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Special "Early Bird"  (Full NFL and College Footbal)l pricing is now available for a limited time for handicappers
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There will also be montly and weekly programs available for many once the football season begins.
If you have any question about any of the packages or programs please do not hesitate to email us at
Last Season's PRESEASON Top 10
It all begins August 9th
#1.)  ACTION JACKSON  (17-3) +129 units                                     #6.) T W HERRI      (11-3)  +68 units
#2.) The Human Factor    (13-2) +  93 units                                     #7.) Dr  Calhoun     (5-0)   +50 units
#3.) Maxwell LTD              (12-3) +  84 units                                     #8.) PAY DAY         ( 6-1)  +49 units
#4.) MONEYMAKERS       (11-3) +  82 units                                      #9.)E A Sargent     (7-0)   +45 units
#5.)Predictable Patterns   (8-1)  +  69 units                                    #10.)The Blackwell  (6-1)   +43 units
**Many additional handicappers not listed above at also had outstanding PRESEASON campaigns in 2014. Go to our record section and check out  the archives.
EDITOR'S NOTE: In 2014  Twenty-two (22) handicappers from the THESWAMI.COM hit 66.7% or better. It was our site's finest season  during PRESEASON. More clients purchased PRESEASON Full Services for PRESEASON. So far in 2015 we are ahead of last year's pace. PRESEASON is not time to ignore. IT CAN and many of THESWAMI.COM handicappers have demonstrated that over the years.  Special Pricing for PRESEASON is still available for a number of the programs.  (CHECK THEM OUT) 
  • (((WHAT ARE THE 2 TOP ADVANTAGES OF HAVING A SERVICE FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME?))) #1.) Obviously it reduces the cost per play that one spends #2.) As a weekly/monthly/seasonal member that client receives the plays immediately upon release. (Sometimes when a capper releases late plays his followers may miss them if they do not check back in. Example on Sunday night Top Dog Sports had late plays on both Boston and the over. The Analyzer also has a Top on Boston Over that it released 45 mins
  • (NOW 17 heading into Tuesday`s play)...***IMPRESSIVE***(CENTURY CLUB MEMBERS membership is currently 17 for baseball as we move through the 2nd half of the baseball season at 17 handicapping programs are currently up 100 units or more as will enter July 30th (Thursday`s play). That folks is just another variable that points towards year in and year out being THE HOME OF BASEBALL. Go to our record section now and see who these handicappers are and make your plans today t
  • ...TOP 5 MLB (**OVERALL LEADER BOARD FOR UNITS WON**) Handicappers at THESWAMI.COM thru July 30, for UNITS EARNED IN MLB play: #1) DOUBLE PLAY SPORTS (114-68) +386.14 units...#2) Firefox** (101-62) +357.21 units...#3) TOP DOG SPORTS (93-54) +355.03 units...#4) THE ANALYZER (118-70) +332.99 units...#5) The Killer Move (103-76) +283.63 units. **Predetermined to discontinue baseball after All-Star break to focus on football.
  • Top 5 (SIDES ONLY) at thru July 30: #1.)FIREFOX (68-40) +285.01 units...#2)Bo`s Diamond Line (62-49) +242.10 units...#3) The Killer Move (58-41) +222.23 units...#4) MR EAST (149-126) +218.20 units...#5) TOP DOG SPORTS (62-41) +209.53 units.
  • Top 5 MLB (TOTALS ONLY) at thru July 30: #1.) The Analyzer (66-34) +234.60 units...#2.) DOUBLE PLAY SPORTS (49-22) +215.60 units...#3) TOP DOG SPORTS (31-13) +145.50 units...#4.) JB`s PA Connection (47-27) +122.10 units...#5) The Professional (32-13) +102.60 units.
  • HARDBALL TECHNOLOGY improved to (8-1) on 2015 MLB TOTALS with easy winner this past week. WHY is Hardball Technology so popular with followers? Answer: 14 out of 15 winning baseball seasons involving MLB totals. Hardball Tech is currently (8-1) this season on these rare baseball total selections. Circle the next date when Tarabell and his forces go with a total. The % is you will be a winner.
  • MLB HANDICAPPER OF THE WEEK: POWER PLAYS at THESWAMI.COM this past week (July 13 thru July 19th) was POWER PLAYS. Gary Powers had a fabulous week in baseball as he replaced FIREFOX is the 2nd Half of the MLB season. He went (13-1) +84.60 units in the All-Star shorten week. ...Runner-up was Louisville Slugger with a (9-1-1) performance and plus 67.65 units. Congrats to both handicappers.
  • (((HANDICAPPER OF THE WEEK ANNOUNCED))).....MR EAST (34-14) claimed his 3rd HANDICAPPER OF THE WEEK AWARD in the past 4 weeks as he blew out all competitors with an aggressive (34-14) performance that netted over 186 units alone last week between July 20th thru July 26th. Congrats to Mr East for a job well done again. BOY I HOPE YOU TOOK OUR SUGGESTION AND JOINED HIM THESE LAST FEW WEEKS.(34-14) +186 units. ENROLL TODAY FOR THE **SPECIAL** NEXT 7 DAYS!!!!
MLB Top Performers
Selections still available for purchase
The Professional74-41-2 ( +229.04 )1 play today
Inisde The Dugout93-64-7 ( +193.61 )1 play today
Chalk Line Sports70-44-8 ( +167.43 )1 play today
BB Documented Plays114-73-4 ( +165.14 )2 plays today (Top,Game of Month)
Mr. East209-187-14 ( +147.20 )1 play today (Top)
Chase Diamond222-181-5 ( +73.29 )3 plays today (Top)
Dave Cokin92-86-3 ( +26.40 )1 play today (Top)
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