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2022  (24-18) plus 50 units.

2021   (28-8) plus 195 units

2020  Did not have a Playoff program





















  • 2014 (Top Plays: (35-18) overall (151-111) +303.04 units
  • 2015 (Top Plays: (70-38) overall (209-140) +605 units
  • 2016 (Top Plays: (67-54) overall (206-211) +15 units
  • 2017 (Top Plays: (70-52) overall (160-129) +330.85 units
  • 2018 (Top Plays) (63-59) overall  (143-107) +212.00 units
  • 2019 (Top Plays)  (67-59) overall (102-102)   -38.00 units
  • 2021 (Top Plays) 62-41 overall (87-52) + 305 units
  • +1734 units in combined MLB in since 2014 at
  • 4 of 4 300+ unit win seasons
  • +203 units on MLB sides in 2016
  • +605 units in 2015 MLB action
  • +303 units in 2014 MLB action
  • 18 Winning documented seasons in MLB
  • .Lifetime Game of the Year releases entering 2022 in MLB (33-16) + 136 units alone
  • MLB SIDE PLAYS  #1____ (#1 ON SIDE PLAYS IN MLB) 2017 and overall past 7 seasons. Plus over 1800 units won alone. (WHEN YOU COMPARE US TO ALL THE OTHERS____(NO ONE IS EVEN A CLOSE 2ND). 


  • +196 units on 2016-17 NBA selections
  • +614 units on all Regular Season NBA plays last 6 years
  • +455 units on all Regular Season NBA total plays last 6 years

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Past Historical Data and Old Headlines


THE KILLER MOVE is the master and supreme dominator of "Games of the Year” Plays and PRESEASON NFL Football. Since 1997, The Killer Move is a documented (95-48) on all Game of the Year releases in football through 2015. Currently on a (40-19) run the last 59 GOY releases overall in NFL and College thru 2015. The Killer Move has won money in 14 of 15 seasons on its Games of the Year.
THE KILLER MOVE is also the all-time #1 PRESEASON Football service (since 2004). Overall PRESEASON record of 102-65 (61%) and Top Plays are a blistering 28-10 (74%) through 2015 Preseason action.

Combined NCAA/NFL

·         Combined Documented winnings of over $280,000 since 1998

·         Total NFL Winnings of $100,290

·         Total NCAA Winnings of $186,720

·         Recently a combined NFL/NCAA GOM record of 53-29 (65%) - 28-12 NCAA & 25-17 NFL

·         45-24 (65%) on last 69 NFL/NCAA GAME OF YEAR Selections

·         649-475 (58%) Combined Top Plays on NFL/NCAA Football lifetime

·         47-18 (72%) on GOW Totals entering 2017 season


          7-1 (88%) on NFL PLAYOFF GAMES OF THE YEAR

·         13-6 (68%) on last 17 GOY Selections

·         30-10 (75%) on GOY Selections since 2005

·         103-68 (60%) Overall NFL PRESEASON Record

·         28-12 (70%) on PRESEASON Top Plays



·         (47-25) LIFETIME COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES OF THE MONTH...Entering 2020

             9-4 (69%) in NCAA Games of Week last 6 years

·         Documented NCAA winnings of over $188,000 since 1998


(13-5) last decade on New Year Day's Bowl games 2018-2009

(27-9) last 20 years on New Year Day's Bowl Games (2018-1999)


FOOTBALL) THE KILLER MOVE is the master and supreme dominator of "Games of the Year Plays" and the month of November, where he is Mr November. ......Since 1997 , The Killer Move is a documented (90-44) on all Game of the Year releases in football thru its Aug 3rd 2014 PRESEASON GAME OF THE YEAR WINNER on the NY Giants. (70%+++..nobody can touch that record). Currently on a (35-15) run the last 48 released overall in NFL and College thru 2013-14. That includes a so-so 2014 season, which saw The Killer Move only go (5-4) on its GOY.
2014-15 GOY releases:
NFL (PRE) Aug 3 NY Giants (w)......will be updated as plays are released in 2014-15.
2013-14 GOY releases;
NFL (PRE): NONE: NY GIANTS: WINNER/ (REG) Dec 22: Green Bay: LOSER/(POST): NONE........NCAA: 9/21 Utah St(W)/10/12 Texas (W)/10/26 Kansas St (over) (L)/11/7 Troy St (W)/ 11/16: Ole Miss (o) (L) and SMU (o) (W) and S Carolina (L) and N Mex (o) (W)...Bowls: None.
The Killer Move has won money 13 straight seasons on its Game of the Years.
Often called Mr November because he has put together now 12 out of 13 winning November's in NCAA football and 11 out of 13 in the NFL. The Killer Move had a disappointing college season in 2013-14.

