-2017 football season at theswami.com They had an excellent inital season by winning over 200 units. Every Centaur client who enrolled in their seasonal or monthly or weekly programs  won and never left during the 2016-17 season.. 100% retention rate for the season..

NFL PRE SEASON : Top Plays   Overall  Units                                Notes: 

          2016-17               (5-1)          (12-8)    +34.4 units


NFL  REGULAR  :   Top Plays      Overall                                                           Notes:

         2016-2017        (21-17)        (34-26)    +45.9 units.


NFL POST             Top Plays        Overall                                                           Notes: 

         2016-2017         (2-2)             (2-4)       -13.0 units             


NCAA                      Top Plays       Overall                                                                     Notes:

                                  (26-16)           (40-25)   +114.4 units      

BOWLS                     (5-2)              (7-5)         +21.0  units _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                (17-8)          (81-58)  +104.5    Notes: Out of the 14 sports handicappers/services that attempted to qualify for this year's 2016-17 football season only Centaur Sports made it.  58% was a solid overall result and its (17-8) Top Play success sets up nicely for them.  Best month was September in college (13-5) +39.5 units and November for the NFL (8-2) +29 units..

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