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NBA PLAYOFFS BEGIN SOON!!!......Nearly 70% of's NBA handicappers had a winning season for their backers. It was by far capper's greatest NBA regular season. 6 handicappers were able to produce over +200 units and 14 handicappers hit 60% or better on their selections. In the world of sports gambling, that's domination!  Also, you clients need to be congratulated for your record participation.   A win-win is always what we are after here!

 Congratulations to Doc Holiday Sports. Holiday finished the regular NBA season on a (26-6) run, finished #1 at and TSM of Okla City with the highest ever recorded winning percentage in NBA 68.18% (60-28) for 85 plays or more for a full season. Was #1 the last 13 weeks of the season. He also finished #1 in units won with over +256 units.

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 Dave Cokin is Smokin' (22-9) #1 at 

  • ****SUPER NATURAL*** That is what Top Dog Sports and DOC HOLIDAY have been in the NBA. Again last night they both won easily. TOP DOG SPORTS is now (24-4) its last 28 NBA and DOC HOLIDAY (26-6). If you have not been buying their NBA plays r enrolled with them for a monthly or the rest of the regular and post season. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
  • *FINAL REGULAR NBA* BB (WINNING PERCENTAGE DIVISION TOP 4 STANDINGS)...THESWAMI.COM NBA 2013-2014: 1) Doc Holiday (60-28) 68.18%...2) The Wright Side (15-8) 65.22%...3)G.C.`s Coaching Trends (65-35) 65.00%...4) Gamblin Gator (56-31) 64.37%...***THE Z PLAY (13-2) 86.67% (Needed 24 plays to qualify officially for the #1 Spot).
  • **FINAL REGULAR SEASON NBA BB STANDINGS (UNITS WON DIVISION) TOP 5 FINISHERS AT THESWAMI.COM 2013-2014): 1)Doc Holiday (60-28) +256.50 units...2)G.C.`s Coaching Trends (65-35) +241.00 units...3)Predictable Patterns (72-42) +230.70 units...2)FULL COURT PRESS (71-43)+222.90...5) Gamblin` Gator (56-31) +207.80 units.
  • TOP DOG SPORTS improved to (5-0) last evening(April 16) with Top plays on the New York Yanks -1.5 runs,the LA Angels and LA Angels (over)...Look 2 to 3 more selections on Thursday.
  • MLB Top 5 LEADERS through April 16, 2014: 1) Dave Cokin (22-9) +143.00 units...2) One on One Sports (10-3) +69.50 units...3) Mr. East (16-12) +60.90 units...4)Top Dog Sports (5-0) +56.60 units...5)Louisville Slugger (15-11) +52.33 units
  • **THEY ARE UP**....NHL PLAYOFF PACKAGES are posted. Grab a package for the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. handicappers have enjoyed their finest results `ever` in the 9 year NHL history.
  • NHL Top 5 NHL FINAL REGULAR SEASON LEADERS.....NHL FINAL REGULAR SEASON LEADER-BOARD STANDINGS: (TOP 5 UNIT PRODUCERS UPDATE for 2013-2014: 1)MIKE TRAPP (134-112) +280.10 units...2)The Terrier (126-101) +260.49...3) The Professional (117-93) +248.26 units...4)BLUELINE (107-80) +251.76 units...5)Inside the Puck Line (104-87) +196.79 units
  • *(*(*(NBA SPECIALS)*)*)* Amazing pricing for the rest of the NBA season THROUGH THE PLAYOFFS available right HERE!!! Pricing from $165 to 550! for all NBA picks from now through the NBA playoffs. Click HERE and then click on your favorite NBA handicapper to see their available pricing.
  • ($$$)THE REMARKABLE HOCKEY SEASON CONTINUES: Overall the 14 NHL handicappers who comprise our hockey stable have won a combined +1500 units with 12 of the 14 currently winning money for their clients. Currently **5** of the NHL handicappers are up over 200 units. It is not too late to secure a spot with a NHL capper thru the Playoffs or just enroll for a week and try one out.
  • ...IN THE SWAMI.COM`s CORNER...QUESTION: What you think is more important when selecting a NBA Playoff handicapper...1.) His current performance record for 2014 or his past success in the NBA Playoffs? RESPONSE: This is a great question. Based upon my own personal experience I would say current form. Confidence is a critical ingredient for a winning handicapper. I am not talking about `Blind Confidence` but true developed Confidence. There is a huge difference. Handicapping the Playoffs is diff
  • **#1 now for 12 straight weeks at TSM and now also #1 at**...Doc Holiday is now (21-5) on his last 26 NBA selections and remains #1 for the 12th straight week at The Sports Monitor Inc. Look to add Holiday to your NBA program today for the rest of the regular season and save HUGE.
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