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(WHERE WINNING SEASONS HAPPEN) since 1998, has hosted the Nation's Top Ranked Sports Handicappers


MLB:   ROCKY SHERIDAN (14-8) +69.70 units and MASTERMINDS SPORTS (6-1) +46.4 units and TOP DOG SPORTS (4-0) +45 units and On The Mark (8-3) +44.65 units and The Analyzer (5-1) +39 units and 70% Computer Play (4-1) +29 units and Donn Wagner's Grand Slam Club (4-0) +28 units and FIVE-IN-WON-PRO-SPORTS (6-0) +27.3 units.




______________________***SIDE PLAYS***____________________

#1...TOP SIDE PLAY Winning Percentage: THE PROFESSIONAL (10-4) 71.4 %

#1...ALL SIDE PLAY Winning Percentage: THE Z-PLAY (10-3) 76.9 %

#1...NET SIDE PLAY UNITS WON: BO'S DIAMOND LINE (53-47) +198.3 units


#1...TOP TOTALS PLAY: Brad Diamond (15-6) 71%

#1...ALL TOTALS PLAY Winning Percentage: Alleghenies Analysis/Carolina Sports (20-10) 66.7%


**12 plays or more required to qualifiy for rankings

  • CONGRATS____________Predictable Patterns as they captured their American League Game of the Year on Friday night. Well done Kirk Patterson and staff.
  • (((15 STRAIGHT WINNING WEEKS)))_________________JB`s PA CONNECTION is (6-3) plus 13 units already in Week #16 ___ Since the beginning of baseball 2016 JB has had 15 out of 15 winning weeks for his `LARGE FOLLOWING`. He is currently (112-74) +269.36 units in the positive. Congrats on being so consistent and successful so far in 2016.
  • MLB 2016 Top 5 Unit Winners at THESWAMI.COM thru July 21st:...#1.) ON THE MARK (94-61) +304.35 units... #2.) MASTERMINDS SPORTS (101-67) +272.45 units...#3.) JB`s PA CONNECTION (112-74) +269.36...#4.) DONN WAGNER`S GRAND SLAM CLUB (78-47) +244.94 units...#5.)Predictable Patterns (98-62) +217.07.
  • MAJOR CURRENT GAME WINNING STREAKS IN BASEBALL thru July 21st: (12) Donn Wagner`s Grand Slam Club and UMPIRE`S CALL (6-0). Check them out tonight and see if either has a selection after 5:30 pm EST. ((WHEN YOUR `HOT` YOU ARE `HOT`.
  • WOW>>>NOW>>>(((12-0)))_____Donn Wagner`s Grand Slam Club made it now 12-straight winners as he had TORONTO on Wednesday afternoon. Wagner`s Grand Slam Club is the documented leader `on return on risk` in 2016 and lifetime in baseball since 1985.
  • (13-3)...DR CRAIGHEAD`S HUMAN FACTOR baseball program notched another winner yesterday. It is now (13-3) this season. Save $180 on their monthly baseball enrollment. Special ends Saturday the 24th. If you are looking for 1 solid play each day consider this outfit.
  • PRESEASON FOOTBALL BEGINS IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS.....THESWAMI.COM will be again hosting the nations BEST NFL HANDICAPPERS. Over the past decade this site has hosted the nation`s Top Documented sports services. Last season our stable of cappers had their `FINEST HOUR` in the preseason.
  • BEATING THE ODDS IN BASEBALL...Donn Wagner has posted an interesting article for (FREE MEMEMERSHIP}. It is available to be read now. Click on the word articles on`s scroller bar to review `THE SWAMI`s` insight into our summer pastime. IF NOT A `FREE` member enroll today.
  • (FOOD FOR THOUGHT)...`ONE MORE ADVANTAGE`.....Clients who enroll with a handicapper for a sustained period of time (WEEK-MONTH-SEASON) save money on costs and also benefit by having faster access to the information they desire. If purchasing plays individually one runs the risk of missing selections that might be released later in the day. If you are a weekly/monthly/seasonal subscriber to a service the information is sent to your computer or phone immediately when released.
  • (((THE ONLY ONE?)))...Why when you visit most handicapping sites do they emphasize only `WHO`S HOT` but fail to show their complete season records nor have archived records like we do? The answer is simple. Few, if any handicappers, can beat the odds over a sustained period of time. Since 1999, has reported the wins and losses of each handicapper it hosts. When all is said and done, we walk away knowing we have done our very BEST to assist our followers in their search for success.
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