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The Diamond Play 3/19


  •  11 out of 11 winning MLB regular seasons  and overall 10 out of 11 winning MLB seasons.                      
  • +635 units MLB last 8 seasons
  • +87 units 2017 MLB combined action
  • +182 units 2016 MLB combined action
  • +635 units on all Reg Season plays last 8 years
  • +474 units on all Side Plays last 8 years
  • 6-2 in all GOY last 6 years

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines

The Diamond Play makes it 11 out of 11 lifetime "DOCUMENTED"  winning "regular" baseball seasons. (Details to follow)

The Diamond Play owned and operated by Ronald Siegel has had seven out of seven winning seasons in baseball. It has produced 42 out of 49 winning months in baseball. It has been rated by the monitors #1 two of the past four seasons in baseball. (2013 and 2012). It had a winning season again in 2015. Its consistency has resulted in it becoming the most popular baseball service at entering the 2016 season.  Over the past  4 seasons it has amassed over 330 units on the plus side.

The Diamond Play has proven its self as a comeback winner after falling behind early in the season and also as a front runner from start to finish. This trait alone has resulted in its client base numbers to increase between 20 and 25% each season since it began releasing plays professionally. 
Siegel released a record breaking 240 plus plays in 2014 in winning 43.56 units. At one time he was down over 90 units but managed to keep his confidence and grinded out profits over the last 20 weeks of the season to rescue his clients and undefeated seasonal mark of never losing in baseball.
In 2009 he released only 15 plays and won 12 producing a profit of 15.80. He was 2-0 on Top Plays and overall 5-0 on all plays rated 7 or higher. That ranked him #1 at The Sports Monitor Inc on return on risk. But he did not have enough plays to qualify for the title. In 2010 Siegel went 5-4 on Top Plays and overall (23-13) to produce 50.00 net plus units. In 2011 he went (56-44) on Top Plays and overall 114-112 producing 42.45 units on the plus side.
THE DIAMOND PLAY RATING SYSTEM: In 2012 he started rating his plays (1 thru 10). This has been and will continue to be the rating system he will follow n the coming seasons. 10 units is a Top Play. Less than 3% of all his plays will be rated this high. Normally these selections are SPECIAL PLAYS: (Game of the Week/Month/Year.)
93% of the plays will range between a 3 and 5 rating. Less than 10% of the plays will be rated higher than 5. The varience in rating will be directly proportional to the strength of the play and the line. Example If The Diamond Play likes a team strongly but the line is 150 favorite they may release it but only as a 3 unit play because of the high line. They may like a play strongly and the line is +115 that play may be a 6 or 7 or even a 10 GOW because of the line value.
Lifetime Documented baseball stats: Regular season action: (TSM) of Okla City
Coming into 2016 The Diamond Play is a remarkable (8-1) on Games of the Year Plays.Documented and monitored by The Sports Monitor Inc. Of Oklahoma City. It is also (20-6) on Games of the Week and Month.
Season Top Plays Overall Units GAME OF THE YEAR PLAYS  

2009 2-0 12-3 +15.50 (2-0)
2010 5-4 23-13 +50.00 (3-0)
2011 56-44 114-112 +42.45 (0-1)
2012 #1 TSM 6-2 82-58 +184.13 (1-0)
2013 #1 TSM 0-0 71-37 +132.71 (0-0)
2014 35- 25 123-108 +43.56 (1-0)  

2015   22-25   177-146 +46.15 (1-0) 

2016   26-16     94-70    +142.40 (2-0)  

2017      68-47    +74.68 (0-0)

2018       107-91  +15,79  (0-0)

2019      IN   PROGRESS

OVERALL 126-100  602-475 +(((514.51))) units won lifetime and   (8-1) Lifetime on its Game of the Year

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