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Donn Wagner's Late Slammers returned in 2021-22.

NCAA Donn Wagner's LATE SLAMMER CLUB releases since 1985 have produced the most net winners and the most documented winning seasons combining college and pro baskets. They have almost captured the most awards for Top 10 finishes in winning percentage and units won for anyone documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City for 10 years or more. Over 150 handicappers have monitored and documented by TSM since 1985.

... Lifetime since 1985 Games of the Week ((75-44))   Games of the Month  ((45-22))   Games of the Year  ((19-7))  and overall ((139-73)) entering the NBA Playoffs for 2023-24.


NCAA  DOCUMENTED REG SEASON RESULTS:... (103-63) plus 320 units


NBA DOCUMENTED REGULAR SEASON RESULTS:... (thru April 9th 2024)...(102-71) plus 201 units.



Donn Wagner's basketball Late Slammers (HIGH ROLLER PROGRAM) has produced 32 out of 34 documented winning campaigns. He suffered a rare losing season in (2014-15). DW's Slammers are still the most successful documented basketball program in the nation.(***32 out of 34 documented winning seasons***).
This program began and has been documented starting in 1985. Monitored and documented by The Sports Monitor Inc. for over 30 years. Donn Wagner's Late Slammers first gained national  attention in the mid to late 80's with his amazing run on NBA totals. Over a 4 year stretch he went (108-38) averaging about 45 plays a season. His plays alone moved Vegas' total lines 6 to 8 points a play. The Computer Boys were all over his selections from day one.
In 1986 these plays sold for $1000 a month or $3000 for the season. 36 plus years later Wagner has been able to maintain the price as the number of his clients grew. It was very pricely back in 1986 but the high rollers paid it willingly. Today it is still considered a high price for sports predictions by some but the real money players consider it asteal. Look for a holiday special for less than $500 a month if you wish to try his slections out. He likes totals and plays totals in both NBA and College.
However if you look back over Wagner's Late Slammers it is obvious that NCAA College Basketball is where his impact into the gaming world has been the greatest.
Since being monitored and documented by The Sports Monitor Inc 1985-2015 he won over 1/4 of a million dollars playing just $1000 per play. In 27 years only twice if you played all his NCAA and NBA Late Slammers. (2014-15) and (1992) did his college plays fall below expectations. That folks is a true testament to a program that reflects its price. Since 1985 he has never raised the price of his program. Where once available to only the very strongest players(WHALES) today if you are a $500 to $2000 player his plays are very affordable.
When he releases in college a Full 10 unit Late Slammer or a 7 unit Slammer and he has the same play as an Alleghenies Analysis Top 10-star they are now (20-5) lifetime in March. His most recent winner was on JMU on March 20 2013.
Less is more is Wagner's style these days. When you enroll look for just a few plays a week in NCAA hoops and a few in NBA.
In NBA play when he releases a 10 unit Alleghenies Analysis play and also has a 10 unit Full Late Slammer on the the same play they are an excellent (14-2).

***EDITOR'S NOTE:Today 80% of Wagner's Late Slammers are rated 10 unit plays. He highlights the strongest ones by naming them a GOW/GOM/GOY.  Wagner's Top rated 10-unit Late Slammers are still considered by many to be the smartest plays in NBA and College baskets...  His lifetime record of (77-38) since 1985 on his documented Top rated Late Slammers on Sweet 16 and Elite 8 and Final 4 March Madness games still is untouched by any competitor.

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