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BB DOCUMENTED PLAYS has captured several baseball handicapping titles. the most recent was SPORTS WATCH's  2011 baseball champion. BB DOCUMENTED PLAYS is an excellent early season handicapper. Over 80% winning months in April and May. Averages 10 out of 12 winning months in April, May and June. Previously monitored by TSM, currently monitored by Sports-Watch. Please visit to see daily updates.


FOOTBALL: BB DOCUMENTED in 2020 enters their 10th season with Over those years BB Documented has gained the confidence and respect of many including Donn Wagner himself. Wagner was a quoted to say that if he could not handicap anymore he would enroll in three services for football, basketball and baseball. Of those choices BB Documented would be one he would cetainly consider. If I had only one to pick from for all sports and consider price as an important variable. BB Doccumented would be my go to service for all year round sports. You can not find a more reasonably priced winning program in the land. BB Documented is the real deal. They certainly do not win all the time but they come very close to doing that year in and year out when you examine their all sports stats. In football alone considering football having 5 seasons. NFL has 3 pre-reg-post and NCAA reg and bowls. BB DOUMENTED since it began in 2011 at has had 12 out 18 winning seasons in college and 19 out of 26 in the NFL. Again in 2020 they are winning in both college and the NFL as I do this update. Thru Oct 6 2020 they are 6-2 in college and 6-4 in the NFL with a (2-0) mark on Top Plays already. 

A great choice in the Fall-WINTER-SPRING-SUMMER for winning information.


Before 2013 the 3 years had followed BB Documented in the NFL they have been impressive. Their combined record of (120-72) is a testament to Brad's ability to beat the odds in pro football.
After an uncharacteristic subpar season in 2013, BB Documented came back strong in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with 5 of 6 profitable seasons in combined NCAA and NFL Football 
Now that they are back to their winning ways, this might be a great full season package to get in on.


  • 5 of 7 Winning seasons in NFL Football
  • 56-42 +50 units in 2017 NFL Football
  • 43-26 +51 units in PRESEASON NFL Football last 7 years


  • 5 of 7 Winning seasons in NCAA Football
  • 5-2 on all GOY/GOM/GOW selections in 2017
  • +195 units on Reg Season NCAA Sides last 2014-2016
  • 5 year winning streak on NCAA Sides 359-290 +171 units 2011-2016



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