The Trophy Club (Formerly The Heisman Trophy Club) is 2013-14 defending Bowl Champion at the Sports Monitor Inc and  has 15 seasons of college bowl analysis under its belt with 11 of those 15 being successful ones. Entering the 2014-15 bowl season The Trophy Club's "FAMOUS" 30-STAR "THE PLAY" , is a well documented (13-0) when released during the bowl season. Steve Yerks is (17-1) overall lifetime including non bowl selections but the Bowls is where this impacting play has made its hay! Yerks has already announced he will "DEFINITELY have at least one 30-star release in this year's bowls and there is a potential for 2. That's exciting news! Another interesting note is that they are only one of three documented sports services with an overall 60% or higher mark on the past 15 years of bowl selections. Look for between 5 and 7 plays, his BIG "THE PLAY" and Yerks has also indicated he could very well have a GOM where he is a lifetime (7-1) on those!  SPECIAL NOTE: NO  BOWL PLAYS WILL BE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. 
THE TICKET (94-52) Lifetime: 12 year History)
The Ticket has been a consistent winner in college football dating back to 2001. Game of the Year have gone a combined (17-5) Side play (8-3)/Total 9-2. If you enroll for $495 they guarantee you will win units or a complete refund or next season is FREE. Guarantee will only be available until The Ticket's 1st release goes. SO ENROLL NOW

Chris Moss' nickname in college was "Press" and he has continued that exciting style through the years. He enters the 2014-15 bowl season on a 4-year bowl winning streak. In 2007-2008 he went (26-6) and won +194 units, during the 2001-02 season he lost 50 units going (17-20). Overall his 14 year career matches up very well. He has released 423 bowl selections and owns a solid (244-179) 58% tally. He is (144-108) on sides and (100-71) on totals and is (23-8) on all Game of the Years released during the bowl season.
DATAMAN (GILBERG): (Over 75% Top Bowl Plays lifetime.)  Has a Total in the Utah State Game TODAY!
Gilberg finished tied for the #1 spot last season in bowl winning percentage at the TSM and has 11 documented bowl campaigns under his reign. He is well known for his excellent mark on his Top Bowl Plays entering the 2014-15's bowl season w/ a (32-10) lifetime mark on all Top bowl Plays and coming off a strong (4-0) run last season. His best bowl season was in 2004-05 where he went (19-6) and his worse was a (7-8) mark in 2005-2006.
THE WALLACE REPORT (75% Says It All) Has a Side in the BG vs. S. Bama game
In its 3 year history with THE WALLACE REPORT has been a very popular and successful bowl handicapper. Its 75% record of (18-6) has been the product of three very strong bowl seasons (5-2) (6-2) and (7-2) respectively.
This outfit simply knows what makes a winner when it comes to the bowls. They have shown all followers since 2007 that when it comes to bowl games, they are an elite operation. Over the past 7 bowl seasons Game Day Pulse has produced a winning record each and every year. (6-3) last season and the previous seasons went as follows: (7-2)/(7-3)/(7-4)/(6-2)/(6-2) and (12-7)!
Off of a disappointing (3-4) 2013-14, The Big Play Consensus look to regain its dominance this 2014-15 season. Including last year's losing season, it still owns a very impressive bowl mark of (20-8) 72% and has been one of the most popular bowl options the past several years.
 Since being a part of, the 70% CPU Plays have amassed a solid (77-46) bowl record!.....It is however coming off a rare losing bowl venture last season going (5-8). Previous to this disappointing season, it ran off winning bowl seasons of (12-6)/(8-5)/(7-5) and (10-3). As the name implies, it`s always a solid percentage play to be on their side.
  • (24-10)...Total Sports Solutions hitting a cool 70% (24-10) and ranked #1 in winning percentage for the NFL has a strong side play tonight. If you have money on this game be sure to check with TSS before finalizing your play.
  • Coach`s Consensus (17-3) has a selection on a total in an afternoon college contest. DO NOT MISS IT.....
  • Brad Diamond has his GOW in bowl play today: He went a sparkling (20-11) on his featured college plays this season and overall an impressive (80-54). Join him for his GOW or better yet enroll his in his complete bowl package.
  • DATAMAN (GILBERG) was tied for the #1 spot last bowl season at TSM of Okla City and he opens up the bowl schedule today with a solid total position in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.
  • **(NEW POST)**...Check out THE TICKET`S exciting Bowl guaranteed offer.....
  • #1 NBA handicapper Doc Holiday went wire to wire in 2013-14 and is again #1 at The Sports Monitor Inc. in NBA. Currently (17-7) in the NBA and off of last season`s record breaking (60-28) performance. Why not subscribe to a full month of service and get the plays sent to you the minute they are released. (CLICK HERE TO ENROLL)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL 2014-15 TOP 6 WINNING PERCENTAGE LEADERS at THESWAMI.COM thru Dec 19th 2014 play: ...#1.) Coaches` Consensus (17-3) 85.00%...#2) The Z-Play (5-1) 83.33%...#3) Boston Bob (15-5)75.00%...#4.) Donn`s Late Slammers (5-2) 71.43%...#5) COURT JUSTICE (14-6) 70%...THE KILLER MOVE (17-8) 68.00%. (** Handicapper is required to have 6 or more plays to qualify for rankings)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL 2014-15 TOP 6 UNIT PRODUCERS) at THESWAMI.COM thru Dec 19th 2014 play: #1) MICHAEL TRAPP (28-14) +119.00 units...#2.)BOSTON BOB (15-5) +92.50 units...#3.) Coaches` Consensus (17-3) +79.30 units...#4.) Court Justice (14-6) +78.80 units...#5.) TOP DOG SPORTS (19-10) +74.60 units...#6.)THE KILLER MOVE (17-8) +69.20 units
  • NFL 2014 TOP 6 LEADERS FOR UNITS WON at THESWAMI.COM thru Dec 18th 2014: #1.)G.C.`s Coaching Trends (34-18) +125.50 unit...#2.) HUMAN FACTOR (26-14) +112.50 units...#3.) Total Sports Solutions (24-10) +104.80 and One on One Sports (33-21) +104.80 units...#5.)PayDay Sports (32-19) 100.30 units...#6.)Rickenbach`s Player`s Advantage (54-38) + 98.40 units.