(11-5) last 16 NFL GOY releases. That makes them (28-9) since 2005. They usually have 4 to 5 in NCAA and 2 to 3 in NFL: NCAA GOY consist of these Labels: Blowout GOY/DOG GOY/Intersectional GOY/Conference GOYS: ACC/Big 10/SEC etc...
****#1 all time preseason football service since 2004: Overall (99-60) 62% with Top Plays now a blistering (27-9) 75% thru the 2014 PRESEASON action. The Killer Move was (4-2) on Top Plays in 2014 and (9-5) overall. In 2013 (4-1) on Top Plays and overall (12-8). In 2012 The Killer MOve was (3-1) on Top Plays and (9-4) overall.
The Killer Move despite two straight disappointing football seasons in 2011 and 2012 has won a documented $280,000 since 1995. The documented winnings breakdown in football since 1998-1999 is: NFL: $100,290 and College: $186,720.
In 2013 he went (8-6) on 14 NCAA regular season releases.
In 2013 he went (3-0) on 3 NCAA post season releases.
In 2012 he went (5-1) on the 6 NCAA regular season releases.
In 2011 he went (3-2) on the 5 NCAA regular season releases.
1n 2011 he went (3-0) on 3 NCAA post season releases.
****His GOM plays are an impressive ***(48-21)*** lifetime. (26-9) in college and (22-12) in the NFL. Game of the Week Totals an excellent (46-17) entering 2014-15 football. His GOY plays are a lifetime (90-44) thru Aug 3 2014's winner on the NY Giants.
Killer Move Career Top Plays: Since 1998 documented record in football are: NFL/COLLEGE Top (515-352).
Look in 2014-2015 for Saxton to have a strong football campaign. Historically winning money in football in nearly 90% of his seasons makes him loom large to with a solid effort in 2014-2015. Start with him in PRESEASON and stay on his trail all the way. Donn Wagner is personally going to play all his plays in 2014. When he has done this with other cappers he usually does extremely well.
LIFETIME (90-44) on Game of the Years and is currently on a (35-15) run enetring the 201415 season.




Games of the Month have won money for The Killer Move followers for 12 out of 14 seasons in hoops with an overall mark of (44-15).




COLLEGE HOOPS: The Killer Move has bounced back nicely the past four seasons in college basketball after it experienced a disappointing basketball season in 2011-2012. In 2015-16  it went (51-38) during the reg season and (17-12) in post season play. In 2014-15 it went (58-37) winning 147 units. In post season action it lost 23 units with a (15-16) mark. In 2012-13 in went (69-55) +63.3 units in reg season play and (28-16) +102.3 units in post season. In 2013-14 it went (78-53) +165.6 units and (16-14) + 13.2 units in post season play. In its disappointing 2011 season it went 48-48 on Top Plays in NBA and in NCAA 61-73 resulting in it losing nearly 300 units.

NBA: Saxton has produced 7 out of 9 winning seasons in the NBA. In 2015-16 it fell short of the mark going (45-45) overall for minus 39 units in reg season play and 17-17 minus 12 units during post season. The season previous 2014-15 it had a great NBA regular season .going (49-29) plus 170 units. In post season play it was (14-15) losing 21 units. Between 2010-11 and 2000-2001 The Killer Move had experienced a lot of success on the court and was ranked #1 by all the monitors for that decade.
 The Killer Move has won a documented $110,310 on the court in NBA. Saxton has produced 7 out of the past 9 winning seasons in NBA. 2013-14 The Killer Move hit a documented (40-17) alone on Top NBA BEST BETS. In 2009 was #1 in units won in NBA by Sports Watch and overall College and NBA combined.

NCAA...13 seasons The Killer Move had won a documented $178,520 on the court in NCAA hoops.. Saxton has produced 10 out of 13 successful campaigns on the hardwood, but 2011-2012 remains a black cloud for him.

(KILLER MOVE FAMOUS 7)_______ RESULTS IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL) ......13 seasons entering 2020-2021      (60-31)

THE KILLER 7....(60-31) thru April 2019...since 2002 when Saxton started his KILLER 7 Program has won money 11 out of13  seasons when offered on site/office. (49-21) lifetime record as we approach 2020-2021.

