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Let's take a quick look at who has had some nice success during the MLB PLAYOFFS.

THE WALLACE REPORT...(7 Straight Winning MLB Playoffs Since  2010)

The Wallace Report certainly is one handicapping source that needs to be mentioned. Since 2001 it has compiled an excellent (111-57) mark during its 16 year playoff history. It has had 12 out of 16 winning campaigns. Its Speciality Plays (GOY/GOM/GOW) during the Playoffs are an impressive (24-8).  The Wallace Report has always been a  consistent source of winning baseball information  for many players at simply because it gives the player an excellent chance to make a profit.  Rarely lays a huge number and frequently hits a surprising dog and run line that pays nice dividends.

MLB PLAYOFFS (2001 thru 2016 breakdown) of THE WALLACE REPORT:

2016 (4-1) +31 units       2012 (6-3) +27 units      2008 (4-7) -39 units       2004 (12-3) +77 units

2015 (5-1) +35 units       2011 (5-2) +29 units      2007 (8-4) +30 units      2003 (15-2)  +137 units   

2014 (4-2) +26 units       2010 (9-4) +40 units      2006 (6-8) -29 units       2002   (8-3)  +52 units

2013 (8-6) +12 units       2009 (2-3) -11 units       2005 (4-5) -18 units      2001   (11-3) +74 units


Umpire's Call is an excellent choice for your MLB Playoff portfolio for the 2017 campaign. It has won money during the baseball playoffs  6 out of the past 7 seasons. It is extremely selective and that has lead to its high numbers of clients who are big players and believe less is often more when it comes to sports wagering.

Umpire's Call is extremely selective. In the past 7 seasons it has released only 39 selections. During this time frame it has produced nearly a 75% winning percentage with an average lay price of 110. The 182 units it has earned have been based mainly on the excellent results of the past few seasons. In 2016 (4-0) plus 40 units. In 2015 (5-2) plus 28 units and in 2014 (5-0) plus 50 units. That is an overall mark of (14-2) plus 118 units in the past three MLB Playoffs. In 2013 it went (3-4) and lost 12 units. In 2012 (3-2) plus 9 units, 2011  (6-1) plus 48 units and 2010 (3-1) plus 19 units. 


Gary Powers has only been with for 2 MLB PLAYOFFS, but he has had a very positive impact. Last season (2016) he hit (6-1) on his Top Plays and overall (8-3) to produce 47 plus units. The year before he correctly hit (9-3) on his Top Selections and overall was (16-6) for a 85 unit score. That makes his two year numbers read: Top Plays (15-4) and overall (24-9) plus 132 units.


LS has been handicapping baseball professionally since 1988. Winner of numberous awards for baseball in the late 80's and through the 90's LS has been a winning force for decades on the diamond. Most recently LS returned to after some health issues sidelined him for several years. Since his return in 2013 he has run off 4 straight winning MLB PLAYOFF performances. His four season combined numbers read (31-18) on Top Plays (2016:8-4/2015:10-5/2014:6-3/2013:7-6). His combined record on all his MLB Playoff selections since 2013 is (57-38) plus 168 units.


Top Dog Sports has been handicapping the baseball playoffs only 3 seasons but has 3 positive campaigns to back him. Last year was his best yet as he went (13-4) on Top Plays and overall managed to collect 69 units overall. In 2015 he went 10-7 plus 16 units and 2015 (8-4) plus 32 units. This season he looks to add to his 117 unit bankroll with more winners.


Dr. Craighead knocked everyone out of the ball park this season as he won 400 units for the regular season in his second baseball season with Last season he went (42-27) winning over 150 units for the regular season. He won 21 more during the playoffs with only 10 plays going (6-4).  In 2014 he qualified by winning over 150 units and went (88-55). He did not handicap the 2015 playoffs. He walked away easily with #1 MLB ranking and secured his position on our site for many seasons to come. Using a combination of live dogs and blazing totals he rarely experienced a losing week as he won won every month. He was (45- 22) on Top Plays and overall (108-63). In 2016 he went (6-4) plus 21 units in his first MLB PLAYOFF season.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are often asked by clients: " Should I jump to a handicapper who has shown a history of success in post season or stay with the capper I have been following during the regular season?"  That is a tough one. All records at going back to 2001 are visible and can be accessed by all. Take time to review past performances and draw your own conclusions. Our site is definitely the most  comprehensive and transparent in the industry. Many sites show only who is "HOT" and fail to allow vistors view full season results. You rarely if ever get the opportunity to review past season results for 5, 10, 15 or more seasons. Enjoy the playoffs and always play within your means. Being a successful sports player takes winning information and even more importantly patience.

Be well

Donn THE SWAMI" Wagner


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