(2 FOR 2)...Congrats to both The Louisville Slugger and Total Sports Solutions. TLS is now a perfect (7-0) lifetime on his MLB PLayoff Game of the Year as SF Giants won easily. Ted Orr also hit pay dirt  as his  9th GOY Playoff winner since 2004 was on the "OVER".
TONIGHT: Tom Franklin's SPORTSMASTERS looks to improve to (6-0).
He just announced  that tonight his MLB Game of the Year goes!
  • **(12-2)** Michael Trapp has been *WHITE HOT* early on in NHL going (12-2) so far on his hockey selections. Tonight Trapp has a 5 unit side pick. (CLICK HERE)
  • **********HOCKEY ROCKS***********...12 out of the 18 SWAMI.COM NHL handicappers are winning money for 2014 on the ice. Adding up all the winners and losers so far by the 18 NHL handicappers they are up presently 350 units plus heading into Tuesday night`s exciting action. If you enjoy success you may want to look at the NHL for the next several weeks. Vegas is still not wait for them..JUMP IN AND START EXPERIENCING WHAT MANY HERE HAVE DISCOVERED. HOCKEY CAN BE BEATEN!
  • NHL 2014-15 Top 5 handicappers at in units won thru October 20th 2014: 1.) POWER PLAYS (11-4) +78.70 units...2.)70% COMPUTER PLAYS (9-1) +73.21 units...3.)Michael Trapp (12-2)+56.55 units...4.) Dave Cokin (9-2) +67.00 units...4.)...4.)...5.) Smart Betting Systems (7-4) +39.50 units.
  • NFL 2014 TOP 6 (WINNING PERCENTAGE LEADERS) at THESWAMI.COM thru October 19th 2014: #1.)BB DOCUMENTED (21-8) 72.41%...#2.) 70% Computer Play (13-5) 72.22%...#3.) T.W. HERRI (10-4) 71.43 #4.) The Wallace Report (7-3) 70.00%...#5.) The Human Factor (15-7) 68.18%.
  • NFL 2014 TOP 6 LEADERS FOR UNITS WON at THESWAMI.COM thru October 19th 2014: #1.) 70% Computer Plays (13-5) +72.00 units...#2.) BB Documented Plays (21-8) +70.20 units...#3.)The Human Factor (15-7) +69.00 units...#4.) MAXWELL LTD (14-7) +55.30 units...#5.) Rickenbach`s Players Advantage (24-17) +51.60 units...T.W.HERRI (10-4) +50.60 units.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL 2014 TOP 6 (WINNING PERCENTAGE LEADERS) at THESWAMI.COM thru October 18th 2014 play: #1.) The Trophy Club (Formerly The Heisman Trophy Club) (18-5) 78.26% and Umpire`s Call (18-5) 78.26% are tied for the #1 spot...#3.) Ian Wright of The Wrightside (19-7) 73.08%...#4.) The Winning Touch (19-8) 70.37%...#5.) One on One Sports (26-11) 70.27%...#6.) THE INSIDERS (7-3) 70%.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL 2014 TOP 5 LEADERS FOR UNITS WON at THESWAMI.COM thru October 18, 2014 play...#1.)ONE ON ONE SPORTS (26-11) +139.00 units...#2.) Dave Cokin (32-17) +133.00..#3.) MR EAST (36-22) +118.00 units...#4.) Umpire`s Call (18-5) +113.50 units...#5.)Brad Diamond (45-26) +112.40 units#4.) The Wrightside (18-6) +99.30 units...#6.) Action Jackson (33-20) +110.00 units.
  • `HUGE` ADVANTAGE....One key reason to scribe to a monthly or full season program is that will enable us to e-mail your selections directly to you in a timely fashion. Obvious the savings is another. Getting the line below it moves is even more important. Also when you enroll in a program it gives you the opportunity to allow the handicapper to be more consistent and win for you. Grab a 30 day package (OCTOBER-NOVEMBER) or a remaining full season contract today.
  • (((THE ONLY ONE?)))...Why when you visit most handicapping sites do they emphasize only `WHO IS HOT` and do not show their complete season records nor have archived records like we do? The answer is simple. Few, if any handicappers, can beat the odds over a sustained period of time. Since 1999 has reported the wins and losses of each handicapper it hosts. When all is said and done we walk away knowing we have done our very BEST to assist our followers in their search for success.
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Michael Trapp12-2-1 ( +67.05 )1 play today
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