2020-2021     COMING.....

2019-2020  NOT OFFERED

2018-2019 (5-2)

2017-2018  (4-3)

2016-2017 (2-5)

2015-16    (4-2-1).


2013-2014....NOT OFFERED
2012-2013 (0-3)
2011-2012....NOT OFFERED
2010-2011 (5-2)
2009-2010 (6-1)
2008-2009 (4-2-1)
2007-2008 (5-2)
2006-2007 (5-1-1)
2005-2006...NOT OFFERED
2004-2005 (4-3)
2003-2004 (5-2)
2002-2003 (6-1)


The Killer Move has experienced two of his finest baseball seasons over the past 3 seasons).  His aggressive style produced the greatest two season unit productions by any handicapper in any sport at In 2015 Saxton won 494.57 units in baseball during the regular season. In 2014 he captured 277.94 units. That is a two season total of 772.51 units. Last season 2016 he managed to win 40 units but overall it was far below what many had expected. It will be interesting to see what 2017 has in store for The Killer Move nation in baseball. He has a huge following and his plays oftn in 2015 and 2016 effective the line in Vegas by 20 to 30 cents.

The Killer Move began capping baseball back in 1995 and has watched his client list grow and their bankrolls have grown. Over the past several seasons The Killer Move has released a much much greater number of plays. He has played the big favorites and play the big dogs. He has played overs and unders and it all has worked like a mastepiece for him.

What is in store for 2017 and beyond? Quoting Saxton, " I never plan ahead. I handicap one day at a time. I expect to win each day. I prepared to lose each day also. Baseball is a grind. It is tiring and I spend too many hours crunching numbers to appreciate the game anymore. When my clients are watching Monday night baseball, I am working on Tuesday's contests. I enjoy watch games after they are over. I do not enjoy watching a game in progress. I know I am strange but this is what I do. You can not teach an old dog new tricks. I tried from handicapping baseball for a few years and really enjoyed the time away from the grind. I love to fish and paint and that is what I do for relaxation. 

I no longer bet on my plays. When I was younger I loved the action and excitement. Today if I bet I think I would handicap differently. I know I would never win the units I have won for my clients. To be honest I was a bad gambler. If I was losing I would always press and try to make it up. It is my nature not to go down without a fight. By removing myself from the action I have been able to be more objective and calm in my evaluations of teams and pitchers. As long as I am winning I am content to know I am helping others be successful. I will continue to handicap until I turn 75 or until I have a disappointing season.  

I enjoy handicapping all sports. Football is by far my favorite because that is the one sport I actually played at a pretty high level. I only played baseball up until I was 12. "

Historical Data:

In 2015 he Killer Move went (171-122-8) winning 494.57. Saxton's return on risk was well over 42% becasue of his ability to hit "live" dogs. One week he hit 70% and 75% were underdogs. You bet 20 games and do that a few times you are going to bust a few bookmakers and we are sure he probably did. Correction he did indirectly, but his clients did..

In 2014 The Killer Move  won 315.93 units with a Top Play mark of (58-43) 70% dogs and totals and overall (130-100) with an average lay price of 105. It finished 2nd only to The Louisville Slugger in the final overall season standings.

It historically has had an excellent record on its Top Plays in baseball. 5 out of 6 winning seasons on making profits with its plays during the regular season and 5 out of 5 winning seasons in post season play heading into 2014's playopffs. Despite its excellent 2014 overall season it experienced its 1st losing Speciality Play season in 2014 going a disappointing (7-10).If you combined both partial seasons regular and post that is 10 out of 11 campaigns winning money on its promoted plays. The Killer MOve has been a "KILLER" on the bookmakers in baseball with its excellent high percentage/great value/money producing TOP PLAYS...
BASEBALL)........MLB Historical Breakdown and Recaps:
Saxton has now handicapped baseball for 6 seasons with His results had been mixed before his break out season in 2014 but he has shown the ability to hit his featured 10 unit Promoted Plays with great consistency. Over its last 6 regular seasons it is a solid (90-49) +303 units on these featured releases heading into 2015. After several seasons re-evaluating his style of handicapping he returned in 2014 with new life and hopefully that will carry over to the years ahead.
Promoted MLB History Speciality PlaysPromoted (GOW/M/Y) are now a brillant (27-7) with the most recnt winner being its AL Total Game of the Year on September 22 on Chic Sox (under) 9 (FINAL 2 to 1) EASY WINNER!!!
2014 REG: (58-43) (139-100) +315.93 units (9-9) -22.90 units POST POST (12-11) -12.89 units (0-1) -11.00 units units
2010 REG: (128-89) (254-295) +75.00 units (20-8) +102 units
POST: (5-1 ) ( 5-1 ) +41.50 units (1-0) +12 units
2009 REG: (11-7) (143-162) -38.30 units (5-2) +18 units
POST ( 3-2) (6-14) -64.00 units (2-1) +8 units
2008 REG: (14-5) (154-121) +409.70 units (14-5) +88 units
POST: ( 1-1) (8-12) -22.50 units (1-1) +2 units
2007 REG (58-50) (282-307)-309.00 units (15-10) +15 units
POST (3-1) ( 15-10 ) +73.50 units (1-0) +10 units
2006 REG (55-44) 222-218)+199.00 units (17-10) +25 units
POST (7-6) (14-10) + 6.00 units (5-2)+ 27 units


