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The Louisville Slugger only handicaps baseball.
That means when everyone is worrying about the NBA PLAYOFFS in April and football in September and October he only has one focus: B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L.
He started back in the late 80's and has always been a solid baseball handicapper. He owns several #1 overall championships at The Sports Monitor Inc. of Oklahoma City. Out of his documented 22 history he has won money 20 of those seasons. Out of those 22 seasons he has handicapped totals 16 of those seasons and in 15 of those seasons he has won money for his clients (2016 was only blemish). 

  • +941 units last 6 years combined MLB
  • 8 of 8 winning segments (reg/post season) 2013-2016
  • +604 units last 6 years MLB sides
  • +337 units last 6 years MLB totals
  • 2018 - +90 units
  • 2016 - +200 units
  • 2015 - +222 units
  • 2014 - +423 units
  • 2013 - +75 units

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines




He is a very sharp MLB handicapper in April. He has 11 out of 12 winning Aprils under his belt heading into 2015. The only season he lost units was in 2014 where he dropped 10 units. In his first 4 to 5 seasons he never use to release plays in April. He always preferred to watch and wait. However that soon changed and he is now considered a "must" for most baseball players if they plan to play in April. His high lifetime unit winnings in April including 2014 is 444 units. In 2013 he finished #1 with a sparkling 100 unit plus performance.
The Louisville Slugger is also a powerful September handicapper where he is a perfect 11 for 11 in winning money for his backers over his documented career. He plays both sides and totals, big favorites and big dogs. He evaluates a game and if he feels he is getting a good price he plays it and releases it to his clients.
***Special Plays in MLB***
..................He is (6-0) on his DOG GAME OF THE YEAR SIDE PLAYS.
..................He is (15-6) on his "THE" GAME OF THE YEAR SIDE PLAYS.
..................HE is (8-3) on his "THE" TOTAL GAME OF THE YEAR PLAYS.
..................HE is (4-2) on his RUN LINE GAME OF THE YEAR RELEAASES.
He is also (13-4) on his DOG GAME OF THE MONTH releases. (40-22) on his Total GOW and GOM into the 2015 season.
His DOG GAME OF THE YEAR is a perfect (5-0). This is a very rare play. Last release was in 2003.
Since 2002 The Louiville Slugger has dominated MLB totals. (11 out the 11 MLB seasons winning money on baseball totals). In 2011 and 2012 LS did not post selections.
CONVERSION: Based upon reg: 1 unit for 5 units and Top: 2 units for 10 units.
2002 (42-22) +94.50*
2003 (37-19) +77.90*
2004 (45-30) +58.20*
2005 (41-23) +105.20*
2006 (31-17) +65.50*
2007 (52-24) +157.70*
2008 (48-26) +125.80*
2009 (33-23) +65.70*
2010 (34-20) +67.70*
2011 N/A
2012 N/A
2013 (103-89) +38.50*
2014 (37-27) +75.00*
2015 (64-53)  +37.30*

2016 (73-72) -64.6

2017 (44-29) +113.00*

Located now in Florida he attends many of the exhibition games and has developed a nice compliment of connects within the MLB.
If you are looking for a steady performer who has a winning track record this is your man.

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