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Being a baseball gambler in its own right is a tough assignment. The day in and day out grind can be quite overwhelming.  Starting in early April and ending in late October, these 7 months cover over 215 days or 59% of the year!  While this grind can be difficult for all players and handicappers, it can be even more gruling for us dog players.  Let's find out why.

OK, let's map out a plan for success for beating these odds. First we need a solid financial backing.   Whatever your average wager is, have enough backing so you can lose 20 wagers and still have half of your bankroll intact. Secondly, it's imperative to avoid gambling with scared money. If you can not afford to lose you shouldn't be gambling... period. That is just the simple truth.  You must have enough money and patience to weather "bad streaks" for you must be prepared to lose. Too often clients start the season playing their own games, and continually lose before they turn to a professional to bail them out. (This common practice is a formula for disaster.)

Thirdly, Line Value: You can not have too many outs. When I lived in Vegas, I had between 10 to 15 outs at any one time for baseball. Saving a penny here and there over the course of 7 months really adds up. Example: We play 20 dogs ranging from plus 15 to plus 20 over the next 3 weeks. We hit 10 and lose 10. Betting 500 units to win 575 or 600. 10 times 600 equals 6000 and 10 times 575 is 5750. That is a difference of 250 units. That may not seem like a great amount but multiply it by 5 months and you are looking at 1250 units. You can not afford to not make this extra 1250 when you are playing baseball. If you're playing 1000 units per game than he difference is 2500!  2 1/2 times your play or 2 1/2 more winners by simply shoping for value.

Fourthly, Patience: Long dry spells are an unfortunate part of betting on dogs. When your odds are 40-60 on winning a bet or worse the expectations of winning can be frustrating to the average player. Dogs are dogs for a reason. A team is a dog because the stats point to its opponent to be the more probable winner.  A dog play can often look like the wrong side for many reasons.   That is why more than not the average player plays many more favorites than dogs.

So betting only on dogs can certainly have its down sides.  Each season, even a professional can expect a losing streak of 5 or more games to occur fairly often. A 10 game losing streak is not out of reach and it is in these occasionally long dry spells that the player's patience will be tested. The urgue to double up, press or just quit all together will be a key pyschogical demon that must be controlled.  

Often when a handicapper is losing, clients lose confidence in his abilities and will try to 'play only his winners and ignore his losers'. If you ever feel the urge to pick and choose your handicappers picks, start to pack your bags and head home because your season just took a turn south. When you are following a dog capper, you need an 'all or nothing' type of approach. Remember discipline and patience are as important as picking the winners  and especially when it comes to betting MLB dogs.

Finally....Start slow. Betting MLB is not a sprint, it's a marathon.  There will always be a dozen reasons why your dog is not a 'smart' play which... is why they are an underdog.  Remeber my service, Bo's Diamond Line, and a number of other solid handicappers who pick dogs and win. A proven documented winner is always a great place to start when looking for assistance in picking winners on the diamond. Trust in our past success but respect the line and the process itself. It is indeed a battle that can be won but it takes the proper information, attitude and courage to pul it off at a high level.. 

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy this greatest of American games.  Why is it the greatest? The clock never is a factor, you can be down a dozen in the bottom of the 9th and you still have a logistical chance for it's never over until its over as our ole pal Yogi once said.

EDITOR'S NOTE 6/15/17    Todate Bo's has had two 4 game losing streaks and 1 10 game winning streak.  He is ranked #3 at and is (36-26) on all his dog releases plus 152 units. ( all 62 releases have been 10 units to win the bonus plays.

Have a great baseball seasonl,


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