14 out of 16 winning seasons...

THE KILLER MOVE in 2020-21 and 2021-22 captured over 800 plus units. +363 and + 493. No NHL capper has had a longer or more successful career on the ice.
THE KILLER MOVE  has dominated the NHL with. 14 out of 16 winning seasons and by far the largest client base of any handicapper. Averaging 63% on its Top Plays as an added bonus makes The Killer Move the prime sources for winning hockey information over the past decade. After 12 out of 12 victorious NHL campaigns 2017-18 and 2018-19 proved disappointing. Saxton didl not handicap hockey in 2019-20 until early March. In 2019-20 he  developed a modified program that  produced outstanding results in the following two seasons. He was able to predict winners as it did for over a decade. Do not bet against this hard working sportsman.

In 2017-2018 THE KILLER MOVE had a slightly different look. Saxtion's son-in-law was added to The Killer Move's NHL capping team. Ex- partner  Dom DeRubis and co-handicapper with Saxton retired in June of 2017. After 25 successful seasons.DD earned his stripes. Look for the same consistent winning to continue in the future.
THE KILLER an excellent source of winners in the NHL. (SEE BELOW)
NHL........KILLER MOVE.......NHL
(208-153) with an average lay price of +130. is Saxton's lifetime Top Play mark in hockey action thru 2017. During Regular Season action: "THE GOY" are (17-5) other GOY are (14-7), GOM are (44-16). At more point had a **12** game winning streak that ended in 2014.

Top Overall Units

2016-2017 NHL PLAYOFFS 11-10 21-24 -56.00

2016-2017 NHL REGULAR 19-10 97-64 +216.00

2015-2016 NHL PLAYOFFS 15-10 28-23 +21.00 

2015-2016 NHL REGULAR  16-23 104-84 +72.00

2014-2015 NHL PLAYOFFS 2-10 19-26 -104.00

2014-2015 NHL REGULAR  6-6 75-57 +132.00
2013-2014 NHL PLAYOFFS 1-6 40-21 +131.47
2013-2014 NHL REGULAR 6-1 90-76 +120.74
2012-2013 NHL PLAYOFFS 2-0 22-23 +13.80
2012-2013 NHL REGULAR 5-1 73-48 +180.55
2011-2012 NHL PLAYOFFS 1-1 35-37 -1.30
2011-2012 NHL REGULAR 16-8 134-90 +302.15
2010-2011 NHL PLAYOFFS 9-5 25-16 +11.10
2010-2011 NHL REGULAR 29-26 82-94 +20.15
2009-2010 NHL PLAYOFFS 4-1 23-8 +25.05
2009-2010 NHL REGULAR 9-5 90-45 +55.65
2008-2009 NHL REGULAR 6-7 117-111 +6.45
2007-2008 NHL REGULAR 15-7 70-76 +7.55
2006-2007 NHL REGULAR 17-7 65-36 +49.50
2005-2006 NHL REGULAR 8-0 63-58 +31.00


THE KILLER MOVE...After 6 outstanding PRE SEASONS The Killer Move has struggled the past two seasons. (11-11) and (4-4). Saxton makes no excises for his lack of success. "I recognize that my NFL capping has been off the past two years. I have worked hard this summer to analyze my problems and hopefully have eliminated an area of the NFL that I obviously do not have a clue about.
The good news is my college game is still solid. I am proud of my documented overall record of (267-170) on Top College releases and my (572-437) mark for nearly 1000 games. If you can hit 57% out of 1000 games that should tell clients this guy does have an advantage in this area.


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