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2018  Franklin captured the #1 College basketball Title for Handicapper by TSM. (In three different areas.)

Win/Loss Record  (42-16) was the highest winning percentage recorded by a monitoring service for 50 plays or more in its 35 year plus history.



10 out of 11 winning MLB Seasons

  •  2020-2023  Elected not to handicap MLB the past 4 seasons: 2020/2021/2022/2023.
  •  2019 was his only losing MLB season after 10 straight plus campaigns.
  • +796 units over past 6 years in MLB
  • +135 units in 2018 MLB
  • +123 units in 2017 MLB
  • +168 units in 2016 MLB
  • +219 units in 2014 MLB
  • 7-1 on MLB GOW/GOM in 2016


In 2021 and 2022 Franklin had only 2 College Football Plays each year all were Game of the Year releases. Previous to these 4 plays he had not seriously handicapped for several seasons after being a very successful handicapper for over a decade.

In 2023 Franklin has indicated he will return to a full slate of NCAA football action. He is still not sure he will do the NFL.  

Tom once a NFL only football handicapper has been frustrated by the pro game and discontinued handicapping all football for several seasons. Quoting Tom: "I never do anything that I am not good at."  I am a bad loser and I sure as "hell" am not going to beat my head against a wall betting football or any sport if I can not show a profit. 

Editor's Notes: It obviously was the mind set of Franklin for several sports seasosns as he completely shut down his operations. 

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines

Tom Franklin is a no nonsense type of guy. He is a stat man. He historically has always been a MLB guy but he will begin offically capping the NFL late in 2018. His approach to handicapping sports is a simple one. Sportsmasters
Tom Franklin's SPORTSMASTERS' documented baseball record is an impressive one. THESWAMI.COM is excited to have him back again for the baseball and looks forward to his NFL selections once he opens up shop late in 2018. .
His GOW/GOM/GOY releases are legendary. (65-24) as he enters the 2016 MLB . Oh my goodness........Keep an eye on these beauties as they unfold in 2016.
In just 6 documented winning seasons with The Sports Monitor Inc of Oklahoma City (2007-2011 and 2013 and 2014) he won over $120,000. Entering the 2015 baseball action Sportsmasters has earned + $120,000 during all regular season action. His impressive (19-5) Game of the Month mark is well documented. He is (13-4) on his GOM totals and also (6-1) on GOM side plays. His GOY releases are (3-1).  His Games of the Week are a cool (35-13). (21-10) on sides and (14-3) on

That folks is an impressive (65-24) on Speciality MLB plays heading into 2015 playoffs... Entering the 2015 MLB Playoffs Franklin tally of (9-3) on Top Plays and (46-24) +23,351 units . If he holds true to his usual pattern, about half of his selections will be underdogs and about 25% will involve totals. Franklin, who uses a very intricate statistical computer program to assist him, has been able to grade and balance his selections to out perform 95% of the competition to date. In 2015 he   returned to his old form of releasing only about 15 to 20 % of his plays as Top rated ones. In 2013 and 2014 he experimemnted with releasing 50% of his plays as Tops and has been disappointed in his overall average results despite producing winning seasons in each year.
"I run the numbers and compared the line value to my numbers. If betting line is off my line by a margin I believe to be sufficient I release the play. The wider the varience the higher the rating."
"I have professionally handicapped since 2007. However since 1974 I have been involved with baseball and gaming. My record stands for all to see. My baseball and football programs have been monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City and and The Handicapper's Report Card. I am excited and look forward to reuniting with and my clients."

Documented Baseball History:


2014 Reg Season (74-62) (178-162) +$18,221 or +182.21 units

2014 Post season (2-2) (7-2) +$3715 or +37.15 units

2014 Overall Results: (76-64) (185-164) +$ 21,936 or +219.36 units

2013 Reg Season (62-55) (126-118) +$ 5,330
2013 Post Season (5-1) (5-1) +$ 3,870
2013 Overall Results: (67-56) (131-119) $ +9,200

2010 Reg Season: (11-2) (58-38) +$11,995
2010 Post Season: (1-0) (6-2) +$3,060
2010 Overall Results: (12-2) (64-40) $15,055

2009 Reg Season: (41-34) (226-197) +$23,500
2009 Post Season: (1-0) (13-7) +$8,550
2009 Overall Results: (42-34) (239-204) +$32,050

2008 Reg Season: (18-13) (130-125) +$13,030
2008 Post Season: (0-0) (7-6) +$1,950
2008 Overall Results: (18-13) (137-131) +$14,980

2007 Reg Season: (7-1) (76-54) +$30,875
2007 Post Season: (0-0) (8-6) +$2,200
2007 Overall Results:l (7-1) (84-60) +$33,075

Conversion Key: $200 equal 2 units when reading charts above. 2007 overall profits of $33,075 equal 330.75 units. 

Documented Football History: Not available at this time. It

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