  • NBA 2014 TOP 6 (WINNING PERCENTAGE) at THESWAMI.COM thru Dec 19th 2014. #1.) THE PLAY (7-0) 100%...#2.) Total Pleasure (17-4) 80.95%...#3.)Donn Wagner`s Late Slammers (10-3) 76.92%...#4.) TOP DOG SPORTS (23-7) 76.67%...#5.)SILKY SULLIVAN (17-6) 73.91%...#6.) The Trophy Club (13-5) 72.22%.(**Handicapper is required to have currently 6 plays or more to qualify for ranking).
  • **HOT**......CHECK OUT: Gary Costley`s sports handicapping current records. He is hitting 67% in the NFL (34-17) and he finished the regular college football season (40-25) 61.54%.In hoops he is 70.83% (17-7) in NBA and is (15-9) 62.50% in college hoops. Join him daily for one of his selections in basketball or football and expect to to do well. His coaching trends add a great deal of insight into the sports gaming world.
  • **FINAL**COLLEGE FOOTBALL REPORT 2014 TOP 6 (WINNING PERCENTAGE LEADERS) at THESWAMI.COM for 2014 Regular season: #1)Donn Wagner`s Famous Penn State Report (7-3) 70%...#2) Alleghenies Analysis (46-22) 67.65%...#3.) One on One Sports (48-24) 66.67%... #4.) Michael Trapp (49-26) 65.33%...#5) T.W. Herri (31-18) 63.27%...#6) The Winning Touch (32-19) 62.75%.
  • **FINAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL REPORT 2014 REGULAR SEASON: TOP 6 FINISHERS: FOR UNITS WON at THESWAMI.COM:...#1) ONE ON ONE SPORTS (48-24) +213.00 units...#2.) Michael Trapp (49-26) +202.00 units...#3) Action Jackson (52-34) +146.00 units...#4.) Dave Cokin (55-37)+143.00 units...#5.) Brad Diamond (80-54) +136.50 units...#6)Gary Costley`s Coaching Trends (40-25) +127.50 units.
  • NHL 2014-15 Top 5 handicappers at in units won thru Dec 19th 2014: #1) MICHAEL TRAPP (51-23) +239.40 units...#2.)The Terrier (42-20) +103.50 units...#3.)Inside The Puck Line (31-17) +102.51...#4.) Alleghenies Analysis (28-14) +92.20 units....#5.)Rocky Sheridan (40-25) +86.70 units.
  • NBA 2014 TOP 6 (UNITS WON) at THESWAMI.COM thru Dec 19th 2014. #1.)The Insiders (31-12) +178.00 units...#2) Top Dog Sports (23-7) +142.70 units...#3.)TOTAL PLEASURE (17-4) +123.00 units...#4.) Silky Sullivan (17-6) +107.80 units...#5.)Courtside Junky (22-10) +88.00 units...#6.)POWER PLAY (19-8) +85.90 units.
  • `HUGE` ADVANTAGE....One key reason to scribe to a monthly or full season program is that will enable us to e-mail your selections directly to you in a timely fashion. Obvious the savings is another. Getting the line below it moves is even more important. Also when you enroll in a program it gives you the opportunity to allow the handicapper to be more consistent and win for you. Grab a 30 day package for DECEMBER or a remaining full season contract today.
  • (((THE ONLY ONE?)))...Why when you visit most handicapping sites do they emphasize only `WHO IS HOT` and do not show their complete season records nor have archived records like we do? The answer is simple. Few, if any handicappers, can beat the odds over a sustained period of time. Since 1999, has reported the wins and losses of each handicapper it hosts. When all is said and done, we walk away knowing we have done our very BEST to assist our followers in their search for success.
NFL Top Performers
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NCAA FB Top Performers
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NBA Top Performers
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The Play7-0 ( +44.00, 100.00% )1 play today
Action Jackson24-15-1 ( +70.90, 61.54% )1 play today (Top)
Boston Bob20-13-2 ( +45.00, 60.61% )1 play today (Top)
Total Sports Solutions26-20-1 ( +34.10, 56.52% )1 play today (Top)
FULL COURT PRESS73-57-3 ( +46.10, 56.15% )1 play today
NCAA BKB Top Performers
Selections still available for purchase
The Insiders2-0 ( +20.00, 100.00% )1 play today (Top)
The Z Play5-1 ( +19.50, 83.33% )1 play today
NHL Top Performers
Selections still available for purchase
Michael Trapp51-23-4 ( +239.40 )2 plays today (Top)
The Terrier42-20 ( +103.50 )1 play today
Alleghenies Analysis28-14-6 ( +92.80 )1 play today (Top)
Power Plays31-30-5 ( +35.93 )1 play today
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